Sunday, 5 February 2012

Interview with Tom Metzger

1.First of all Mr.Metzger tell us something about yourself and about W.A.R ?
White Aryan resistance was formed in 1980. After I had left the KKK and ran for United States Congress.It was a voluntary association of individual activists. I produced television shows, radio shows, pioneered the use of computers in the struggle, published a monthly newspaper among many other things.
2.We heard that you will candidate for Congress.What do you think about your chances?
I ran for United States Congress in 1980. I ran for United States Senate in 1982 and now I'm running for Congress 2010. I am running on a very small budget against two major parties. I am running as an independent working-class candidate. I will use the campaign to further my name identity here in the heartland. My chances of actually winning are quite slim but I will be able to gauge my support by how many votes I get. In revolutionary politics 1% is all you need the right kind of people. Other people can give you moral support and some financial support. My goal is to seriously hurt the two major parties. In this area we have nearly a one party system. Totally controlled by the Republicans.
3.Describe the NS movement from USA and tell us why doesn't exist unity there There is really no serious NS movement in this country. It's just a Hollywood type operation. Uniform freaks and Hitler worshipers March once in a while around a city block while hundreds throw things at them. Most of these people have no real knowledge of National Socialism. National Socialism is passé anyhow. It must be Racial Socialism now. I don't accept the right wing anymore I recruit more on the left. The right wing in this country is totally compromised and filled with informants and agent provocateurs.
4.Who is the biggest enemy of our world ?biggest enemy in my world is the white race traitor. If the white race traitor was not doing the work of the Jew our problems wouldn't be that big. I believe we're in a white civil war. Right now the worst Whites are in power need to be neutralized.
5.Your favorite aryan warrior.quote him.
Charles Lindbergh "Our bond with Europe is the bond of race. If The white race is ever attacked incongruous the fence with every plane in the sky and ship in sea but not one white nation against another.

6.Do you think Lone wolf tactic is a good one ?
it's the only tactic that I can see has any chance in the foreseeable future. Our enemies are too strong for any kind of frontal confrontation and they are too strong for any democratic solution. The only thing that can be done now is ready ourselves for the ultimate struggle. Joining organizations that are filled with informants and agents provocateurs is suicide. Any type of frontal attack against the system is also suicide. Only lone Wolf and unconventional warfare will have any chance as time goes on.
7.About religion.Is a problem in our movement?
-no answer
8.Some words about our teacher David Lane ,Bob Mathews and the Order.
I knew David Lane since his early days and actually had planned to travel to his prison just before he died. Actually I believe he was murdered. Bob Matthews was a great man but for security reasons I can't tell you everything I know. I have visited some of the order members such as Richard Scutari in prison.
9."We had a run with the skinhead thing, and it was fun. But then I said, well it's time to let your hair grow up, go to college, get a good education, get as high as you can, in the industry, military, police, whatever you can do and wait." It's your quote.Tell the readers what exactly must wait
that was over 20 years ago. I told the young people that we were not going to get very far using the skinhead method. It's the same with wearing KKK robes.,or ns only works in the streets and not that well there. We need people in power positions. That takes educated young people, well-dressed people, well spoken people but with a revolutionary heart.
10.What is your opinion about Romania ?
I'm very sorry my education on Romania is very thin except to know you have a lot of problems with gypsies. I need to find myself some travel logs about Romania.
11.We wish you good luck in campaign for congress.Last words for all white brothers & sisters from around the world.
thank you also. And much success with your endeavor. tom Metzger

The interview was taken by 14 words Romanian division.


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