Monday, 19 March 2012

Hundreds crowd Vancouver street calling for an end to racism

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Almost 300 people crowded Commercial Drive, hoping to send a message to stop racism in Vancouver.
Many of the people involved in the walk are concerned about attacks by an apparent white supremacist group in the city.

Organizers say hate crimes against people of colour are on the rise in Vancouver.

Harsha Walia is among the marchers suggesting people need to active against racism to prevent groups like Blood and Honour from gaining strength.

"We're really disgusted by their actions, of course, but we're also outraged and disgusted at the levels of silence that has surrounded this case."

Walia points to several incidents along Commercial Drive in recent years including an attack, where a Filipino man was set on fire.

Another participant in the march, Chris Moon, also worries about racist ideas gaining traction in challenging economic times.
"When times are tough, economics are tough, anti-immigrant, anti-minority rhetoric starts up again, so I think we need to remind people that we live in a country where we have a charter of rights and freedoms, and that we value diversity."


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