Thursday, 2 February 2012


Runes have I cast, Full of wonder and magic, Runes of good
fortune, Runes that are tragic. Runes that speak, To the gods
high above! Runes of scorn, And runes of love!

Rune powers manifesting! Through the gates, Of dimension!
Turning through time, Out of thoughts with intention! Of what will
they speak? And what will they bring? These runes that I cast,
Neath a ravens wing!

Runes from a futhark, Of twenty-four, Answering each question,
Beyond life's door! Sacred are the oracles, To their kennings I
cling, Keys of mysteries! Keys of knowledge! Worth remembering!

O' runes of the people, From Wotan the wise, Unfold your secrets,
And do not diguise, Share in your wisdom, That you know so well,
A draught of that richness, From old Mimir's well!

Within every rune, Is a sacred fire, Those that do know them, Lift
their conscience higher. Those that do know them, Every symbol
and sign, In this world they may live, But their wisdom, Is divine!
For illumination, Ancient runes shall bring, All the runes, That are
cast, Neath a ravens wing! 

Ron McVan


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