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" To battle the gods are called, By the ancient Gjallar-horn,
Loud blows Heimdall, His sound is in the air."
..................Samunds Edda

Suddenly the world-piercing sound of Heimdalls Gjallar-
Horn announcing Ragnarok and the destruction of the world.
Midgards dreadful day is at hand. The Gjallar-Horn reverberates
through the earth awakening the Seven Sons, of the giant, Mimir,
high god of the early Northern Euro-pantheon. His seven sons
spring up to their long awaited task. The old world tree "Yggdrasil"
groans and trembles. Skies darken and crack with the dread sound
and the gathering chaos as the sun turns black. Stars fall from the
sky, flames engulf Yggdrasil, searing heat rises high in the sky.
Wotan already engaged in conversation with the severed head of
Mimir his ever faithful adviser.
Until this time Sindre-Dvalin and Mimirs six other sons
had slumbered in that Golden Hall which stands towards the north
in the lower world, on Mimirs fields. Nat, their sister, dwells in the
same region where she routinely shrouds the chambers of her
brothers who have long awaited the day of reckoning with the
forces of chaos. The Seven Sleepers were not to awake until the
day of Ragnarok, "The Dusk of the Gods". They shall then arm
themselves and issue forth. Mounted high and brightly upon the
walls of their golden hall are the Seven Long Swords which none
save the sons of Mimir can wield.
Before evil had reached its climax, the Tree of Life
"Yggdrasil" (the cosmic axis and representative of the physical
and moral laws of the world) grew from times most distant
glorious splendor among the three world fountains in subterranean
gardens of Mimirs fields. The most important of these three
fountains was the fountain of wisdom through which the good
runes of divine knowledge were fetched. Mimir, the wisest of all
the gods, was watchman over this fountain and warden of the Well
of Wisdom until he was later slain in the War Of The God Clans
between the Aesir and the Vanir. Wotan kept the severed head
of Mimir and treated it with magical herbs and thus preserved the
ability of Mimir to continue to issue forth his wisdom and sacred
oracles to Wotan its rightful owner. The war between the Aesir
and the Vanir was in the early days of the first epoch when the
trickster Loki and his feminine counterpart Gulveig-Heid were
spreading their runes of evil in Asgard (realm of the gods) and
Midgard (realm of earth and man) causing disputes and war
between the clans of gods and mankind whose task it was to
watch over and sustain the order of the world in harmony. And so
it was that the great peace was broken and the divine Aesir of
Wotan went to battle against the elder gods of the Vanir. Mankind
too began his unending chain of warfare pitting kinsman against
kinsman, leaving a legacy of blood and strife through the tradgic
pages of human history.
In Wotanist Teutonic Myth the gods themselves are to
be seized by terror at the fate of the world, and Mimir makes his
own arrangements to save all that is best and purest on earth for
an expected regeneration of the world. At the very beginning of
the Fimbul-Winter, Mimir opens his subterranean grove of
immortality Mimisholt (an asylum), closed against all physical and
spiritual evil, for the two children of men, Lif and Lifthrasir who
are to be the parents of the future Asa-children The Asmegir,
giving way to a new race of men.
Mimir was not only the wisest of the gods, he was also
known to be by trade the greatest metal smith of all antiquity. The
seven sons of Mimir were themselves great smiths of legend who
during the first happy epoch, gave to the gods and to nature the
most beautiful treasures: Thors mighty hammer "Mjolner", Freyjas
magic necklace "Brisingamen", the smithed boar "Slidrugtanne"
and Wotans magic golden armband "Draupner". The hall where
the seven sons rested was also a stunning treasure chamber of
their exquisitley fine metal crafting. Those who ever attempted to
touch these unique treasures were punished by a sudden drooping
and withering of their limbs.
In the Teutonic mythos the Seven Sleepers are found to be
intimately connected with the myth concerning the return of the dead
Son of Light Baldur with the idea of a resurrection and the new
regeneration of the world. The Seven Sleepers form an integral
part of the great epic of Teutonic mythology. With the death of
Mimir (memory) his sons sink into the long sleep of ages. The
Great World-Tree "Yggdrasil" begins to age until that unavoidable
and necessary time of the final battle between good and evil when
these Seven Sons are then to awake and resume their important
occupation. For Wotan, and most all of mankind this will be the
final battle. The will of God manifesting itself is creation. The
cosmos is born out of chaos. Chaos for a time will reign victorious.
From chaos we come and to chaos we shall return only to be born
anew in the Golden Epoch of Baldur. Ragnarok rises from the
sea to become the abode of a better race of men.
The Seven Sons are known to represent the seven
changes of the weather - which gave rise to the division of the year
into months known then as: gormanudr, frerm, hrutm, einm,
solm, selm and kornskurdarmanudr. In ancient days it was
believed that navigation was under the protection of the Seven
Sleepers, who like their father remained friends of men. In the
Norse sagas Thorkil the great navigator praises Gudmund-Mimir
as a protector in dangers. The son of Poseidon, Atlas, had seven
daughters which were referred to as the Seven Atlantic Sisters.
In ancient times they were known as the Sailors Stars. There are
250 stars in the Pleiades but the most celebrated are the Seven
Stars in a cluster that we refer to as the Seven Virgins. There is
a strong probability that celestial humanoids migrated to the earth
from the Pleiades long ago in the past bringing with them highly
advanced technology. In time we may find out that the Pleiades
may be the very center of human life, not in our solar system
but in our galaxy.
The writer J. Countryman in his book, "Atlantis And The
Seven Stars" makes this interesting observation on the significance
of the number seven throughout mankinds history: Two texts,
"The Book of Enoch" and "The Atlantis Account", long taken
as myths, offer clues to our linkage with the Pleiades and the
giant beings that came from there. However, the most powerful
evidence we have of space visitations from the Pleiades is the
symbol of the ancient bull - the sign of the Taurus constellation
that contains the celebrated cluster known as the Seven Stars.
It permiates the entire Western world and countless statues and
artifacts have been found glorifying it. It is symbolic of the Taurus
Constellation, the bull of the Zodiac. The Pleiades by themselves
and the allegoric number seven pertaining to them are also deeply
imbedded with profundity in our history and institutions. No doubt
some of this interest was generated solely on the aesthic
appearance of the Seven Stars and their relationship to seasons,
but further study of the subject seems to reveal a great deal more."
The number seven permiates our age old mythology and
we see the number seven in a variety of representations such as:
Seven Angels, Seven Atlantic Sisters, Seven Sons, Seven
Creators, Seven Great Steps, Seven Heavenly Spheres, Seven
Kings, Seven Keys, Seven Ladder Rungs, Seven Level
Foundation, Seven Lettered Name of the Logos, Seven Logi,
Seven Planets, Seven Planetary Circulations, Seven Sages of
Greece, Seven Seals Book, Seven Spirits, Seven Sisters,
Seven Skins, Seven Stars, Seven Steps of the Pyramid,
Seven Virgins, Seven walls, Seven Root Races, Seven
Wonders of the World, Seven Vices and Seven Virtues, Seven
Days of the Week and the list goes on. The Seven Colors of the
Prism, and the Seven Musical Notes, correspond also to the
seven planets of the ancients - they are the seven chords of the
human lyre.
There are seven states from the lowest grade of human
being on the external planes of matter up to the highest grade of
the perfect man. Also in the realm of spiritual humanity, there are
seven states from the perfect man up to the Diety. The vast
importance of this grade of life, or spiritual adeptship, is shown by
the fact it is upon the boundaries of the sixth and seventh state of
this grade the two halves of the Divine Soul become permanently
and eternally united. The twin souls, male and female, then
constitute the complete of the Divine Self.
The Pythagoreans considered the number (7) worthy of
veneration. It was held to be the number of religion, because man
is controlled by seven celestial spirits to whom it is proper for him to
make offerings. It was called the number of life, because it was
believed that human creatures born in the seventh month of
embryonic life usually lived, but those born in the eighth month
often died.
The heptad (7) contains the number (3) (spirit, mind and
soul) desend into the (4) (the world) the sum being (7), or the mystic
nature of man, consisting of a threefold spiritual body and a fourfold
material form. These are symbolized by the cube, which has six
surfaces and a mysterious seventh point within. The six surfaces
are the directions, north, east, south and west, up and down; or
front, back, right, left, above and below; or again earth, fire, air,
water, spirit and matter. In the midst of these stands the (1) which
is the upright figure of man, from whose center in the cube radiate
six pyramids. From this comes the great axiom: "The center is the
father of the directions, the dimentions, and distances." The
heptad (7) is the number of the law, because it is the number of the
Makers of the Cosmic law, the Seven Spirits before the throne.
With the number (3) we can see why trinities are universal
to the various mythologies of the world. Three is the 'word', the
'Holy Ghost', the 'Absolute' conscious of itself. In the number
(4) we find the world of matter, material; the physical world is the
matrix of all sensuous experience. Orpheus is known to have
said,"The eternal essence of number is the most providential
principle of the universe, of heaven, of earth, and of the nature
intermediate to these; and, more, that it is the basis of the
permanency of divine natures, gods, and demons."
In the Arcane Mysteries it is believed that the earth has
already consumed six or seven moons and on some apocalyptic
day to come it will likewise seize our present moon Luna herself.
Man was in existence long before the last ice-age and long before
the last great flood, to this there is no longer any doubt. The further
we probe back into time we find the tail-ends of civilizations every
bit as intelligent and cultured as our own. The current race memory
of man, with all its myths, cosmogonies, legends, and traditions,
seems to get lost in the Primary Epoch, where sometime before
the downfall of the carbon moon is to be found the traditional
"Beginning of all Things". Here seems to be the starting point of all
human tradition, which began in that instant when man first grew
conscious of his specific essence, as a type of being able to
preserve his memories.
Concerning the subject of the approaching doom of
Ragnarok the ancient Aryan mysteries state: " When catastrophes
greater than ever before have shaken the planet, when stars crumble
upon the earth, when atmosphere has been poisoned for eons and
life on the continents is unendurable, when the Quintary Moons
which is Mars in the grip of earth will have roused the greatest
cataclysm of all, with oceans that submerge the entire earth ---
then will begin the reconstruction of everything that lives!
All created beings will flee back to that whence they came:
the sea. Evolution will ebb, The great resurrection of the ancient
organs will begin: the adjustment to the last asylum of life. And
nothing will escape that immutable law. Not even man!"

"Midgard (earth) is the cradle, That rocks above the abyss....
Our existence, Is but a brief, Crack of light, Between two
eternities of darkness....."

Terrible scenes arise, horror piled upon horror. The wolf
Fenris frees himself from his chains and swallows Wotan. The
sun turns black, the stars vanish, and the repulsive dragon,
Nidhoggr flaps slowly over fields of corpses. The fighting and
chaos grow ever more terrible until the earth disappears beneath
the seas, leaving only swirling smoke-clouds and a gigantic flame
which licks out towards the sun itself.
The Christian apocalypse is relative to the Wotanist
Ragnarok in many relative aspects where seven also plays a key
role. There are Seven Seals to be opened, that is to say, Seven
Mysteries to know, and Seven Difficulties to overcome, Seven
Trumpets to sound, and Seven Cups to empty. Seven is the
sacred number in all theogonies and all symbols, because it is
composed of (3) and (4), representing the magical power in its
full force.
In the Greek patriarchal pantheon there are seven
prominent male gods, Kronos and his six progeny, Zeus,
Poseidon, Apollo, Aries, Hephaistos and Hermes; while the
female deities were also seven: Rhea, wife of Kronos, Hera,
Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hestia and Demeter. In the
"Orphic theogony", the mother goddess Gaia produced the
Fourteen Titans, seven male and seven female. The Phoenician
god was known as the "God of the Seven Rays". The light of
the gods when captured in works of art are often depicted with
Seven Rays. The Statue of Liberty in New York harber also bears
the Seven Rays at the crown of her head, symbolic of the very
ancient goddess Eostara, whose pagan festival is still celebrated
as Easter.
Edgar Cayce, perhaps the most highly acclaimed prophet
of the 20th century sincerely believed that since the cataclysm of
Atlantis, the spirits of that fated empire are currently reincarnating
into our present world in great numbers; that we are in fact re-living
the final days of an approaching cataclysm once again. Cayce
viewed the present age as a replica in many ways of ancient Atlantis
at its height. If this be true, then through the law of action and
re-action man is once again faced with a world of his own making.
Once more man will be faced with the choice between the use of
Natures forces for constructive or destructive purposes. Will mans
greed and evil nature prove to be greater than his wisdom again
this time? In full view of the world today can anyone deny that
America, so full of itself, like its Atlantean predecessor, has
likewise become a house of cards built on shifting sand?

"A nation that brings war on another will have war brought
upon it." ...................Edgar Cayce

Viewing the world today it would seem that the Sons of
Belial have returned and that the Seven Sons of Mimir are already
reaching for their swords. In Atlantis the Sons of Belial 'won' and
their evil nature brought destruction down upon the entire known
The future of mankind is the responsibility of all the
worlds citizens but, unfortunately for the contemporary world, this
vital responsibility has been delegated to a few hundred purported
'leaders' of the Power Elite who have succeeded in 'misleading'
the world into a very serious state of discord; polarization;
fragmentation; rampant disease; suffering and premature death;
extensive poverty; race and national genocide; environmental
pollution; threat of nuclear holocaust; and overall disintegration of
the entire social structure. In the back of everyones mind we are
conscious of the impending doom closing in around us but we
feel powerless to do anything about it. In our daily struggle to
survive we scarcely have time to monitor the every move of the
worlds hidden controllers who rape mankind and nature with
impunity and wanton unrestrained gluttony for wealth and power at
any and all costs. And what do all these controllers have in
common? Perhaps it cannot be expressed any better than Lewis
E. Cook Jr. already expressed it in his ambitious book titled,
"Goldot", "The Doctrine of Truth", wherein he states: "Politicians and
government leaders are sick! Scientists are sick! Educators are sick!
Religious leaders are sick! Business leaders are sick! Industrialists
are sick! Economic and financial leaders are sick!"
How can we expect to have a healthy world society when
all the leaders are sick and expect their followers to be and do
likewise? This sad state of the world, based entirely on liberal
democratic anything goes behavior, has resulted from the perverted
tastes and practices into which the human race has been cleverly
indoctrinated. It will take an emancipation of the mind to restrain
these forces of crowd-mindedness that paralyze all healthy social
inventiveness and produce a social order that is standardized,
decadent and sterile. America has clearly become a culture of the
The Seven Sons of Mimir slept through the history of the
world of man only to awaken at its final destruction. But man too
remains asleep through his days upon the earth and still shows no
sign of awakening even when total destruction is nigh and history
stands to repeat itself once again. Better to awaken now while there
is still precious time to reverse both the physical and spiritual death
threatening to devour all mankind and the planet. As Edgar Cayce
once said, "We must look at the problem, replace despair with hope,
and get to work." A cup of wisdom and common sense from
Mimirs Well would be a good place to start and the first cup of
wisdom is this:


Great wisdom, honor and truth are as essential now as
they have always been. They are the raw ingredients needed to
direct the course of human history and lead the world of man
towards its highest ultimate potential. Believers are ignorant. The
ignorant "believe." Knowers are wise. The wise "know." Real
leaders are not to be found in the common trough of Washington
political circles. Leaders do not run with the herd. Politicians are
not qualified to be leaders and never can be, they are nothing
more than exhaulted clerks and salesmen of themselves. A real
leader stands upon the shoulders of giants with the gods in his
eyes and you recognize them immediately. True leaders are men
of exceptional vision, indomitable strength, valiant courage, men
of profound intelligence, destiny and genius! Political correct
democratic America leaves scarce if any room for a leader to
emerge, but one thing is for sure, it will not survive much longer
without one.

"He who lets the world, or his portion of it, choose his plan of life
for him, has no need of any other faculty than the ape-like one of
imitation." .......................John Stuart Mill


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