Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Just what is the EU doing making this video? Accusations of racism over 'propaganda' film showing white woman facing ethnic minority 'attackers'

It's a campaign video designed to promote Europe in positive light and as a force for world peace.
But it seems the makers of this advert, which is entitled 'Growing Together', may have misunderstood the instructions.
They are facing accusations from viewers that the clip is racist, sexist and imperialistic - and all in under two minutes. 
During the commercial - which seems to have been inspired by martial arts' movies and video games - she manages to calm three burly aggressors dressed in racially stereotypical outfits who are supposed to represent non-European countries.
However, in the face of martial arts' moves from a man apparently representing Asia, a levitating sultan wielding a sword, and black man with dread locks seen kicking down a door, the woman remains calm.

At the end of the clip the woman surrounds the three men managing to multiply herself and calming all three of them down


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