Monday, 6 February 2012

Leftist crime on the rise

According to a report in the Bild daily, preliminary statistics show that the German authorities recorded 1,160 cases of left-wing motivated violent incidents last year – up 25 percent on the year before.

The violence led to 783 people being injured, 43 percent more than in 2010, when 547 people were injured.

In contrast, the number of far-right motivated crimes dropped slightly last year, from 597 in 2010 to 579.

There was also a rise in the total number of crimes - violent or not - at both ends of the political spectrum last year, with 5,839 left-wing crimes (4,928 in 2010) and 12,381 right-wing crimes (12,262 in 2010).

But there was an 11 percent fall in crime directly associated with anti-Semitism last year, with only 775 instances recorded, as opposed to 873 in 2010.

The Local/bk


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