Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Wotan's Ravens

Hugin and Munin, Wotan's ravens, To Midgard they travel, From
godly havens. One is Thought, One is Memory, And together they
fly! Extending the vision, Of Wotan's eye!

And they soar, Through the clouds, Over canyon and sea, Viewing
all things, Above mountains and tree. All sorrows they witness, All
laughter, And song, All the follies of man, Every hardship and

Watching good, Watching evil, Even children at play, Report all they
see, Back to Wotan each day! And they caw, And they cackle, Their
black wings unfurled, Gathering all news, Throughout all the world!

Stately black ravens, That never grow older, One on each side, Of
Wotan's shoulder. Hugin-Thought, Munin-Memory, Without them,
All is blind, Through their eyes, All divinity, Watches over mankind! 
 Ron McVan


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