Thursday, 23 February 2012

On this day Feb 23rd: Death of Horst Wessel

On this day February 23rd:
1685-Aryan Genius composer Georg Friedrich Handel, was born in Halle, Saxony-Anhalt.
1821-John Keats, English poet, died in Rome, aged 25.
1836-The Battle of the Alamo begins in San Antonio, Texas. A handful of Whites defied a Mexican army of 2,400 men.
1854-The official independence of the Orange Free State was declared.
1918-Richard Grint Butler, White US patriot and founder of Aryan nations was born in Denver, Colorado.
1930- Horst Ludwig Wessel National Socialist hero died in Berlin aged just 22. He had been shot in the face by a communist the previous month.
1934-Edward Elgar, English composer, died aged 76.
1942- Air Marshal A. T. (Bomber) Harris was appointed C-in-C of British Bomber Command.
1945-The German town of Pforzheim was completely destroyed by a raid of 379 British bombers. About one quarter of the town's population (over 17,000 people) were killed in the air raid.
1965-Stan Laurel, English film comedian died in Santa Monica, California aged 74


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