Sunday, 5 February 2012

My Ireland

Cross the highlands, O're the fields of heather, Where craggy
shore and sea come together, Hear the gulls soaring high,
Above white shifting sand, O' Emerald Isle.... My Ireland!

Echoes of Druids, Still ring in my head, And the clamour of battle,
Where my ancestors bled, Warriors so mighty, And mighty each
clan, O' Emerald Isle,,,,My Ireland!

The old castle ruins, Are a haunting sight, From days of valiant
legend, When might made right! And our gods lived within us,
Every woman and man! O' Emerald Isle.... My Ireland!

There is magic in the air, At the sacred places, Where
cromlechs of stone, Still leave their traces. Sweetest flute and
the harpstrings, Stiring voice, foot and hand, O' Emerald Isle....
My Ireland!

Leprechauns they say, Guard all hidden treasure, But the soul of
Eire, Is a treasure without measure! You can feel it through the
bagpipes, As they play in the band, O' Emerald Isle.... My Ireland!

Without my homeland, I would die of shear sorrow, Without my
kinfolk, I would dread every morrow, All our myth and our folklore,
Yes a proud Celt I stand! O' Emerald Isle.... My Ireland! 
Ron McVan


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