Saturday, 3 March 2012

Neighbours racist row erupts as Indian family moves into all white Ramsay Street – and viewers complain

A nasty race row has broken out over an Indian family becoming residents into Australia's long-running TV soap Neighbours.
The actor who plays an Indian father in Ramsay Street has hit out at fans who say it is 'un-Australian' to cast him, saying they probably supported the 'White Australia' policy.
Melbourne-born of Indian descent, Sachin Joab is part of the long-running TV soap's attempt to tackle perceptions the show is too white and doesn't represent modern Australia.

Row: Menik Gooneratne, left, Coco-Jacinta Chen and Sachin Joab are the Kapoor family on Neighbours. A race row has now broken out in Australia over their inclusion in the popular show

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