Friday, 3 February 2012

3 niggers assault whites: No hate charges in Center City cab attack

"THREE JUVENILES accused of assaulting a cabdriver and his passenger in Center City Saturday night while shouting racial slurs will not be charged with a hate crime, the District Attorney's Office said yesterday."

juveniles accused of assaulting.

tyTpical jewsmedia blather exculpating the perps first chance they get.

Then, the jewsmedia follow right up with this, just to make sure that there be no mistaking the innocene of the perps:

"The teens, who are black, were not charged with hate crimes because there was no evidence that the assault had been motivated by the race of the victims, who are white, said Tasha Jamerson, D.A. spokeswoman. Just shouting racial epithets during the commission of a crime doesn't rise to the level of ethnic intimidation, she said."

Notice they give hardly any attention in the article at all to the evidence at the crimescene (photos of victims please?), eyewitness accounts of the officers, etc.

Is it just me or does Tasha sound like a negro name? Conflict of interest much, corrupt federal government?

"some are more equal than others" ~Orwell

It is technically 2012 but it looks like its going to be perpetually 1984 in the contemporary USSA, for a long time to come. South Africa. Be prepared self respecting white man and woman, come what may.


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