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“Please, men of Germany. Do something!”

Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany. I would like to tell everyone about this on Youtube and Facebook. I am almost 16. I would like everyone to know what is going on, what I am authentically feeling at this moment. .

Seasoned Feminist Not So Tolerant After Being Raped By ‘Syrian’ Refugees

Amanda Crosby was like many other Western girls, emotional and completely naive to human behavior as she was taught from a young age that everybody is equal. “I thought, you know…If they just came here they might stop gang-raping women and torturing homosexuals,” she explained to our reporters

Was there really a holocaust

The Holocaust has become the greatest instrument of sympathy which any nation has ever been able to use to gain support for wars, expansion and foreign-aid: This has made Israel the world's sixth strongest military power. .


“In Germany shall divers sects arise, Coming very near to happy paganism. The heart captivated and small receivings Shall open the gate to pay the true tithe.”


The chief of firemen stands in front of a blazing house. A sobbing woman says her child is still in there. She implores him to send a fireman into the inferno to save her child.

Thursday, 29 March 2012


" I said that European and Western psychology in general had
overlooked a fact of tremendous importance, namely, that we do
not remember ourselves; that we live and act and reason in deep
sleep, not metaphorically but in absolute reality. And also that at
the same time, we can remember ourselves if we make sufficient
efforts, that we can awaken." …………………… P. D. Ouspensky

Through the course of everyone's life there is ample opportunity to awaken from the grip of the unconscious robopathic material world that controls and imprisons our being. Such opportunity most people fail to explore or even understand. When the thrice great Hermes uttered the mystic words, "know thy self", he was attempting to convey to the world that man is an image of the world. He was created by the same laws which created the whole of the world. By knowing and understanding himself he will know and understand the whole world and all the laws that create and govern the world. And at the same time by studying the world and the laws that govern the world, he will learn and understand the laws that govern him. Man must begin to realize that he is the symbol of a nobler purpose, and the evidence of a higher destiny.
In the writings of G.I.Gurdjieff, he elaborates on the concept of "essence and being" at great length, explaining the importance of finding one's real self through the process of eliminating the many "I's" that obscure the true essence of our being with false personalities which most people assume to be their true self. Once a man can determine his essence he can communicate a deeper value to the events of life. By doing so he raises the daily incidents and occupations above the object level through which everything then begins to acquire profound significance by this awakening process.

"Thought is one of the manifestations of the human energy, and
among the earlier and simpler phases of thought two stand
conspicuous----Fear and Greed. Fear, which by stimulating the
imagination, creates a belief in an invisible world, and ultimately
develops a priesthood; and Greed, which dissipates energy in
war and trade." ....................Brook Adams (1848--1927)

As we struggle between body and spirit sacrifices must be made. Materialism and everyday domestic living too often distract a man from his true calling. He can only be his Authentic Self if he forgets himself (personality) and gives himself over to his destiny (essence). There is a destiny that awaits everyone in life but few there are who can immediately or clearly recognize it and make the commitment to pursue it. One's destiny is a serious matter for if we follow anything but our true destiny, many valuable years of our lives will be wasted. A man might decide that he is destined to fulfill a warrior path in life and thereby chooses a military career as his calling. Later he may find that his career has lead him up the wrong path and he is risking his life for unjust causes that he does not support. Suddenly his destiny has become lost in the shuffle. These days, very seldom, are wars fought to protect a nation and its people from enemy invasion however much it may appear so on the surface. Most all wars now fought are designed to line the pockets of the Power Elite who are always the hidden hand behind governments and the military. The military becomes a refuge for the least productive members of a society and is the most bureaucratized of all the bureaucracies. The military simply stands as a dumb beast, an unconscious killing machine that must do the bidding of its master wherever that master points his power hungry finger and purpose and rightness be damned.
In the 1700's the Freemasons created a three word formula to
manipulate the masses. These words were "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity". The formula was doomed to failure but it did have a controlling effect on the people for over a century. In 1920, at the Covenant of the Masonic Grand Orient, F. Fontenay had this to say in his speech: "Every revolution aims at the assurance of universal happiness. When our ancestors proclaimed as principle, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, they aimed at realizing happiness. After 130 years we see their work; it is not brilliant; of Liberty none remains to us; of Equality there is scarcely any; of Fraternity there has never been any. "
World controllers now use the honey-coated word, "Democracy" to con the people of many nations, yet everywhere, without exception, the experience of power has been ill-omened to it .... The Power Elite knows that democracy has never been realized and never will be realized and that all the rote democratic blather leaves it without resource, that it will draw not the slightest light from it, to solve actual political conflicts. It knows it and admits it. As the German philosopher Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe expressed: "There are none so enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free."

"The wise man is always free; he is always held in honor; he is
always master of the laws. The law is not made for the just, but
the unjust. The just man is a man unto himself, and he does not
need to summon the law from afar, for he carries it enclosed in
his heart....." ..................St. Ambrose (340--397)

When the governments ask you to die for your country they usually want you, before getting yourself killed, to kill as many others as possible. The sham leader, George W. Bush, is a prime example of such system manipulation and unctuous doublespeak. He sends American soldiers halfway around the world to kill for the Power Elite under the guise of fighting "TERRORISM" and expanding "DEMOCRACY". The ruse is that by doing so he will be saving the lives and future of a subjected people by bringing them "freedom". Democracy does not insure freedom by any means, it remains a Freemason fantasy but does work surprisingly well as a means to hoodwink the masses. Democracy is nothing more than mob rule and the tyranny of the majority can be just as terrible as the
tyranny of a minority.

"If you are bent on dying to save lives, let your enemy kill you,
instead of him. In this way you save at least one life --- his."
..............Niccolo Machiavelli

When Adolf Hitler marched on Poland to reclaim some of Germanys former territories, the unconscious world was told that this was a terrible terrible thing and used that issue as a pretense to initiate a world war against Germany. George W. Bush ships American troops halfway around the world to perform the ghastly travesty of invading a non threatening Iraq using one blatant lie after another to condone planting the American killing machine upon that far corner of the world. There was simply no just reason for going to Iraq to maim and slaughter its people much less our own youth, depleting Americas sorely needed cash reserves in the midst of a serious faultering economy. The reality is that it never matters much what the people think only that they fall in line and do what they are told. What George W. Bush did by opening the lid on Iraq when he should have been rooting out Bin Laden for the 911attacks was far worse than Hitlers march across Polands borders and yet instead of experiencing the fiery protests of American citizens the incompetent sham leader was re-elected!! If pulverizing an entire city into the stone age twice and making life an unlivable hell for its citizens is liberation, if this is the great "democracy" what exactly have we learned from the past ten thousand years? THERE CAN BE NO COMPROMISE WITH UNETHICAL MEN! THEY MUST BE REMOVED FROM POWER BEFORE THEY DESTROY ALL OF EARTH AND HUMANITY!!
It is perfectly honorable and worthy to risk one's life for a just cause if and only if that cause is truely just. Upon this thought Machiavelli had this to say: " The lover dies to free his lady, a lame slut. The citizen dies to free his country, a drab of state. The lover gets no good out of it, nor does the citizen. He dies for an equality and liberty he cannot experience, a public good from which he is excluded....... By dying you deprive yourself of the very things you died to keep, or reach, or enjoy. Your honors, your possessions, your lady, your common good, and your country are in the same oblivion as you. If this is love of country, to hell with it."
It is easy to be duped, even such notable people as General George S. Patton went through an entire military career before realizing that the so called good guys are not always that easily determined. The inquiring mind will eventually find that America is far from being "the good guys" and will deal with the devil whenever that suits its purpose as it did in WWII with Stalinist Russia. When Patton voiced his disapproval of the American political intrigue of his time he was demoted in rank and kept from ever obtaining his five star generals rank which he rightfully deserved. Later he was conveniently eliminated by the loving democratic government that he fought so gallantly to preserve. There remains an evil in the U.S. government that has only gotten worse with time. The U.S. controllers continue to sell illegal armaments and classified intelligence around the world and opens its borders to anyone and everyone which is nothing short of treason. The U.S. Political leaders cut cozy deals with the worlds drug lords as well and sanction tons of heroin into this country every year. America has become the same treacherous decadent empire as ancient Rome who kill their own senators, generals and leaders. John F. Kennedy, General George S. Patton and many others learned their lesson the hard way. While WWII America was being told how racist Germany had become with its treatment of Jews, its own nation was treating Negroes as sub humans and annihilating whole cities of Japanese citizens in Hiroshima and Nagasaki and forming cozy relationships with the biggest mass murdering butchers of the 20th century Joseph Stalin and Mao Tsetung! Since 1776 the U.S. military has filched more square miles of the earth by sheer military conquest than any army in the world, except only that of Great Britain. The old adage that "ignorance is bliss" only applies to a drooling vegatable. Ignorance is not bliss, it is controlled slavery!
The men who fought in the nightmare that was Viet Nam were
duped into believing they were fighting communism when in reality they were only putting their lives on the line again to fill the coffers of the Power Elite and make them richer. America has always supported every single tenet of communism since its inception. God bless all of the gallant men who fought in Viet Nam but they were grossly betrayed and now we must all live with the shame of defeat from a no win war with a primitive third world country. The nefarious Henry Kissinger, after so many soldiers lives lost ,attributed to him, had the unmitigated gaul to openly refer to the fighting men of Viet Nam as "merely cannon fodder for foreign policy." Apparently no one learned from the lesson of Viet Nam because the children of that generation rushed right off into
dessert storm which was a more obvious no win war than Viet Nam. America continues to think of itself as a democracy when in reality it is a bully gangster government run by puppets of the Power Elite which stands ever at the ready to oppress and destroy without the slightest equivocation.
The more things change, the more things stay the same, or would it be more correctly stated that the more things stay the same, the more they get worse? And things will continue to get worse as long as man remains asleep. In the following statement, author Henry Miller expressed his own personal distaste of Big Government in 1945 in his book "The Time of the Assassins" (A Study of Arthur Rimbaud) : " What a faithful picture this is of our dear governments! Always seeking to gain a foothold in some ungodly place, always suppressing or exterminating the natives, always clinging to their ill-gotten gains, defending their possessions, their colonies, with army and navy. For the biggest ones the world is not big enough. For the little ones who need room, pious words and veiled threats. The earth belongs to the strong, to those with the biggest armies and navies, to those who wield the economic big stick."
The Authentic Man, the aware man, the man who chooses his own path in life may not always have the greatest advantage but surely the greatest personal reward. He belongs to no other time and place, but is the center of things. The Authentic Man is careful not to get caught in the grooves of the systems robopathic mind manipulation. While preserving what is good, he does not hesitate to use new methods and new ways, if they lead him more effectively to his destiny and higher awareness. "Consciousness of responsibility for one's action" is a phrase that means nothing to governments or the sleeping masses. One cannot expect it to. It is the possession of the Authentic Man alone--the personality that causes him to act and understand the consequences of his acts. Life is a valuable treasure entrusted to each and every man and woman and we must make our conscious choices and use life's limited time wisely.
Though one can not always change the world single-handedly, each one of us in our all too brief life experience have the power to generate the significant effect of our personal influence upon the world. We must perfect the skills, wisdom, knowledge and talent that we possess and "use it!" Use the winning hand that life has dealt to you and follow your God given destiny! Rage against the machine! Rage against being a machine! Progress can only appear as the result of conscious active efforts. Others do not stop us from our destiny, we stop ourselves, by accepting the dream of our oppressors. A man does not strive for greatness while embracing mediocrity. The Authentic Man studies himself to know himself and be himself in the right way, and never fears what he will become and what he must sacrifice to achieve the destiny that he can and must pursue. If he is wise he will use his personal destiny for the greater good over entropy and the forces of destruction that control and permeate this endangered world.

"The power elite of America has no ideology and feels the need of
none, why its rule is naked of ideas, its manipulation without
attempted justification. It is this mindlessness of the powerful that
is the true higher immorality of our time; for, with it, there is
associated the organized irresponsibility that is today the most
important characteristic of the American system of corporate power."
................C. Wright Mills

Ron McVan

Anti-Nazi Groups Struggle To Find Funding

While Germany tentatively prepares a bid to ban the far-right NPD party, anti-racism groups complain that they are chronically underfunded and sometimes even face obstruction from the authorities. They say their fight to stop young people from becoming extremists is more important than getting rid of the NPD.
German authorities are gradually preparing a legal bid to ban the far-right National Democratic Party and have announced the arrest of dozens of fugitive neo-Nazis this year following bitter criticism of their failure to stop the so-called Zwickau cell of terrorists from murdering and bombing immigrants.
But human rights campaigners, politicians and researchers say the government is neglecting crucial work being done to combat xenophobia in regions where right-wing extremism is rife. Anti-racism groups complain that they face a constant struggle to obtain funding. For example, anti-Nazi activists in the Sächsische Schweiz ("Saxon Switzerland") region south of Dresden have been organizing lectures and training courses and setting up exhibitions and youth exchanges with young people from Poland. Such projects usually get only temporary financing.
Once the funding expires, the work stops, forcing the staff to claim unemployment benefits. The same is true of similar projects across the country.
"It takes years before local authorities even start taking you seriously," says political scientist Dierk Borstel, who works on pro-democracy projects in the northeastern region of Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania, where support for the NPD is particularly strong partly because established parties have given up trying to woo voters there. The region has been neglected since unification in 1990, argues Borstel.
Government Hampering Efforts
A further problem is that civil society groups are often themselves accused of being left-wing extremists. For example, last year German Family Affairs Minister Kristina Schröder introduced a so-called extremism clause stating that all projects seeking federal government funding must pledge that they and all the organizations and people they work with will support the German democratic constitution. Opposition parties and project leaders have criticized this clause because it forces groups to vet the people they work with to make sure they have a sound ideology.
Bianca Klose, who runs an information center for combating racism in Berlin, says the clause obstructs her efforts. Her office works with local authorities, schools and youth clubs, and runs projects in inner city areas aimed at curbing the influence of neo-Nazis on young people. The group didn't sign the clause, which means it has no access to federal funding.
"If the city of Berlin hadn't gotten involved and provided much of the missing funds, the project would have been over after 10 years of successful work ," says Klose. The funding for 2012 is unclear and the group is waiting for confirmation that it will get money from the city again -- even though more than 1,000 crimes were committed by right-wing extremists in Berlin alone last year.
Grassroots Work Most Effective
Campaigners say work on the ground to dissuade young people from joining the neo-Nazis is more important than outlawing the NPD. Stefan Ruppert, a member of parliament for the pro-business Free Democratic Party, the junior partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel's center-right coalition government, is opposed to banning the NPD. "It is good for an open society if it feels the pain the NPD is causing us every day, which forces us to ask ourselves each day: What can we do against it?"
Bianca Klose says the debate over banning the party must not distract from efforts to combat racism in everyday life. "Right-wing extremists will seize the space democrats offer them, whether they're in a party or not. The debate over a ban must not replace our society's fight against right-wing extremism."


EU website to monitor racist incidents in member states

A new European website called Red-network.eu is aiming to be a central location for people to report incidents relating to racism, xenophobia and discrimination, as well as being an information portal relating to racist incidents across the EU.
The Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) is a member of the network, and will be providing information and updates to the new site in the Irish context.
Already the resignation of the Mayor of Naas after refusing to deal with black African constituents and the display of a Nazi flag in the garden of a family home in Co Carlow are amongst the incidents relating to racism, xenophobia and discrimination in Ireland that have been recorded on Red-network.eu.
And just today we learned that a student who used Twitter to mock Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Mumba after he suffered a cardiac arrest during a match has been jailed for 56 days, for inciting racial hatred.

The RED Network itself behind the website is an independent research network composed of research and civil society organisations in 17 EU member states. In addition to Ireland, organisations from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovenia and Sweden are involved in the RED Network, which is led led by the Institute for Rights, Equality and Diversity in Greece.

Fidèle Mutwarasibo, integration manager with the ICI, said the site would serve as a comprehensive information portal, allowing users to easily access statistics, reports and comparative data about racist incidents across the EU.
"Anyone can log onto this site and assess how migrants and minority communities are treated in various EU states," said Mutwarasibo.
He said that as well as providing statistics and reports on incidents of racism, the site also contains information on initiatives and policy measures being adopted by governments in order to promote equality.
"In the Irish section, for example, there are reports on the Implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and the Traveller Pride Awards, as well as articles about individual incidents of racism," said Mutwarasibo.
The site also has thesaurus section - where words and phrases associated with racism are explained in plain English.
The RED Atlas then gives a country-by-country breakdown of the situation in EU member states, including information on racist and xenophobic discourse amongst political parties in each member state.
It will also have information on:
  • Racism and discrimination legislation and policy implementation.
  • Anti-racist policies and organisations.
  • Racist hate crimes.
  • Policing, law enforcement and justice.
  • The demographics and economic situation of migrant and minority communities.
  • Migrant/minority participation in public, cultural and sporting life.
  • Media representation of migrant and minority communities.   
Mutwarasibo said that against the backdrop of Europe's social, political and economic crises in recent years, racist attitudes and hate crimes could constitute a major threat to social cohesion and equality.
"There is a risk that intolerance against migrants and minorities could become widespread and commonly accepted," he said.
"In order to combat racism, we must be able to identify and challenge it, and that's what this new website is about. By documenting incidents of racism - and reporting on effective anti-racism initiatives - we hope to inform and influence the work of national governments, and ensure countries throughout the EU become more tolerant and inclusive."
He said Ireland still has a long way to go before it can boast of being a fully equal society, but participating in initiatives like the RED Network means the country can share best practice and learn from the experiences of other EU states.

Switzerland Faulted For Racism and Xenophobia

GENEVA (IDN) - Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammarberg, has expressed concern about rising racism and xenophobia in Switzerland, and called for an overhaul of the Swiss criminal law to do away with impunity for perpetrators of racism.
"Manifestations of racism and xenophobia appear to be on the rise in Switzerland. Disturbing political campaigns with aggressive, insulting slogans against foreigners are tendencies of great concern," says Hammarberg on a letter addressed to Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter, Head of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.
The Commissioner says, during his visit to Switzerland from February 20 to 23, 2012, he had witnessed himself "a disturbing xenophobic manifestation, widely reported in the press, consisting of aggressive, insulting slogans on the website of a local office belonging to a major political party, which targeted migrants coming from certain South East European countries".
Hammarberg adds in the letter of March 12: "While recognising the value and importance of an open political debate, it has to be made clear that freedom of expression is not absolute: hate speech violating the rights of others is unacceptable. The Swiss criminal law needs to be overhauled in order to put an end to impunity for xenophobic and racist public discourse."
Freedom of expression, as enshrined notably in Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, is not absolute and has to be exercised in a responsible manner. It can and at times must be restricted by the authorities in order to safeguard the human rights and fundamental freedoms of others, especially socially vulnerable persons targeted by acts of incitement and spread of hatred or intolerance, adds the letter.
Commissioner Hammarberg reminds national political leaderships that they bear a significant responsibility in this context, being bound to effectively safeguard the rule of law, human rights and pluralism in a democratic society.
He considers it of the utmost importance that the authorities at federal, cantonal and municipal level adopt "a proactive, vigorous approach towards all manifestations of racism and intolerance, condemn them immediately and publicly," and adopt all possible measures in order to effectively safeguard the fundamental values of Swiss society and the European human rights standards to which Switzerland has subscribed.
Commissioner Hammarberg adds: ". . . To fully meet European and international human rights standards, Switzerland needs to strengthen its anti-discrimination legislation. A comprehensive law against discrimination would help overcome the persisting deficiencies, not only when it comes to the rights of non-nationals but also for the protection and promotion of gender equality, the rights of disabled persons and of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons."
The Swiss Criminal Code already bans such xenophobic activities. Article 261 prohibits public incitement of hatred or discrimination against a person or group of persons because of their race, ethnic group or religion, the letter points out.
Around 84 per cent of all cases judged in court on their merits result in convictions, whilst half of the cases presented are dismissed for not being relevant to racial discrimination, as this is defined in the Article.
Notably, political discourse of xenophobic and racist nature is generally not interpreted as falling under Article 261 and therefore not criminally sanctioned by the courts. For example, the public display of racist symbols or recruitment of members to racist groups is not criminally sanctioned. Furthermore, the existing provision in the Criminal Code is not coupled with corresponding ones in civil and administrative law and does not cover all fields of public life.
All these factors lead to a degree of impunity when it comes to combating racist and xenophobic acts and call for the adoption of measures in order to amend and strengthen the law and practice in this field. "To this end, the authorities may usefully draw upon General Policy Recommendation No. 7 of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance on national legislation to combat racism and racial discrimination (2002)."
The Commissioner has also noted that there are complaints concerning police action or use of force affecting individuals who are visibly identifiable as non-Europeans. This problem has been recognised by the authorities and also the police itself and measures have been taken to prevent police misconduct, such as the amendments to the Federal Code of Criminal Procedure in 2010 which replaced the 26 cantonal codes and introduced standardised procedures.
Nevertheless, Hammarberg notes, reports received by the Commissioner raised questions as to the promptness and impartiality of the existing police complaints system. The Commissioner recalls his Opinion concerning independent and effective determination of complaints against the police (CommDH 2009(4)), on which the authorities may draw, noting at the same time that certain cantons have set up independent police complaint mechanisms which may be considered to be examples of good practice.
During his visit to Switzerland, the Commissioner also discussed the practice of 'popular initiatives', a civil right in the Federal Constitution, through which by a collection of 100 000 citizens' signatures an amendment to the Constitution can be proposed and put to vote.
Certain popular initiatives, such as those concerning the ban of minarets and the automatic expulsion of migrants having committed a certain crime, raise serious issues of compatibility with human rights standards – notably those of the European Convention on Human Rights, Hammarbeg says in his letter.
The Commissioner also voices concerns about a recent decision to limit migrants' right to family unity and about further proposals to make such family reunification in Switzerland even more difficult. The principle of respect for the family life of migrants, as reflected in the European Convention on Human Rights and the Court's case law, has for decades been part of the Swiss integration policies. It would be unfortunate if this positive tradition now were overturned, noted the Commissioner.
On the other hand, he welcomes the intention by the authorities to shorten the unduly lengthy asylum procedures, and introduce a comprehensive system of legal aid in order to safeguard fairness in asylum procedures.
At the same time, the authorities were urged to make sure that no asylum seekers are transferred to Greece by virtue of the 'Dublin Regulation', in compliance with the European Court of Human Rights' case law that has made clear that asylum seeking and protection in Greece is currently impossible.
Commissioner Hammarberg underlines the need for independent and effective mechanisms of supervision, redress and prevention of human rights violations at all levels of the federal system.
"Switzerland's human rights protection system would greatly benefit from the establishment of Ombudspersons in all cantons, complemented by a Federal Ombudsperson with a coordinative function and a long awaited National Human Rights Institution," states the Commissioner. Good practices to be drawn upon, such as the city ombudspersons of Zurich and Basel, already exist. [IDN-InDepthNews – March 28, 2012]

Anti-Semitic graffiti outside synagogue

A local Jewish leader calls the spray-painting of the words “Jews murder” outside a synagogue in the Lake View neighborhood “a sad reminder of the persistence of anti-Semitism.”
Police said they were notified of the graffiti on the Anshe Emet synagogue in the 3700 block of North Broadway about 6 a.m. Wednesday.
“Today, we have received yet another sad reminder of the persistence of anti-Semitism,” Dan Elbaum, Chicago director of the American Jewish Committee, said in a statement Wednesday morning. “The words ‘Jews murder’ and ‘Jews kill’ are particularly galling given last week’s murder of four French Jews by an attacker claiming to be motivated by events in the Middle East.
“All words have consequences, and we should keep that in mind as we call upon all people of good faith to speak out against the vandalism,” Elbaum said, noting the vandalism happened just more than a week before the Jewish holiday of Passover.
Anshe Emet Congregation, a member of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, is one of Chicago’s oldest congregations, dating to 1873. It has called the synagogue home since 1929.
Police were investigating what a spokesman called “disparaging comments” spray-painted outside the synagogue, but no one was in custody Wednesday. Sun-Times Media Wire

Poland indicts former spymaster over CIA renditions

BRUSSELS - Seven years after the Washington Post broke the story and amid ongoing European Parliament efforts to get to the truth, Poland has become the first EU country to indict one of its officials over CIA renditions.
Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza has revealed that on 10 January this year Polish prosecutors quietly indicted the one-time head of the Polish secret service and former interior minister, Zbigniew Siemiatkowski.
He is charged with false imprisonment for his purported role in creating a clandestine jail in north-west Poland where the CIA held and possibly tortured terrorist suspects who had been snatched from their home countries outside any legal process.
The newspaper said that Siemiatkowski's secret service deputy, Andrzej Derlatka, is to face similar charges. Poland's prime minister at the time of the alleged CIA operations in 2001 to 2004, Leszek Miller - currently the head of a centre-left opposition party - is also said to be in the prosecutor's crosshairs.
The media revelations do not mean Poland will lift the lid on the CIA programme, however.
The Siemiatkowski process is to be carried out behind closed doors in Krakow, in south Poland. The man himself has said he will not co-operate because the accusations concern state secrets.
Investigations in recent years by MEPs, by the Strasbourg-based human rights watchdog the Council of Europe and by NGOs have also accused Lithuania and Romania of hosting 'black sites.'
A European Parliament report in 2007 said the CIA carried out almost 1,250 rendition flights in Europe using airports in 14 member states including Denmark, Germany, Italy and Spain.
But when French Green MEP Helene Flautre on Tuesday (27 March) invited officials from Denmark, Lithuania, Poland and Romania to a hearing on the subject in the EU parliament in Brussels, nobody came.
For its part, Germany in 2007 issued arrest warrants for 13 CIA agents allegedly involved in kidnapping a Lebanese-born German citizen, Khaled el-Masri. Italy in 2009 convicted in absentia 23 US citizens on charges of kidnapping a Muslim cleric, Osama Moustafa Hassan Nasr. Neither decision has seen anybody face justice.
Meanwhile, Lithuania and Romania continue to flat-out deny that something untoward took place on their turf.
Lithuania shut down an enquiry into the affair in 2011 citing its statute of limitations. Romania has declined to hold a probe.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Mother Goddes

"I am Nature,' declared the great goddess, 'the universal Mother, mistress of all the elements, primordial child of time, sovereign of all things spiritual, queen of the dead, queen also of immortals, the single manifestation of all gods and goddesses that are. My nod governs the shining heights of Heaven, the wholesome sea-breezes, the lamentable silences of the world below. Though I am worshipped in many aspects, known by countless names, and propitiated with all manner of different rites, yet the whole round earth venerates me" .............Lucius Apuleius

Mankind is the only creature on earth that recognizes both God or the lesser divinities that we refer to as "The Gods". We make idols of them to keep them ever present in our thoughts. We build splendid Temples to them; we present to them offerings and libations, and pray to them. We recognize that the divinities are far superior to man but at the same time we possess some of their own qualities within ourselves. We can do for ourselves, providing our sustenance, environments and all the whims of our imagination but we are quick to recognize our limitations and in many areas we need help and look up to the heavens for answers. Without realizing it, man possesses immense powers. He is engendered from the fount of wonder and the fount of desire and intelligence and his most vital faculty is his imagination--- imagination in the sense that Paracelsus used the word, the faculty for reaching beyond himself, beyond his everyday life. The wise man knows that imagination has no limitation! Thought is the most powerful gift that mankind possesses! The Greek Poet Pindar stated: "God alone shall accomplish everything in accordance with his hopes; God who outsoars the eagle in its flight and overtakes the dolphin in the sea, bends the proud man to his will while to others he bequeaths imperishable glory."
Gnosis means knowledge and those who felt that they had privileged access to divine knowledge and were able to understand the true concept of God and the Great Mysteries were known as Gnostics. The Gnostics believed that in nature and the universe existed absolute wisdom and that this wisdom had female form. This is not an uncommon concept; in fact at the earliest beginnings of man's history the matriarchal goddess was well established as the all high and powerful. She was and is the creatrix whose limitless fertility brings new life; she creates but she can also destroy, she can be as much for peace as she is for war.
Before the god Apollo had established his own Temple at Delphi having migrated south from the northern realms of Hyperboria, the previous Temple there in Delphi had been home to the Mother Goddess Gaia. Today there is a revolutionary principle known as the "Gaia Hypothesis" created in 1969 by the British scientist James Lovelock which puts forth that "life shapes and controls the environment rather than the other way around. Every individual life form, from microbe to human, is involved by its own life process. Earth's atmosphere is actively maintained and regulated by life on the surface for all the species of living beings." Another way we could interpret it is that we live in 'the thought' which is God and God and all of life are one. We live in the thought of God which is why there is intelligence and order in our universe otherwise all would be chaos and all life would have been impossible on this planet. To understand the raw merciless forces that swirl about us in space, and to consider that we have survived this far in time is nothing short of an absolute miracle! We have grown complacent and routinely accustomed to our safety here on earth devoid of the miraculousness of it all. We should be saying a prayer to the Great Creator/Creatrix and all of our Gods every single day for the miracle and privilege of life that has been granted to us and quit being so arrogant and smug that our feeble little ego's expect and deserve the divine order in our world. Human life in the infinite universe is a mere flash in the pan as is our own short fleeting lives. As Vladimir Nabokov wrote: "our existence is but a brief crack of light between two eternities of darkness." He also referred to our existence as the cradle that rocks above the abyss.
There were so many goddesses in far distant ages that many have been totally lost or now completely unfamiliar names to the modern day times. The Golden Age of the Goddess is quite ancient and occurred in its heyday between 1800 B.C.E. and 1500 B.C.E. In Gnostic doctrine reads this passage: "The image of the invisible, the virginal perfect spirit, the aeon of the glory, Barbelo, the glory who was perfected through the aeons of glory by the revelation of the glory of the virginal spirit....This is the first thought of his image. She became the mother of the All, for she existed before them all....." The early development of the female deity, the Earth Mother, who was linked to the Moon by her own monthly cycle. She could not function, however, without the fertilizing aspect of the male, which in turn was likened to the power and warmth of the Sun. Sun and Moon together ruled over night and day and the yearly seasonal changes.
The prehistoric cults of Greece have shown that the Minoan-Mycenaean people worshipped a Goddess known by the name of "Eileithyia", the Snake Goddess----patron of the Neather Religions of Fertility, and of the domestic cult---the Dove Goddess, the Goddess of Healing, the Goddess of the Tree Cult, the Mistress of the Animals, and her companion, the Goddess of the Mountains, the Goddess of War, and the Goddess of the Seas. The All High Divine Force is presumably genderless but is manifest in our universe as a polarity of both male and female principles. The Goddess and the God become representative personifications of the forces and powers of nature. In our world both polarities are highly significant and should be respected as such. It is at this point where our ethnic gods gain their highest significance. "I am the gracious Goddess, who gives the gift of joy unto the heart of man. Upon earth I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal; and beyond death, I give peace, and freedom, and reunion with those who have gone before. Nor do I demand sacrifice; for behold, I am the Mother of all living, and my love is poured upon
the earth."
One of the foremost symbols of the Minoan- Mycenaean culture was the double axe head which is never seen in the hands of the male God; when it is not carried by votaries it is always associated with a goddess. The double axe symbol was as profound to the Minoans as the cross is to the Christians or the crescent symbol to the Moslem. It was considered an iconic image and the embodiment of the Mother Goddess divinity. The Minoans left behind the most brilliant prehistoric religion and culture of our world and one of the most humane nature creeds known, which would developed the cultural foundations that would proliferate throughout Greece in the latter half of the Bronze Age. The Minoaen nature creed and mythology has continued to inspire the Western Euro-World for countless generations.
Another treasure trove of religious and cultural wealth came from ancient Egypt. Upon the Egyptian spiritual path it is often difficult to know where magic ends and religion begins. Even the gods were thought to rule the world by magic. In later Egypt, Osiris and Isis were exalted as the ideal father and mother, while Set, brother of Osiris became murderer and representation of evil. The image of the Mother Goddess Isis has been profound and long lasting in the Western World. To give some insight into the character and power of Isis, this ancient Hymn from Cyme: "I am Isis, the mistress of every land, and I was taught by Hermes, and with Hermes I devised Letters, both the Sacred and the Demotic, so that all things might be written with the same. I gave and ordained Laws for men, which no one is able to change. I am eldest daughter of Kronos. I am wife and sister of King Osiris. I am she who finds fruit for men. I am mother of King Horos. I am She that rises in the dogstar. I am She called Goddess by woman. For me was the city of Bubastis built. I divided the earth from the heavens. I showed the Path of the Stars. I ordered the Course of Sun and Moon. I devised business in The Sea. I made strong the Man. I brought together Woman and Man. I appointed to Woman to bring their Infants to birth in the tenth month. I ordained that Parents should be loved by Children. I laid punishments on those disposed without natural affection towards their Parents. I made with my brother Osiris an end to the Eating of Men. I revealed Mysteries of Men. I taught (men) to honor Images of the Gods. I consecrated the Precincts of the Gods. I broke down the Governments of Tyrants. I made an end to Murders. I compelled Woman to take the love of Men. I made the Right stronger than Gold and Silver. I ordained that the True should be thought Good. I devised marriage contracts. I assigned to Greeks and Barbarians their languages. I made the Beautiful and Shameful to be distinguished by nature. I ordained that nothing should be more feared than an Oath. I have delivered the Plotter of Evil against other men into the hands of the one he plotted against. I established Penalties for those who practice Injustice. I decreed Mercy to Supplicants. I protect (or honor) righteous guards. With me Right prevails. I am the Queen of the Rivers and Winds and the Sea. No one is held in honor without my knowing it. I am the Queen of War. I am the Queen of the Thunderbolt. I stir up the Sea and I calm it. I am in the Rays of the Sun. Whatever I please; this too shall come to an end. With me everything is reasonable. I set free those in bonds. I am the Queen of Seamanship. I make the navigable unnavigable when it pleases me. I created Walls of Cities. I am called the Lawgiver. I brought up Islands out of the Depths into the Light. I am Lord of Rainstorms. I overcome Fate. Fate hearkens to me. Hail, Egypt that nourished me."
Isis remains the consummate Mother Goddess of which all others are essentially personalized ethnic tribal names which represent the same divine entity. The occult writer Dion Fortune had come to the conclusion in her writings that "all the gods are one and all the goddesses are one goddess." The word "matter", derived from the Latin "mater", which means mother, has deep mystical significance. The Mother (Mater, Matter) is also the essence of all femininity, so she is likewise to be found in all women. We know the male aspect as the creative force, the giver of life, the positive, active principle. The female aspect is the mother, the receiving vessel, the womb of the universe, where the cosmos was gestated and nourished. She is also the negative, passive principle. She does not create life, for she is only the channel through which life is manifested. But as the male principle can only manifest through her, the fruit of their union is clothed in her essence, which in the physical world is matter. She is matter, she is our world and all nature made complete by the fertilizing life giving sun rays of the Father deity. The goddess is symbolized by the cup, the caldron, the receptacle; the god by the sword, the spear, the erect penis. As the sword is to the male so is the cup to the female, and conjoined they bring blessedness.

"I who am the beauty of the green earth; and the White Moon amongst the
Stars; and the mystery of the Waters; and the desire of the heart of man, I
call unto thy soul: arise and come unto me. For I am the Soul of nature who
giveth life to the Universe; From me all things proceed; and unto me, all things
must return."

That magic is the highest of all sciences is never doubted by the magician. What is now being referred to as magic has been divorced from "true" religion; magic as it is thought of today has often come to represent the opposite of all that is ordered and good. The word 'magic' comes from the Greek 'mageia', which derives from 'magoi'. The magoi were a Persian caste of priests who studied astrology and divination. Magic is similar in its focus on the spiritual dimension and the worship of a supernatural authority, but differs in its attempt to control hidden forces. Jollivet-Castellot, an alchemist and philosopher, has this to say about magic as a science:

"Magic is by no means, as most outsiders imagine, the negation of science. Quite on the contrary,
Magic is Science with syntheses, almost integral Science, its horizons being the absolute, the infinite in Unity. ..... In truth Magic is the knowledge of the action and combination of the forces of the
Universe,the study of their conduct, their involution, their evolution...."

Religion can never be as powerful as magic and the mysteries because religion is only a mere offshoot of magic and the mysteries. Magic teaches that there are no impossibilities, only improbabilities. One could say that in magic man tries to conquer nature, but in religion nature conquers man. Nature thus remains to mankind a physical manifestation of the goddess and the all high god. Religious faith and practice is extremely obligatory but it is also eagerly and vividly chosen, it is a great collective of hereness. Religion sums up and embodies what we feel together, what we imagine together. The problems of a religion arise when people begin to feel that their religion is the only religion and superior to all others, or when religion itself (which is manmade as is mythology) is thought to be of greater significance than spirituality itself. Almost as soon as a religion is established it severely limits itself with dogmatic do's and don’ts and becomes stagnant in and of its own established view of God and spiritual attainment. The Great Mysteries demonstrate to us time and time again that God is not to be found from without but from within. We do not need churches and religions to reach God or the Mother Goddess but there are surely times when religions and churches can serve those needs as aids. "If that which you seek and you find not within you, you will never find without. For behold, I have been with you from the beginning, and I am that which is attained at the end of desire."
Just as there is male and female that are born out of the mother’s womb, there is male and female in her religions as well. We quite often refer to the main church as the mother church. Doors of churches to this day are still often shaped in the form of a woman’s vagina while the lofty spires represent the male phallus. The Mother Goddess was worshiped under three different aspects. As a young maiden she was invoked in love problems; as a matron, to bestow fertility and protect the young; and as an old woman, for wisdom and guidance. But in all these aspects she was still recognized as 'The Great Mother'. Her predominance has been maintained, and today she still holds her place as a leading supreme deity. The Mother Goddess is seen as a symbol of strength and wholeness of woman, as Elinor Gadon writes in her book "The Once and Future Goddess":

In reclaiming the Goddess, in recovering our full human history as men and woman, we can learn other patterns of behavior. We can redress the imbalance between the human species and our natural environment, between men and women, exploring the possibility of living in harmony and justice with all things. Thus the Goddess is an earth-centered metaphor for the earth as a living organism, and also for an alternative, supposedly more egalitarian, social order."
All humankind must seek to live in the 'spirit of place' aware that our Gods are unique entities. Our ancient ancestors understood the supreme importance of the gods and goddesses and consulted them in virtually every human affair. Our ancestors were far more in touch with the All High Creator, the gods, nature and the mother earth, then we are today. Mans magical power to think paves more and more of the pathway that will lift us eventually to the realms that our own gods have reached or it will bring about our complete annihilation as a species. The eye, it is said, must be ahead of the foot, just as our vision must range beyond our capabilities. Our mechanized world and its materialism has steered us far adrift from our contact with the divinities. Right this very minute Mother Nature is screaming out to man in great distress to wake up from his complacent and careless neglect, wake up to the needs of our dying planet, our dying seas and polluted skies. We have all become self centered, blind and apathetic, a Ship of Fools! There is a point of no return concerning the life of the planet upon which we live and we are at the crux of it right now but we have long forgotten how to listen to Mother Earth and to honor our gods and we are failing miserably! We have grown accustomed to the clangor and gnashing teeth of the machine that eats rapes and destroys Mother Nature and the living planet that we depend upon for our very survival. The machine that is tipping the balance of nature and will be our doom! The machine that man himself has created!

"A human life, so often likened to a spectacle upon a stage, is more justly a ritual. The ancient values of dignity, beauty, and poetry which sustain it are of Nature's inspiration; they are born of the mystery and beauty of the world. Do no dishonor to the earth lest you dishonor the spirit of man. Hold your hands out over the earth as over a flame. To all who love her, who open to her the doors of their veins, she gives of her strength, sustaining them with her own measureless tremor of dark life. Touch the earth, love the earth, honor the earth, her plains, her valleys, her hills, and her seas; rest your spirit in her solitary places. For the gifts of life are the earths and they are given to all......" ..........Henry Beston

Ron McVan

The Influence of Beethoven and Viennese Culture on the Austrian Revolution of 1848

Prior to the nineteenth century, European art had been strongly tied to religion. Vienna, the home of Ludwig van Beethoven, was no exception. Vienna, the capital city of one of the most powerful German nations, was home to the Hapsburgs, a  deeply committed Catholic dynasty which traced its power back through the Holy Roman Empire. Like its rulers, Vienna was also deeply  Catholic, and unlike many severe sects of Protestants who questioned and rejected the propriety of art in society,  and like Catholic societies elsewhere in Europe,  Vienna saw the need for art in promoting religious ideals and beliefs. The result was  an art movement called Baroque, which  promoted the prowess and sanctity of the  Church-dominated Catholic countries.
        The leading figures in Baroque music, which was predominant  in Catholic countries for two hundred years, were  Jan Peterzoon Sweelinck, Heinrich Schutz, Giovanni Palestrina, and Mozart. Hapsburg  subject  and Vienna resident,  Ludwig van Beethoven  was to break the hold of the Baroque tradition. Unlike earlier Baroque composers,  Beethoven’s  music, rhythmic and energetic, combined the sacred and the irreligious.  He was the first musician to bring his art forcefully into the secular world. Beethoven’s music represented  the new social and political world that was being born in Europe at the beginning  of the nineteenth century.
            Beethoven’s music can be seen as a reaction to classicism. Beethoven was the first romantic musician, and his symphonies,  while unparalleled musically, also expressed ideas that were sweeping thorugh Europe at the time, among them nationalism. In Beethoven’s time,  people who used to identify themselves solely by religion  were beginning  to identify themselves by nationality. Nowhere  was this more true than in Beethoven’s native Vienna, where Hungarians, Slovakians, Silesians, and Bohemians all lived.
      Beethoven’s music also expressed  two other popular ideas of the early  nineteenth century, the lofty aspirations  of liberal democracy and social reform. These viewed echoed loudly in Vienna, a timeless city,  which was ruled dynastically for centuries and which kept the working poor living on the shanty outskirts of the city. Beethoven never lived to see  the liberal revolution of 1848  and its subjugation by the forces of reaction,  Austrian officials and nobles. Yet  his music was a conspicuous manifestation of what many native Germans -- and, more specifically, many native Viennese -- hoped to accomplish. Along with Beethoven’s music, the desire for liberal change sweeping through  the Austrian intelligensia were also reflected in the painting  and cafes of Vienna. However, Beethoven’s third symphony, Eroica,  not  only best captures the ideas fair rule, liberty, and democracy, three main romantic tenets; it is also the best  example of what the artist found ideal. In  Eroica Beethoven praised the progressive and humanist works of Napoleon Bonaparte. Yet  after Napolean declared himself emperor of France, a disillusioned  Beethoven  left the heroic  subject  of his symphony  nameless. One of his most famous works,  Eroica, best exemplifies the ideology and hopes that Beethoven, Romanticism, and patriots in pre-revolutionary Vienna stood for .
      The inspiration for the symphony  came from  one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s diplomats . He  suggested that the world famous musician write a tribute to the world famous leader. Beethoven was a man in his thirties at the time  and could recall his youthful  embrace  of the romantic notions of liberty, equality, and fraternity  that  Consul Bonaparte stood for. Beethoven was also impressed and inspired by Bonaparte’s desire to open careers to talent, regardless of the person’s social position.  William Felmmin would later write  that  the symphony Beethoven wrote to express these ideas “rallied the progressive and freedom-loving people of all nations around his standard.”1  In Eroica, Beethoven used proud and triumphant string instruments, playing hard and poignant notes mixed in with more subtle and longer and longer notes,  to juxtapose many of the large struggles he saw in society. Beethoven uses these contrasting notes to present and weigh many contrasting ideas. These notes express the relationship between action and fear. They express dominance and subservience as well as the struggle between revolution and oppression.
            Symphony Number Three includes many other innovations. The first movement introduces the forces of good and evil.  This movement sets the stage for a heroic conquest of the good. The second movement of the symphony presents a funeral scene. The scene is meant to demonstrate the immense piety and honor  of one who has forfeited his life for a cause. This martyrdom was commonplace in early romantic painting and poetry. However, it had never truly been attempted at this proportion in music, mainly because it was so difficult to express. Through measured rhythms and garbled sonorities, Beethoven expressed his romantic belief that for all advances in history some must give up their lives. These men he identifies as heroes.
            In the third movement of his symphony Beethoven demonstrates his dynamism. By titling his third movement “Scherzo,” he was breaking  an honored rule of formal symphony: one must never title an individual movement of a symphony. This action clearly represents Beethoven’s separation from the Baroque period and  his growth  into something far more revolutionary. His revolutionary titling of the third movement underscores his epic piece.
            The final movement of the symphony is comprised of a series of variations, unequal in length and different in style. The movement begins in E flat and raises five tones to B flat, then falls an octive to B flat below, and then again to E flat. This begins a strong melody which Beethoven uses to symbolize a victorious finale. The strong finale is emblematic of dominance over submission and revolution over opposition. The end of Eroica symbolizes Beethoven’s hope that one man giving his life to a cause can change an entire society.
            Eroica was released in 1804, the same year that Napoleon crowned himself emperor of France. This gross abuse of power compelled Beethoven to separate Bonaparte from his definition of hero. Dissilusioned by Bonaparte’s action, Beethoven decided to dedicate his symphony to “the memory of a great man.” This action proves again Beethoven’s deep beliefs in liberal democracy and his strict and romantic definition of heroism.
            Beethoven’s romantic dream would not be realized in 1848, in Vienna and throughout Europe. In 1848 aristocrats and nobles from Vienna helped stifle Hungarian nationalists and Hungary would remain a conquered Hapsburg territory for many more years. Timelessness in Vienna remained. Although Beethoven’s influence on the Austrian revolution of 1848 in undeniable, other facets of Viennese culture were influential. Paintings and cafes both angled Viennese culture toward revolution.
            Although Beethoven’s music was the greatest cultural impetus toward revolution, the composer did not limit his work to his political and social beliefs. At the peak of his career Beethoven began to experience a loss of hearing. His one jewel in life -- his music -- was being robbed. After considering suicide he said, “I will take fate by the throat; it will not bend me completely to its will.”2 Near the end of his life,  Beethoven drew his work from personal experience. His work became deeper and darker as it expressed his depression at losing his hearing and the hearbreak of failed romances. Beethoven could not hear many of his final works. Alone, he died quietly in 1827. Although his music proved to greatly inspire the patriots of his homeland, it is remembered mainly as a manifestation of the beauty of the piano.

Black man breaks into home of elderly couple, then rapes and murders 85 year old woman

As RamZPaul has already stated, unlike the media manufactured story concerning Trayvon Martin, there are no candle light vigils planned for Nancy Strait. There are no White people marching demanding justice. No calls from the President. Just silence.
Was diversity a great strength for this couple?
TULSA, Oklahoma – Family members talked to News On 6 crime reporter Lori Fullbright about Bob and Nancy Strait, the elderly couple beaten in their home Wednesday during a robbery.
The couple had been married more than 65 years, had six children and 18 grandchildren. They were great, great, great grandparents.
They had been sick for the past week from food poisoning and the flu. They had just agreed to move into an assisted living facility the day before they were attacked so viciously. Nancy died from her injuries, Bob is still in the hospital.
Bob Strait was a paratrooper in World War II. He was with the 101st airborne where he was part of the D-day invasion. He was awarded the Bronze Star.
Nancy grew up in a log cabin in Kenwood, Oklahoma with no running water. She moved to Tulsa to work during the war.
The two met after the war ended.
“They met and three weeks later got married. Friday the 13th in 1946. They’ve been married 65 years and three months,” said daughter Andra.
Nancy was a homemaker who made quilts and homemade jellies. Bob was a welder by trade and did woodworking for a hobby. The two did everything together; grocery shopping, doctor’s visits, you name it.
“Mama was the kind, if you came in, she would say ‘go to the kitchen and help yourself with the groceries or let me get you something.’ She fed everybody,” Andra said.
“[Bob] is the kind of guy, your car breaks down on the highway, he could fix it. He’d stop and fix your car,” said the Straits’ son, Bob.
They would do anything for anyone, which makes it so hard to understand why the men who kicked in their back door beat them so viciously just to take their TV, $200 and a bb gun. Nancy didn’t make it. Bob has a broken jaw, cracked ribs and a bb lodged in his face. They were already frail and in bad health.
“That’s why this was so senseless, 97 pounds and a little over 100 pounds, weak from food poisoning and flu. They would’ve done anything,” Lanora, daughter.
Tyrone Woodfork, 19, is in custody. He lived just four houses from the Straits. He was on a suspended sentence for a 2010 burglary conviction. Police say they are looking for four or five more suspects.
As for the Straits’ children, their focus is on the love their parents shared and on helping their father cope.
“That’s all dad could say when he heard mom passed, ‘I loved that woman, that old woman, for so long, I’ve loved that old woman,’” Lanora said.
The family wants to thank everyone for their good wishes and urges anyone who knows who the other suspects are to turn them in.
That can be done through crime Stoppers: 918-596-COPS.

Turkish Commercial Featuring... Hitler (VIDEO)

A Turkish cosmetics company has launched an advertising campaign for a men’s shampoo featuring Adolf Hitler.
Hitler, addressing a crowd, using his raging rhetoric announces, “If you’re not wearing women’s clothes, then you also shouldn’t be using women’s shampoo. Here it is, a real men’s shampoo, Biomen."
The controversial commercial, which uses fake subtitles, concludes by declaring, “Real men use Biomen.”
The video, posted on YouTube, has received hundreds of comments, with most people expressing their distaste of the commercial; others dismissed it as harmless.
National Director of The Anti Defamation League (ADL), Abraham H. Foxman stated, "The use of images of the violently anti-Semitic dictator who was responsible for the mass murder of 6 million Jews and millions of others in the Holocaust to sell shampoo is a disgusting and deplorable marketing ploy.
“It is an insult to the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust, those who survived, and those who fought to defeat the Nazis. This video is just the latest example of the use of Holocaust imagery in some countries to sell commercial products, which has contributed to the trivialization of and desensitization to the unparalleled horrors of the Holocaust. There can never be any justifiable purpose for using the images of Hitler, Nazis or any other depiction of the Nazi killing machine to sell products or services."
As of now, the company has refused to withdraw the commercial, which continued to be aired on television stations across the country.

Tom Hanks in race row over blacked-up man

The Oscar-winning actor was onstage with former Eagles rock star Glenn Frey at their children’s school when they were joined by another parent sporting a leopard print costume, a blackened face and an afro wig.
Hanks yesterday apologised over the “hideously offensive” scene, claiming he was “blindsided” during the incident, which was captured on video by a shocked guest at the event.
The two-minute clip shows Hanks hosting the castaway-themed auction in a room decorated to look like a jungle at the £18,000-a-year St Matthew’s Parish School in Pacific Palisades, California.
As the blacked-up man takes the stage, Hanks quips that the Right-wing US commentator Bill O’Reilly, who has himself often been accused of racial insensitivity, has arrived.
“A celebrity in our midst – who would have thought Bill O’Reilly would join us?” says the actor.
Co-host Frey jokes: “This is as close to diversity as we’ll get at St Matthew’s.”
Frey identifies the blacked-up man as investment banker James Montgomery, saying: “Just back from a Jerry Falwell sensitivity training seminar.
“All I know is, this school is so conservative that Jamie Montgomery was almost not allowed in. They stuck him in the parking lot — they let him in. These are the jokes, people.
“Remember, Jamie Montgomery — he handled the Idi Amin account back in the ’80s, which was good.”
The footage, shot in March 2004, was given to U.S. website The Daily Caller by a woman who filmed the event and accused Hanks of hypocrisy.
The woman said: “Tom would be the first to scream ‘racist’ if a conservative put their arm around a Wall Street banker in black face while their co-MC made racist remarks.”
Responding to the controversy, Hanks told Hollywood news website The Wrap: “In 2004, I was blindsided when one of the parents got up on the stage in a costume that was hideously offensive then and is hideously offensive now.
“What is usually a night of food and drink for a good cause was, regrettably, marred by an appalling few moments.”
Hanks, who starred in the 2000 Hollywood film Castaway, recently narrated a 17-minute campaign video calling for President Barack Obama’s re-election.
In response to the auction video, Niger Innis, of the Congress of Racial Equality, said: “I call upon President Obama, who has Tom Hanks doing the narration to his campaign video, to cease, to remove Mr Hanks’ voice-over from his video, and end any association or affiliation with Mr Hanks,”
“It is gross, it’s coarse, and it is shocking that something like this would be done in California. Not Mississippi — in California.”

On this day March 26th: Death of Beethoven.

On this day March 26th:
1484-William Caxton printed his translation of Aesop's Fables. As far as is known, Caxton was the first English person to work as a printer and the first to introduce a printing press into England. He was also the first English retailer of printed books.
1668-England took control of Bombay India.
1799-Napolean captured Jaffa Palestine.
1827-European Genius Ludwig van Beethoven, German composer died aged 56 in Vienna.
1902-The British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes died in Cape Town aged 48. Rhodes had greatly furthered the wealth and power of the international Jew during his career.
1910-US forbade immigration to criminals, anarchists, paupers and the sick.
1920-The British special constables known as the Black and Tans arrived in Ireland. Their nickname came from the colours of their uniform.
1945-The last Japanese defenders on Iwo Jima made a suicide attack and were wiped out. Only 200 of the original 22,000 Japanese defenders were captured alive. More than 6,000 Americans died taking Iwo Jima, and some 17,000 were wounded.
1979-Egypt betrayed the Arab world by signing a peace treaty with Israel at Camp David
2000-Whilst on a visit to Jerusalem, Israel, imbecilic Pope John Paul II, ignorant of historical fact, prayed for forgiveness for the sins of those involved in the Holocaust, a falsehood invented by the world’s oldest liars. The real holocaust, the Jewish Bolshevik murders of over 60 million White Russians, Germans, Poles, Ukranians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians and Czechs went unmentioned.

Slovenians reject gay adoption law in referendum

Slovenians rejected in a national referendum on Sunday a new family law that included a highly contested clause that would allow same-sex couples to adopt children in some cases.

The law drafted by Slovenia's former center-left government - and opposed by conservatives close to the Catholic Church - would have allowed gay couples to adopt the biological children of their partners. It did not allow the adoption of children from a third party.

With 98 percent of the vote counted, about 55 percent of those who took part in the referendum rejected the law, while about 45 supported it, the state referendum commission said. Turnout was low, about 26 percent.

The result meant that the new family law will not be applied and a new one cannot be drafted within a year.

Unlike its Balkan neighbors, Serbia and Croatia - where gays often face verbal and physical abuse - the small Alpine nation and European Union member is relatively tolerant of homosexuality. In 2006, Slovenia allowed official registration of same-sex relationships.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pastor Manning(black) says black people have no honor(video)

9 charged in connection with gang rape of 14-year-old girl at party in St. Paul, Minn.

MINNEAPOLIS -- Nine suspected gang members and associates were charged Friday in a sexual attack on a 14-year-old girl who was forced back inside an abandoned St. Paul house and raped after trying to leave a party last November, authorities said.
The girl and her friend were picked up at school by one of the men and lured to a party with suspected members of the TB22, or True Blood 22, street gang, prosecutors said.
"This crime was every parent's nightmare," Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said in a statement. "Crimes like these shock the conscience of our community."
According to a criminal complaint, the girl wanted to leave the Nov. 17 party at the abandoned St. Paul house but was pulled from a car and carried back inside.
"The victim reported grabbing whatever she could, including door frames, to stop them from bringing her into the bedroom," the complaint said. The girl told a nurse that once she was forced onto a mattress on the floor inside the bedroom, a group of men held her down while she struggled and yelled for help.
One of the defendants told police at least two men raped the girl, according to the complaint.
Citing complaints and petitions filed in Ramsey County District Court, the St. Paul Star Tribune reported the alleged victim heard one suspect say, "Are you in? I call second."
The girl told the nurse that when she asked the man who brought her to the party, 24-year-old Mang Yang, to help, he said he had to go, according to the complaint. The assault stopped when one of the men yelled "police" and everyone ran, the complaint said.
'Get them drunk'According to the complaint, Yang told police he knew the others planned to rape the girl and that "is the gang's intent every time they get girls to a party with them to get them drunk and rape them."
One of the teens told police that Yang told him to hold the girl down. But the complaint said Yang told police he went looking for the girl after she was carried from his car and that he heard her screaming and saw teens run out of a room.
Yang said he asked her if anything happened but she was crying and didn't answer, according to the complaint.
Yang is charged along with four other men, ages 18 to 37. Four male minors, ages 15 to 17, also are charged. They each face four counts: aiding and abetting first-degree sexual conduct, conspiracy to commit first-degree sexual conduct, kidnapping someone under age 16, and committing a crime for the benefit of a gang.
All nine defendants are suspected gang members or associates.
Yang and three of the other adults charged made their initial court appearances Friday and were appointed public defenders.
"This is a very serious case involving many co-defendants and we look forward to providing the best defense possible in each case to reach a fair resolution," said Kelley Malone-O'Neill, managing attorney at the Ramsey County Public Defender's office.
Speaking to the Star Tribune, police spokesman Todd Axtell added: "We are looking for other potential victims to come forward."
The Associated Press and msnbc.com staff contributed to this report.

Swedish Nazis hold town fair recruitment drive

"This is absolutely not something we want to be associated with," Kivik fair organizer Tony Andreasson told The Local on Wednesday.

The Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska motståndsrörelsen - SMR) spent around three hours at the market, dealing out flyers and selling its newspaper "Nationellt Motstånd" (National Resistance).

"They must have registered under another name. That is the only explanation. We have had trouble with groups like this before," Andreasson said.

The group, which has been classified by the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) as "Sweden's greatest internal threat", boasts of the success of its recruitment drive on its homepage saying that "several debates" were held with fairgoers.

"The activists... made contact with one person who wanted to join the freedom fight," the group wrote.

Kivik fair is an annual event with a fairground and arund 1,000 market stalls selling produce from the region and elsewhere. The fair attracts more than 100,000 visitors per year.

Andreasson told The Local that two guards will be employed before next year's fair to ensure that the occasion is kept free from neo-Nazi groups.

"We are the people who decide over Kivik fair. We want to have a serious family market just as we have done for the past 25 years," he said.

The Local reported last week that SMR's newspaper had been reported for hate speech after it allowed a reader comment containing racial slurs to remain on the site. 


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nearly half of Britons question loyalty of Jews

A survey has found that nearly half of Britons think that Jews are more loyal to Israel" than their own country.
The research, conducted for the US hate monitor, the Anti-Defamation League, looked at antisemitic attitudes in ten European countries, and compared the findings to the results of a similar survey in 2009.
Whereas in 2009 only 37 per cent of British respondents deemed the suggestion that Jews were more loyal to Israel to be accurate, 48 per cent found it to be "probably true" this year.
Likewise, the 2012 survey showed that a fifth of Britons believed it was "probably true" that "Jews have too much power in the business world" and 22 per cent agreed that "Jews have too much power in international financial markets". Just 15 per cent of British respondents supported those statements when asked about them three years ago.
More British respondents this year than in 2009 – 24 per cent, up from 20 per cent - agreed that Jews "still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust".
The survey found equally worrying results in other European countries, including France, where antisemitism has been suggested as the motive for the murder of four people outside a Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday. The ADL said the overall level of antisemitism in France had jumped from 20 per cent to 24 per cent in the last three years.
The pollsters asked the same questions to 5,000 people across Europe. "The survey is disturbing by the fact that antisemitism remains at high levels across the continent and infects many Europeans at a much higher level than we see here in the United States," said Abraham Foxman, national director of the ADL. "In Hungary, Spain and Poland the numbers for antisemitic attitudes are off the charts, and demand a serious response from political, civic and religious leaders."

Maths teacher made Nazi taunts to German neighbours

A maths teacher has been found guilty of harassing his German neighbours by playing wartime classics and performing a Nazi salute.
Geoffrey Butler, 54, subjected Reinhard and Kathryn Wendt to years of "misery", Medway Magistrates' Court was told.
The court heard he played Vera Lynn's White Cliffs Of Dover, the Dambusters theme tune, Rule Britannia and a Winston Churchill speech.
Butler, of Lower Upnor, Kent, was given a three-year conditional discharge.
He was spared jail at the request of his neighbours, who said they did not want vengeance.
'Whistling Dambusters' Butler was also given a restraining order banning him from playing loud music and being threatening, abusive or insulting towards the couple.
The court heard the relationship between Butler and the Wendts turned sour shortly after they moved next door to the teacher in the village near Rochester in 2007.
Barrister Thomas Daniel referred to several incidents between July 2007 and April 2011 where Butler is alleged to have harassed the couple.
Butler said he did not own any Dad's Army-style music and that he never played music from his house.
The teacher was asked about whistling the Dambusters tune in the sight of his neighbours, but he told the court he could not whistle.
Alistair Dickson, prosecuting, said: "It sounds as though you do not like Mr Wendt very much."
Butler replied: "What do you expect? I have wasted 10 months of my life over this."
Speaking outside the court Mr and Mrs Wendt said they were too frightened to go on living opposite Butler and would have to move.
Mrs Wendt said: "It has been hell. It has been awful.
"We have had nightmares and have not been sleeping. I have just been so upset."
Butler refused to comment as he left the court.


Russia to fight fan racism ahead of 2018 World Cup

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian sports minister says the country will work to reduce racism among soccer fans ahead of the 2018 World Cup.
Vitaly Mutko's comments came two days after a banana was thrown at Chris Samba, a Congolese defender who plays for Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala, after a match at Lokomotiv Moscow on Sunday. It was the third such incident against Anzhi players in the past year.
Mutko says "of course it's bad and Russia will fight against such manifestations of racism."
Alexei Sorkin, chief executive of the organizing committee, said he believes that Russian's pride in holding the competition would undermine any prejudice.
Mutko says selection of the cities where the matches will be held will be announced in September.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Hundreds crowd Vancouver street calling for an end to racism

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) - Almost 300 people crowded Commercial Drive, hoping to send a message to stop racism in Vancouver.
Many of the people involved in the walk are concerned about attacks by an apparent white supremacist group in the city.

Organizers say hate crimes against people of colour are on the rise in Vancouver.

Harsha Walia is among the marchers suggesting people need to active against racism to prevent groups like Blood and Honour from gaining strength.

"We're really disgusted by their actions, of course, but we're also outraged and disgusted at the levels of silence that has surrounded this case."

Walia points to several incidents along Commercial Drive in recent years including an attack, where a Filipino man was set on fire.

Another participant in the march, Chris Moon, also worries about racist ideas gaining traction in challenging economic times.
"When times are tough, economics are tough, anti-immigrant, anti-minority rhetoric starts up again, so I think we need to remind people that we live in a country where we have a charter of rights and freedoms, and that we value diversity."

“Multiculturalism” And Australia 's Great Divide

While most Australians rightly believe that Australia is a multicultural nation, in reality multiculturalism is encouraging divisions, discrimination and racism. Australia needs an inclusive multicultural policy to dismantle “white” dominance and unite Australians.
Since the early 1970s, Australia has embraced multiculturalism and prides itself of being a multicultural nation. After abandoning the “white Australia ” policy, Australia has become one of the most culturally-diverse countries on the planet . However, multiculturalism, as a government policy, is promoted not because it is good, but because it serves the ideology of the ruling class, enforces white dominance and protects white privilege. Hence, Australia 's white Anglo-Saxon elites have an interest in investing and maintaining a marginalised “ethnic” or “other”.
Furthermore, there is a tendency among white Australian elites that Australia must remain a white Anglo-Saxon society controlled by a wealthy white ruling class. This is despite the fact that 44 per cent of Australians are born overseas, or have an overseas-born parent. Only whites (preferably Anglo-Saxons) are Australians and only whites have access to good jobs and justice. Multiculturalism is an anti-culture that identifies white Europeans as “Australians” and the rest as the “ethnic Australians” without identity. Ethnic Australians are told to “assimilate”, but cleverly divided, weakened and put in “their places”, in segregated communities.
Successive Australian governments, particularly under the Liberal/National Coalition, have failed to promote racial harmony and provide programs to help disadvantaged Australians and new immigrants obtain employment and integrate into the Australian community. “We are not an economically equal society by any means. There are sizeable pockets of considerable social disadvantages to be found in every state, especially among Indigenous communities and in older industrial and regional areas”, writes Wayne Swan, the Australian Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer. ( The Monthly , March 2012). Australian multiculturalism did little to eliminate racism and discrimination against minorities, including Indigenous Australians.
In the so-called “fair go” Australia , the gap between the ‘haves' and ‘have-nots' is growing exponentially. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that the wealthiest 20 per cent of Australian households have increased their average net worth by 15 per cent since 2005-06. The poorest 20 per cent saw only a 4 per cent rise . As the income gap between the rich and the poor grows wider, Australians are increasingly ghettoized.
According to a recent research in the Australian Economic Review (vol. 45, pp. 29-49); Australian-born parents (i.e., white Anglo-Saxon Australians) are more likely to send their children to well-funded private schools “where the share of their like type is higher” rather than to public schools to avoid exposing them to “unfamiliar cultures”. It is alleged that “there is an over-dominance of some cultures in public schools, which is denigrating the quality of education”. ( The Age , 21 March 2008 ).
It is Important to note that, most ordinary (civilised) Australians believe in an egalitarian and truly multicultural Australia that treats all its citizens equally regardless of skin colour, religion and ethnic backgrounds. However, racism and discrimination are deeply-entrenched in white Australian elites . Indeed, about 85 per cent of Australians believe that racism is a problem in Australia .
While it is unlawful in Australia to discriminate against people because of their skin colour, religion or ethnic backgrounds, most Australian institutions practice racism and discrimination. The education system, the media, the justice system and the police are fuelled by racist practices. Of course, in public, the ruling elites pretend to serve the community, but under the skin, they are truly bigots. In fact, racism is so entrenched in white Australia to the extent that an Australian from a non-Anglo-Saxon background has far less chance to be selected for employment (e.g. at a university) in Australia than a white English, a Dutch or an American holding no residency status and has no right to work in Australia. Nepotism and corruption are rampant and carefully nurtured to enforce white dominance and privilege in the nation's most important institutions. Tens of thousands of unemployed professionals, including doctors, PhDs, engineers and teachers are driving taxis and doing low-paid odd jobs, despite serious shortages of these professions in Australia . Muslim Australians and new immigrants are denied the opportunity to work and serve the community because of their religion and non-Anglo-Saxon ethnic backgrounds.
A survey on racial and ethnic discrimination in Australia conducted by the Research School of Economics at the Australian National University (ANU) released in June 2009 found that there is substantial evidence of racial discrimination in employment. The study found that Australians from non-Anglo-Saxon backgrounds had greater difficulty of finding employment than those Australians with Anglo-Saxon background. According to the study, people with a Middle Eastern names and background (a.k.a. Muslims) had to send 127 per cent more applications for a waiter's position than their Anglo-Saxon contenders. ( PDF ). As a result, unemployment among Australians from non-Anglo-Saxon backgrounds is significantly higher.
Of course, there are those Indigenous and “ethnic” Australians who passed through the net and become the face of Australia 's shallow multiculturalism. Their presence is nothing more than a PR designs to help in deflecting accusations of racism and discrimination. They are often paraded in front of TV cameras obsequiously dismissing any accusation of racism to promote Australia 's (fake) image of a multicultural and “tolerant society”.
The Indian author Arundhati Roy liked this to the forgiving of the Thanksgiving turkey in America : “A few carefully bred turkeys — the local elites of various countries, a community of wealthy immigrants … the occasional Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice … are given absolution and a pass to Frying Pan Park . The remaining millions lose their jobs, are evicted from their homes, have their water and electricity connections cut, and die of AIDS. Basically they're for the pot. … So who can say that turkeys are against Thanksgiving? They participate in it”. (The Hindu , 18 January 2004 ). The same holds true in Australia . The like of Warren Mundine, Marcia Langton, Pino Migliorino, Stepan Kerkyasharian, Penny Wong and Noel Pearson come to mind.
Racism in Australia is systemic. It is well managed subtle kind of racism than elsewhere. Australia has a Multicultural Minister and several government-funded agencies and organisations, such as the Anti-discrimination Commission, Equal Opportunity Commission and the Human Rights Commission that act as enforcers of racism, legitimising discrimination and dismissing any criticism and racism-related complaints. There is no bill of right and v ery few Australians know that Indigenous Australians are not recognised in the Australian Constitution. Everyone knows his/her place. No one dares to complain. “If you don't like it”, you are told “go back to your own country”.
As Oscar Humphries, the editor of the London-based art magazine Apollo' who grow up in Sydney writes : “My own experience, having attended school [in Australia] until the age of 11, and then lived there during my early 20s, is that underneath the blocky ‘mateship' of a certain type of Australian male there is a seam of racism. This racism is not only applied to indigenous Australians, but also to, for instance, the Lebanese [Muslim Australians] and Greek immigrants who live there”. ( The Telegraph . 29 June 2011 ). Since 9/11, Muslim Australians continue to live under siege, often harassed and bullied by ASIO and the police.
Most recently, a right-wing politician, Teresa Gambaro from the so-called Australian “Liberal” Party, a collection of right-wing bigots and dirty fascists, accused – after “hearing reports” – non-white (a.k.a. Muslims) immigrants of failing to wear deodorants and integrate into the community.. It is not true that new immigrants have failed to integrate into “Australian culture” and ‘lifestyle”. Most non-Anglo-Saxon immigrants left their simple ways of life at home and have adapted well in Australia , doing all kind of dirty jobs. It is evident that Gambaro herself has not adapted well in Australia and remains an illiterate indulging in old racial stereotypes that contaminated the brains of most bigots in the Liberal Party.
Gambaro is the daughter of poorly-educated Italian immigrants. After fleeing the impoverished and war-ravaged Italy to Australia , Gambaro's father worked as a farm labourer and a fishmonger – who stunk for many years – before he established his seafood restaurant in Brisbane . Gambaro's rise in Australian politics is not because she cares about Australia or has a dubious university degree, but because she is white European. Her only contribution to multiculturalism is to greet new immigrants with hostility in order to advance her political interest because racism is a vital tool to dehumanise the “other” and manipulate public opinion.
We all know that, Australian politic is exclusively white territory, and only white Australians have the right to be in the Australian Parliament and participate in democratic debate. It is a privilege position to be in. It provides wealth and power and enough influence to advance the interests of relatives and friends. There is no democracy in Australia . What is called “democracy” is a quarrel between two corporate groups (parties) of wealthy white elites serving their own interests and the interests of their wealthy handlers. The people are duped and misled by politicians and the capitalist (corporate) media and forced into a delusional believe that real change can come from electing a different corporate group (candidate) of wealthy elites.
Like in most Western countries, the Australian media (outlet of the capitalist media) constantly demonises non-Anglo-Saxon immigrants, Indigenous and Muslim Australians, inciting racism and promoting divisions. Ethnic divisions are exploited and used by the media as an opportunity to promote fear. The media in Australia is a small pond of vicious white sharks. About 75 per cent of the printing media are controlled by the neo-fascist Murdoch Press, a pro-Israel Zionist and anti-Muslim propaganda organ. Australian major TV channels (ABC, 7, 9 and 10) are the cesspool of Britain and U.S. rubbish. They have no shame when it comes to demonising and bashing non-Anglo-Saxon Australians and new immigrants, particularly Muslim immigrants. Australia 's media are dominated by white Anglo-Saxon bigots . There are no places for Australians from non-Anglo-Saxon backgrounds only in stereotypical roles.
Meanwhile, the self-described multicultural TV station, “Special Broadcasting Services” (SBS), has become the main demoniser of Muslims. It is often called the “ethnic” station. The station is financed by the pro-Israel Zionist lobby and managed by faceless white Anglo-Saxon executives. It is an anti-Muslim, racist and warmongering propaganda outlet. Its anti-Muslim agenda is hidden behind a façade of dark-skinned, unprofessional newsreaders and second-hand journalists. Like all capitalist media outlets, SBS alleges to be “independence”, but in reality, it is a dirty byproduct of CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, Fox News and CBS propaganda. Its aim is to deepen the ethnic divide, tear communities apart and deny Australians from non-Anglo-Saxon backgrounds a collective voice. People are misled to have a strong “ethnic” identity, which isolates them and decreases their sense of belonging to the Australian community .
Having said all that, it is important to acknowledge that there are worse places in the world than Australia . Australia is not Europe or the U.S. , where racism is condone and promoted by right-wing governments and neo-fascist parties. When it comes to dealing with ethnic minorities, Europe 's history, of course, is littered with crimes against minorities. For instance, some European countries, including France , Switzerland and Holland send Roma Gypsies and Jewish refugees fleeing from the Nazis back to Germany . Today, Europe has become a bastion of Islamophobia. Muslim immigrants and refugees bear the brunt of Europe 's neo-fascist policies . Of course, Australia 's current policy of dealing with desperate (mostly Muslim) refugees is a Nazi-like inhumane policy and should to be condemned.
Moreover, unlike Europe , Australia lacks the neo-fascist, far-right Islamophobes who practice “direct action” to expel immigrants in Europe . Crimes against Muslims and newly-arrived non-European immigrants are committed on daily basis. Many innocent people (mostly Muslims) and refugees have been murdered by neo-fascists in Europe , including Germany , Belgium , France and Britain . European political leaders, such as the neo-fascist Nicholas Sarkozy in France , David Cameron in Britain and Angela Merkle in Germany have attacked Muslim immigrant rights using multiculturalism as a cover. In other words, multiculturalism is used as a code word for Muslim. The promotion and exploitation of Islamophobia by Western leaders serve as a cheap vote winner among their racist electorate. Indeed, Sarkozy is campaigning for re-election on an anti-immigrants and anti-Muslim racist platform. The on-going attacks on multiculturalism by European leaders are seen as a justification for Western governments' involvement in U.S.-Israeli criminal wars in the Middle East , West Asia ( Afghanistan ) and Africa ( Libya ). This is why both Nicholas Sarkozy and David Cameron declared during their violent aggression against Libya that multiculturalism is dead in their respective countries. Like the U.S. , most Europe is multicultural regions, but also condones racism and discrimination against certain minorities.
In the U.S. , Americans are segregated by centuries-old racist ideology and racist laws. As a result, the U.S. is one of the most unequal societies in the world with extreme and growing inequality ( Extreme Poverty in the United States, 1996 to 2011 ). Anti-immigrants' sentiment is spreading like wild fire across the U.S. Thousands of “undocumented” immigrants have been imprisoned or deported and their children were taken away from them and put in foster homes. There are hundreds of extremist and anti-immigrants hate groups, including 170 Neo Nazi and 152 Ku Klux Klan groups ( The ‘Patriot' Movement Explodes ). Australia is not Europe or the U.S. , not yet.
Australia still has to dismantle its white Australia policy and eradicate racism and discrimination to nurture a truly multicultural Australia . There is no such thing as Australians and “ethnic” Australians. One is either Australian or not. The only way forward is an egalitarian Australia for all Australians regardless of racial and ethnic backgrounds. An inclusive multiculturalism will unite Australians and make Australian strong.
Ghali Hassan is an independent political analyst living in Australia 



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