Monday, 20 February 2012

Czech Republic: Far-rightists hold protest march in Jihlava

Jihlava, South Moravia, Feb 18 (CTK) - A few dozens of members of the Workers' Youth, a group linked with the controversial far-right Workers' Party of Social Justice (DSSS), marched through the streets of the regional centre Jihlava Saturday, citing support to Serbia as the demonstration's purpose.
The march and rally were officially held against the unilateral secession of the Kosovo province from Serbia.
They were monitored by a large number of police including a police helicopter and specialists in extremism-related issues.
About two hundred of opponents of neo-Nazism attempted to block the march but the police prevented the threatening clash by diverting the march aside and preventing it from being approached by the opponents.
The one-hour demonstration thus ended without major incidents.
The organiser, Erik Lamprecht, complained to journalists that the police had lustrated all participants in the event. They will lodge a complaint with the police, Lamprecht said.
The four speakers at the rally included Tomas Vandas, chairman of the DSSS, a successor to the Workers' Party (DS) that was banned by court as pro-Nazi and incompatible with democracy two years ago.


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