Thursday, 9 February 2012


The fight for Truth, Is a sacred fight, Where many good souls,
Have died. Refusing to side with tyranny, From governments
corrupt inside. With the words of Patrick Henry, Still ringing in our
ear, The torch of Liberty, We must preserve! For that sovereignty,
We hold so dear!

There's a darkness, In this nation now, With a poison spreading
wide, American's become enslaved again, To a ruthless evil tide!
The longer we bear the oppression, The more it will grow ever
stronger, In the name of Freedom, It is time to act! We can't hold
out much longer!

They will shoot your Lincolns, And your Kennedy's, Tax you broke,
While flexing their powers, They will burn you alive, With a ghoulish
high five, At Waco, Or the World Trade Towers! Your industry they
will give away, To a distant foreign shore, And the borders that
protect this land, Will soon exist nomore!

Your leaders they have picked for you, Though you, May never
know it, But actions always speak louder than words, When in office
they will show it! So know while you clutch to borrowed time, And
America slides into hell, Remember the price our Founding
Father's payed, For those words, On the Liberty Bell!

( "Proclaim Liberty Throughout The Land Unto All Inhabitants
Thereof." )
Ron McVan


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