Sunday, 19 February 2012


Spiritual Traveler, Where are you going? The deadends of your
search are showing! The bigotries of religions, Have rendered
you blind! You've lost all the keys, To free your mind!

And now you have lost, The will to push on, Soon your earthly
time will be gone! For while you flounder, In dogmatic bunk,
Your ship to enlightenment, Is nearly sunk! No further forward,
Will you dare to go, For Orthodox religions, Demand it so!

Fearing to gaze, Down deep within, Your decievers they scream!
You are born in sin! You should cut off thy hand, Or pluck out
thine eye, Or in the furnace of hell, You will fry!

You'll burn there forever! Forever and a day! Do you really
believe God would act that way? Would he really cherish, A
nation of sheep? Have them slay one another, Over truth's that
they keep?

Spiritual traveler! crawl out of your hole! Free your mind!
And free your soul! Open your heart, Such divinity you
possess, There are no sins, You need to confess! We all
know wrong, We all know good, Even to a child, This is

In self righteous religions, The blind lead the blind, But the
truest religion, You ever will find, Are the ones that flow, From
the roots of your kind! Religions that encourage, And expand
your mind! Religions that admire the strong, And the hero! Not
the worthless wretched, downtrodden zero!

And all religion, Should show love in true fashion, But not
give way, To false commitment , And false passion! Religions
that honor, All of Nature's perfection, They are the strong ones,
That never back down, Born out of ancestral ethnic ground!
Hypocritic they are not, Nor arrogant or hollow, These! The
spiritual traveler should follow!
Ron McVan


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