Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Demonstrations against White Genocide in southern Africa

Over the last few years some demonstrations were held around the world, against White Genocide in southern Africa. Since this is a racist but politically correct phenomenon (the whites are the victims), is completely obscured by controlled media, and so is little known. This is way, despite the seriousness of the phenomenon, the demonstrations were few and generally with fewer people.

These initiatives, although treating the same theme, the “White Genocide in southern Africa”, expressed very different positions, often in opposition to each other. In some demonstrations was waved the flag of the “new” Republic of South Africa (RSA - south African Empire), while in others it was burned; in some demonstrations flew high the flag of the Union of South Africa (created by international capitalism after have conquered the Boer Republics, which then evolved into the “old” RSA), while in other waved the flags of the Boer Republics.

The White Genocide in southern Africa is a racist phenomenon, so it can not be summed up by a national flag. Who attack whites don't discriminate them on the basis of their nationality.
It is also true, however, that in Africa there is only a white African volk, the Boer. And its national flags are the flags of the Boer Republics.

Cataloguing demonstrations against White Genocide in southern Africa

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