Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Cleanse the doors, Of perception, Emancipate, Your mind, Let your
higher-self direct you, And you'll never live life blind. May no man be,
Your master, Nor tyrants, Reign and rule, Go! With what you must go
after, And be, Nobodies fool!

Live life, In truth and honor, With integrity, And style. Dream those
dreams, Of greatness! Always go, That extra mile! To kinsmen,
Pledge your loyalty, With family, Stand firm, And true, To those in
need, Show empathy, Take pride, In all you do!

And in your trials, And tribulations, Unsure times, Of doubt, And
sorrow, Your ethnic gods, Are always there, To ensure, A bright
tomorrow! Nature, She will comfort you, Her laws, Will guide,
Your quest, Live Valiant! Live noble! To Valhalla's door! Then
You'll did your best!
 Ron McVan


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