Sunday, 4 March 2012

On this day March 4th:Jews were expelled from Lubeck Germany

On this day March 4th:
1152-The legendary Frederick I Barbarossa was elected King of the Germans.
1238-At ‘the Battle of the Sit River’ 200,000 Mongols defeated the Russian armies, killing Grand Prince Yuri II.
1699-Jews were expelled from Lubeck Germany
1861-First national flag of the Confederate States of America (the 'Stars and Bars') was adopted.
1911-Bolshevik Jew Victor Berger became the first socialist congressman in U.S..
1918-The first case of Spanish flu occured, the start of a devastating worldwide pandemic that would kill millions.
1941-Serbian Prince Paul visited Hitler.
1944-The U.S. Eighth Air Force launched the first American bombing raid against Berlin, Germany.
1945-Finland declared war on Nazi Germany.
1980-Marxist savage Robert Mugabe won an election victory to become the first black prime minister of what was once Rhodesia. The nation would spiral into a brutal anti white communist dictatorship and fall into corruption and bestiality whilst the smug liberals in the West congratulated themselves at the overthrow of White civilisation.


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