Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Greek Stalinists welcome fascist involvement in workers dispute

Greek Stalinists welcome fascist involvement in workers dispute
The Greek Communist Party (KKE) have seemingly welcomed the involvement of the a fascist organisation, into a long running steelworkers strike in Athens.
Last year I recall being disgusted at the coverage in the Morning Star regarding clashes between anarchists and Stalinists outside the Greek parliament.
The Greek Communist Party (KKE) had forcibly prevented anarchists from getting to the parliament and had been observed collaborating with the police and encouraging them to attack anarchist protestors. The Morning Star would have you believe the opposite.
If there was every any doubt regarding the KKE’s dubious politics that doubt has completely disappeared following their latest stunt.
Steelworkers in a factory on the outskirts of Athens have been in a dispute with management for several months. And have been on an indefinite strike following the bosses trying to implement a 40% pay cut.
PAME the trade union coalition of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) has played a key role throughout the dispute.
The events on Friday 17th February and the conduct of the KKE are beyond contempt:
http://www.leftcom.org/en/articles/2012-02-21/a-stalinist-welcome-to-a-nazi-intervention-into-a-workers-strike-in-greece “On Friday 17 February a group of the notorious fascist party the 'Golden Dawn' visited the factory; they passed unmolested through the gate, took the microphone and made a speech to the strikers expressing their ‘solidarity’ in the presence of some members of the union. Then, the president of the factory trade union welcomed the fascists, saying that ‘all Greece is with us’.”
First you see the Nazis making a speech and then the president welcomes the Nazis. The union’s president, Giorgos Sifonios, is a member of PAME and he was a candidate of the KKE in the district elections in 1998. Until now PAME haven’t given any explanation, and they haven’t tried to dissociate themselves from that event. So, it is justified to assume that the president acted according to party policy. Otherwise, they would have expelled him immediately.
Doing this the Stalinist KKE have brought the fascists into the workers movement. For the time being I cannot explain their stance. I suppose that this is due to the active intervention of anarchists in that strike. As a matter of fact, many anarchist groups energetically supported the strikers and expressed their solidarity with them through many actions. As supporters of spontaneity they may idealize such a strike. So, maybe it will be a great discouragement on their part after that event.
[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Dawn_(Greece)]‘Golden Dawn’ is a well-known fascist group[/url]. They started as pure ‘national socialists’ and later they mixed Nazism up with the traditions of the Greek far-right. But, anyway, they are famous as pro-Nazi. They are responsible for many attacks against immigrants. Clearly, it is a ‘para state’ group and they have close connections with the police and army. They have a growing influence especially in popular and workers areas and they are expected to win a good percentage (about 3-4%) in the upcoming elections.”
The Golden Dawn] is a Nazi group who have carried out who have well known links to the police and armed forces. The actions of the KKE in welcoming a fascist group into a workers dispute is a disgrace, and it should be condemned as widely as possible.
Surprisingly, the Morning Star has not reported on this.


The "Golden Dawn" had accused the strikers of damaging financially the industry-owner (!), before organizing that provocation (they uploaded a video on youtube, directed "suitably" by them). KKE and its supporters have never "welcomed" neo-Nazis. That was a huge mistake of the president of the workers who didn't realise and prevent the provocators'plan to slander the workers'struggle.

PS: Let's end that fairy-tale about the "Stalinist KKE". KKE does not support Stalin, but the Soviet people who tried to build socialism. On the other hand, they condemn the leadership of the Soviet Union Communist Party for ruining the efforts of the Soviet people with their choices. The problem with Stalin and KKE's "prosecutors" is that it does not accept the equation of Stalin to Hitler. Not because KKE thinks that Stalin was a saint but cause in fact all this is an effort of the capitalists to equalize communism to nazism. For those who speak greek, the General Secretary of KKE's answer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3eCtTB56ns

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