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" I said that European and Western psychology in general had
overlooked a fact of tremendous importance, namely, that we do
not remember ourselves; that we live and act and reason in deep
sleep, not metaphorically but in absolute reality. And also that at
the same time, we can remember ourselves if we make sufficient
efforts, that we can awaken." …………………… P. D. Ouspensky

Through the course of everyone's life there is ample opportunity to awaken from the grip of the unconscious robopathic material world that controls and imprisons our being. Such opportunity most people fail to explore or even understand. When the thrice great Hermes uttered the mystic words, "know thy self", he was attempting to convey to the world that man is an image of the world. He was created by the same laws which created the whole of the world. By knowing and understanding himself he will know and understand the whole world and all the laws that create and govern the world. And at the same time by studying the world and the laws that govern the world, he will learn and understand the laws that govern him. Man must begin to realize that he is the symbol of a nobler purpose, and the evidence of a higher destiny.
In the writings of G.I.Gurdjieff, he elaborates on the concept of "essence and being" at great length, explaining the importance of finding one's real self through the process of eliminating the many "I's" that obscure the true essence of our being with false personalities which most people assume to be their true self. Once a man can determine his essence he can communicate a deeper value to the events of life. By doing so he raises the daily incidents and occupations above the object level through which everything then begins to acquire profound significance by this awakening process.

"Thought is one of the manifestations of the human energy, and
among the earlier and simpler phases of thought two stand
conspicuous----Fear and Greed. Fear, which by stimulating the
imagination, creates a belief in an invisible world, and ultimately
develops a priesthood; and Greed, which dissipates energy in
war and trade." ....................Brook Adams (1848--1927)

As we struggle between body and spirit sacrifices must be made. Materialism and everyday domestic living too often distract a man from his true calling. He can only be his Authentic Self if he forgets himself (personality) and gives himself over to his destiny (essence). There is a destiny that awaits everyone in life but few there are who can immediately or clearly recognize it and make the commitment to pursue it. One's destiny is a serious matter for if we follow anything but our true destiny, many valuable years of our lives will be wasted. A man might decide that he is destined to fulfill a warrior path in life and thereby chooses a military career as his calling. Later he may find that his career has lead him up the wrong path and he is risking his life for unjust causes that he does not support. Suddenly his destiny has become lost in the shuffle. These days, very seldom, are wars fought to protect a nation and its people from enemy invasion however much it may appear so on the surface. Most all wars now fought are designed to line the pockets of the Power Elite who are always the hidden hand behind governments and the military. The military becomes a refuge for the least productive members of a society and is the most bureaucratized of all the bureaucracies. The military simply stands as a dumb beast, an unconscious killing machine that must do the bidding of its master wherever that master points his power hungry finger and purpose and rightness be damned.
In the 1700's the Freemasons created a three word formula to
manipulate the masses. These words were "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". The formula was doomed to failure but it did have a controlling effect on the people for over a century. In 1920, at the Covenant of the Masonic Grand Orient, F. Fontenay had this to say in his speech: "Every revolution aims at the assurance of universal happiness. When our ancestors proclaimed as principle, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, they aimed at realizing happiness. After 130 years we see their work; it is not brilliant; of Liberty none remains to us; of Equality there is scarcely any; of Fraternity there has never been any. "
World controllers now use the honey-coated word, "Democracy" to con the people of many nations, yet everywhere, without exception, the experience of power has been ill-omened to it .... The Power Elite knows that democracy has never been realized and never will be realized and that all the rote democratic blather leaves it without resource, that it will draw not the slightest light from it, to solve actual political conflicts. It knows it and admits it. As the German philosopher Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe expressed: "There are none so enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free."

"The wise man is always free; he is always held in honor; he is
always master of the laws. The law is not made for the just, but
the unjust. The just man is a man unto himself, and he does not
need to summon the law from afar, for he carries it enclosed in
his heart....." ..................St. Ambrose (340--397)

When the governments ask you to die for your country they usually want you, before getting yourself killed, to kill as many others as possible. The sham leader, George W. Bush, is a prime example of such system manipulation and unctuous doublespeak. He sends American soldiers halfway around the world to kill for the Power Elite under the guise of fighting "TERRORISM" and expanding "DEMOCRACY". The ruse is that by doing so he will be saving the lives and future of a subjected people by bringing them "freedom". Democracy does not insure freedom by any means, it remains a Freemason fantasy but does work surprisingly well as a means to hoodwink the masses. Democracy is nothing more than mob rule and the tyranny of the majority can be just as terrible as the
tyranny of a minority.

"If you are bent on dying to save lives, let your enemy kill you,
instead of him. In this way you save at least one life --- his."
..............Niccolo Machiavelli

When Adolf Hitler marched on Poland to reclaim some of Germanys former territories, the unconscious world was told that this was a terrible terrible thing and used that issue as a pretense to initiate a world war against Germany. George W. Bush ships American troops halfway around the world to perform the ghastly travesty of invading a non threatening Iraq using one blatant lie after another to condone planting the American killing machine upon that far corner of the world. There was simply no just reason for going to Iraq to maim and slaughter its people much less our own youth, depleting Americas sorely needed cash reserves in the midst of a serious faultering economy. The reality is that it never matters much what the people think only that they fall in line and do what they are told. What George W. Bush did by opening the lid on Iraq when he should have been rooting out Bin Laden for the 911attacks was far worse than Hitlers march across Polands borders and yet instead of experiencing the fiery protests of American citizens the incompetent sham leader was re-elected!! If pulverizing an entire city into the stone age twice and making life an unlivable hell for its citizens is liberation, if this is the great "democracy" what exactly have we learned from the past ten thousand years? THERE CAN BE NO COMPROMISE WITH UNETHICAL MEN! THEY MUST BE REMOVED FROM POWER BEFORE THEY DESTROY ALL OF EARTH AND HUMANITY!!
It is perfectly honorable and worthy to risk one's life for a just cause if and only if that cause is truely just. Upon this thought Machiavelli had this to say: " The lover dies to free his lady, a lame slut. The citizen dies to free his country, a drab of state. The lover gets no good out of it, nor does the citizen. He dies for an equality and liberty he cannot experience, a public good from which he is excluded....... By dying you deprive yourself of the very things you died to keep, or reach, or enjoy. Your honors, your possessions, your lady, your common good, and your country are in the same oblivion as you. If this is love of country, to hell with it."
It is easy to be duped, even such notable people as General George S. Patton went through an entire military career before realizing that the so called good guys are not always that easily determined. The inquiring mind will eventually find that America is far from being "the good guys" and will deal with the devil whenever that suits its purpose as it did in WWII with Stalinist Russia. When Patton voiced his disapproval of the American political intrigue of his time he was demoted in rank and kept from ever obtaining his five star generals rank which he rightfully deserved. Later he was conveniently eliminated by the loving democratic government that he fought so gallantly to preserve. There remains an evil in the U.S. government that has only gotten worse with time. The U.S. controllers continue to sell illegal armaments and classified intelligence around the world and opens its borders to anyone and everyone which is nothing short of treason. The U.S. Political leaders cut cozy deals with the worlds drug lords as well and sanction tons of heroin into this country every year. America has become the same treacherous decadent empire as ancient Rome who kill their own senators, generals and leaders. John F. Kennedy, General George S. Patton and many others learned their lesson the hard way. While WWII America was being told how racist Germany had become with its treatment of Jews, its own nation was treating Negroes as sub humans and annihilating whole cities of Japanese citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and forming cozy relationships with the biggest mass murdering butchers of the 20th century Joseph Stalin and Mao Tsetung! Since 1776 the U.S. military has filched more square miles of the earth by sheer military conquest than any army in the world, except only that of Great Britain. The old adage that "ignorance is bliss" only applies to a drooling vegatable. Ignorance is not bliss, it is controlled slavery!
The men who fought in the nightmare that was Viet Nam were
duped into believing they were fighting communism when in reality they were only putting their lives on the line again to fill the coffers of the Power Elite and make them richer. America has always supported every single tenet of communism since its inception. God bless all of the gallant men who fought in Viet Nam but they were grossly betrayed and now we must all live with the shame of defeat from a no win war with a primitive third world country. The nefarious Henry Kissinger, after so many soldiers lives lost ,attributed to him, had the unmitigated gaul to openly refer to the fighting men of Viet Nam as "merely cannon fodder for foreign policy." Apparently no one learned from the lesson of Viet Nam because the children of that generation rushed right off into
dessert storm which was a more obvious no win war than Viet Nam. America continues to think of itself as a democracy when in reality it is a bully gangster government run by puppets of the Power Elite which stands ever at the ready to oppress and destroy without the slightest equivocation.
The more things change, the more things stay the same, or would it be more correctly stated that the more things stay the same, the more they get worse? And things will continue to get worse as long as man remains asleep. In the following statement, author Henry Miller expressed his own personal distaste of Big Government in 1945 in his book "The Time of the Assassins" (A Study of Arthur Rimbaud) : " What a faithful picture this is of our dear governments! Always seeking to gain a foothold in some ungodly place, always suppressing or exterminating the natives, always clinging to their ill-gotten gains, defending their possessions, their colonies, with army and navy. For the biggest ones the world is not big enough. For the little ones who need room, pious words and veiled threats. The earth belongs to the strong, to those with the biggest armies and navies, to those who wield the economic big stick."
The Authentic Man, the aware man, the man who chooses his own path in life may not always have the greatest advantage but surely the greatest personal reward. He belongs to no other time and place, but is the center of things. The Authentic Man is careful not to get caught in the grooves of the systems robopathic mind manipulation. While preserving what is good, he does not hesitate to use new methods and new ways, if they lead him more effectively to his destiny and higher awareness. "Consciousness of responsibility for one's action" is a phrase that means nothing to governments or the sleeping masses. One cannot expect it to. It is the possession of the Authentic Man alone--the personality that causes him to act and understand the consequences of his acts. Life is a valuable treasure entrusted to each and every man and woman and we must make our conscious choices and use life's limited time wisely.
Though one can not always change the world single-handedly, each one of us in our all too brief life experience have the power to generate the significant effect of our personal influence upon the world. We must perfect the skills, wisdom, knowledge and talent that we possess and "use it!" Use the winning hand that life has dealt to you and follow your God given destiny! Rage against the machine! Rage against being a machine! Progress can only appear as the result of conscious active efforts. Others do not stop us from our destiny, we stop ourselves, by accepting the dream of our oppressors. A man does not strive for greatness while embracing mediocrity. The Authentic Man studies himself to know himself and be himself in the right way, and never fears what he will become and what he must sacrifice to achieve the destiny that he can and must pursue. If he is wise he will use his personal destiny for the greater good over entropy and the forces of destruction that control and permeate this endangered world.

"The power elite of America has no ideology and feels the need of
none, why its rule is naked of ideas, its manipulation without
attempted justification. It is this mindlessness of the powerful that
is the true higher immorality of our time; for, with it, there is
associated the organized irresponsibility that is today the most
important characteristic of the American system of corporate power."
................C. Wright Mills

Ron McVan


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