Saturday, 25 February 2012

'Con Air' gypsy gang members who flew to Britain in £800,000 benefit fraud told to pay back just £17.65

Two members of a ‘Con Air’ Roma gypsy family who jetted in and out of the UK to pocket more than £800,000 in benefits have been ordered to pay back just £17.65p.
Ramona and Dorina Dumitru were part of a gang that cheated taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of pounds in what was described by a judge as a ‘flagrant’ attack on the benefits system.
The fraudsters used forged home office documents and job references to illegally obtain national insurance numbers, which they used to claim a range of state handouts.

Gypsy swindler Ramona Dumitru
Gypsy swindler Dorina Dumitru
Romana Dumitru, left, pocketed £81,106 but only has to pay back £16.65. Sister Dorina illgaly claimed £101,333 but will only pay back £1
Ringleader Telus Dumitru was jailed for four years and eight months
Ringleader Telus Dumitru was jailed for four years and eight months for his part in the scam. He will face a confiscation order at a later date
Gang members claimed benefits under two different aliases at the same time, and boosted the payouts they received by inventing children, producing what they said were photographs of the non-existent youngsters.
Some of the claimants did not live in the UK at all while making benefits claims, with one woman making regular flights into the country from Romania to collect their payments.


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