Friday, 10 February 2012

US troops in Nazi SS flag snap storm

Marine Corps chiefs said the sniper team did not realise the significance of the symbol when they posed with it.
The picture has been blasted as "beyond the pale" and the US Marine Corps said it was unacceptable.

But the troops will not be disciplined because investigators decided it was a naïve mistake.
The SS was the police and military force within the Nazi Party.
It was responsible for the extermination of millions of Jews and others deemed undesirable.
Major Gabrielle Chapin said the troops based at Camp Pendleton in late 2010 believed the symbol was supposed to represent sniper scouts and not the Nazi killing squads.
She said: "I don't believe that the Marines involved would have ever used any type of symbol associated with the Nazi Germany military criminal organisation that committed mass atrocities in WWII."
"It's not within who we are as Marines."
Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said: "If you look at any book on the Nazi period, this is the dreaded symbol of the SS, and to have a Marine Corps unit adopt it and put it beside the American flag when 200,000 Americans died to free the world of that dreaded symbol is just beyond the pale."


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