Friday, 3 February 2012

4 niggers chimpout and attack waitress at Red Lobster

FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Il. (KMOV) – Police are currently searching for four customers that beat up a waitress at a Red Lobster restaurant in Fairview Heights over bad service.

Police are hoping that someone can identify the four female customers from a cell phone video recording of the incident.

“They were belligerent to their server.  One of them ended up throwing a full glass of soda in her face and then all four of them attacked her,” Detective Tim Mueller said.   

The waitress ended up with cuts on her nose, a swollen eye and missed a few days of work following the incident.

Two of the suspects are in their 20s and the other two are believed to be in their 40s.

Police expect to charge the women with battery and mob action if they are caught.
Fairview Heights police said they received some tips after this story aired on News 4.  Unfortunately, none of those tips have resulted in any arrests, but they expect to get more tips over the weekend.



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