Saturday, 17 March 2012


In the city of man, I’m a myth, From a dream. In the forest, Feel
my spirit, Though not what I seem. I’m the sky, I’m the stone, I
am water, And tree, And the wolf, And the raven, Share Valhalla
with Me!

My right eye shining bright, Like a radiant sun, My left eye,
Holds the moon, When the night has come! My blue cape,
Is the heavens, Laced with stars, All aglow, My strength, Is
the power, Of the rivers that flow! And I watch all of Midgard,
Over land and sea, And the earth is my mistress, A goddess
is she!

I am Hermes, I am Green Man, Cernunnos and Herne, I am Pan,
In the wood, Running wild, Through the fern! And my people call
me Wotan! And my son, He is Thor! To your roots, You must
journey, If you seek to know more! Look within! You will find me,
If you seek to know more!


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