Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fifteen women accused of support to Czech neo-Nazi group

Prague - The Czech police have accused 15 women of support to the Resistance Women Unit (RWU), a neo-Nazi group considered a women´s branch of the Czech neo-Nazi movement National Resistance, Pavel Hantak, spokesman for the police unit fighting organised crime (UOOZ), told CTK today. The RWU follows the ideas of similar women´s organisations of Hitler´s Germany till 1945 with the indication of the racial exclusiveness of Aryan women," Hantak said.
The women, aged from 21 to 32, face up to eight years in prison for promoting and supporting a movement leading to suppression of human rights and freedoms, Hantak said.
None of the suspects have been taken into custody.
Most of the women are suspected of organising far-right events and producing and distributing leaflets and posting texts promoting the RWU on the Internet.
Hantak said Czech detectives have dealt with the case since September 2009 and it is connected with a police raid from 2009 when 18 far-right supporters were accused. He said some of the radicals had ties to the White Justice militant group.


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