Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Maidens of Valhalla, Sing your Valkyrie song, Soar the glimmering
heavens, So far, So wide, And long. Time, Can never hold you,
Your glories shine, Forever! The wonder of all, Who behold you!
When the Valkyries ride, Together!

To the battlefields, In Midgard, You make your way, With speed!
To aid, All fallen warriors, Who live, By Wotan's creed. The bodies,
Of the chosen slain, Scattered, Cross the battleplain, To Asgard,
The'll return, Again.... To the realm, Of the Immortals!

White steeds gallop, Shields they shine! Freyja at the fore, With
her Valkyries nine! From Folkvang, To Midgard, Cross Bifrost they
ride! Sword and spear, Flash by their side! Those ghostly maidens,
And that fury, O' the fury! Hear them sing, To one and all! Returning,
All our heroes, To Wotan's mighty hall.... Returning, All our heroes,
To Wotan's mighty hall!
Ron McVan


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