Saturday, 18 February 2012

On this day Feb 18th: 'Totaler Krieg'

On this day February 18th:
1546-Martin Luther, the German theologian and religious reformer who initiated the Protestant Reformation, died in Eisleben aged 62.
1861-In Montgomery, Alabama, Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as the provisional President of the Confederate States of America.
1865-Union forces under Major General William T. Sherman set the South Carolina State House on fire during the burning of Columbia.
1873-35 year old revolutionary Bulgarian Vasil Levski was executed by hanging in Sofia by the Ottoman authorities for trying to free his people from barbaric muslim enslavement.
1900-Second Boer War: British forces suffered over a 1,000 casualties, their worst single-day loss of life on Bloody Sunday, the first day of the Battle of Paardeberg..
1901-Winston Churchill makes his maiden speech in the House of Commons.
1913-Artur Axman, future Reich Youth leader was born in Hagen. He founded the first Hitler Youth group in Westphalia.
1943- In the wake of the Stalingrad disaster, Joseph Goebbels delivered his greatest speech at the Sportpalast in Berlin calling for ‘Total War’ (Totaler Krieg) to save Western Civilisation.
1945-A Russian torpedo hit the ex-’Strength through Joy’ Nazi cruise liner leaving Danzig for Denmark with 5,000 refugees and 3,800 U-boat personnel on board. Only 1,000 were reported as saved.
1957-Kenyan Mau Mau terrorist Dedan Kimathi was executed by the British.

“Now, Folk, rise up, and let the storm break loose!"


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