Tuesday, 7 February 2012

On this day February 7th: Birth of the NF

On this day February 7th:
1238-Mongol savages burned the Russian city of Vladimir.
1812-Charles Dickens, English journalist and novelist was born in Portsmouth, England
1944- German forces launched a full scale counteroffensive against allied forces in Anzio, Italy.
1945-Russian attacks north of Königsberg were blocked with the help of naval gunfire by the German cruisers Scheer and Lützow.
1950-Senator Joe McCarthy discovered Jewish communists in the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1959-D.F. Malan, South African Prime Minister, father of Apartheid policy, the champion of Afrikaner Nationalism, died aged 84
1967-The National Front was formed in England and became a huge patriotic anti immigration movement in the seventies.
1979- Doctor Josef Mengele died aged 67 in Bertioga, Brazil.


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