Saturday, 18 February 2012

Berlin: Antifa thugs confused over being attacked by immigrants - not Nazis

A group of criminal Kurds that goes by the name 'Street Fighters' demand large sums of 'protection money' from Antifa project.
Several attacks on residents show that they are serious. Friday night, early Saturday, a group of 30 young Kurds attacked party guests who were celebrating the house in Schererstrasse 8 in Berlin with baseball bats
The following night two musicians who were about to perform in Schererstrasse 8 were attacked.
The violence seems to be motivated in a large amount of 'protection money', the Street Fighters gang demand from the 'autonomous' group, according to the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

The immigrants' own club, led by Ahmed A., a Kurd who is very well known by the police, lies just across the street. All of its members are known for serious violence and other crime.
A social worker who knows some of the Reds in the house project says: 'They are confused about not being attacked by 'Nazis', or 'cops', but by immigrants. This doesn't fit their ideas about the world. They say that the 'Street Fighters' put pressure on them for the protection money.



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