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"The mystic Path winds upward, like a mountain road, with many tunnels of various lengths. The traveler passes through the
darkness of each tunnel to find himself on a higher level than
before. Each tunnel represents a fresh crisis which must be
daringly met. A man must not stand hesitantly at the mouth of a
new tunnel and rationalize his reluctance by pretending that he is
already on the other side. In spite of all contrary feelings, he
must plunge into its unknown darkness and walk ahead until he
comes out---as he always will---on the other side, a finer
happier more purified human being."
..................Vernon Howard

Life is an ongoing battle of internal and external force.
External force we all experience on a daily basis and it makes up the
realities of our physical world. If we do nothing, external force will
continue on its endless, timeless cycle regardless, as Nature and
Universal Laws dictate.
Internal force is the essence which motivates and
manifests our being, forms our character, stimulates thought and
shapes the world around us. It could be said that external force is
the vehicle and internal force is the driver. Internal force is the
thought and it is the thought which creates the will, makes the man,
and directs the quest in each race of man.
It is only when man tries to rebel against Nature that he
comes into conflict with the iron logic of Nature's Law and the
principles to which he himself owes his existence as a distinct
species. A race is a phenomenon of Nature, and should it
become extinct, it can never be remade. In all things only the
strong survive. It is the harsh and certain reality of life. When it
comes to survival as a group or individual, talk all that you want
about peace, but in the end, where the rubber of reality meets
the road, Might Is Always Right and lambs go to slaughter!
The races of man can be observed in three general
categories; the creators, the maintainers and the destroyers.
Throughout recorded history the Western World has led the way
as foremost creative designers and builders of the grandest of
civilizations, art and technology in both northern and southern
hemispheres. It has been the inventive genius of the Euro tribes
that has provided the world with the myriad of necessities, luxuries
and comforts, which today are most often taken for granted.
There have always been many diverse Euro tribal nations
throughout the history of the Western World. A nationality, however,
has less to do with one's genetic origin, and more essentially to do
with the particular customs, language, character and geographic
location of a segment of a race. At some point in history the Aryan
tribe split off into two major tribes, the Teutonic and the Celtic.
Today, when one speaks of 'race' and 'folk', the two terms do not
always share the same distinct meaning. In one sense, the entire
White race might be considered one people by blood, yet sharing
the same blood is no gaurantee that there is unity among one
another and they could easily be leathal enemies. When we refer
to one another as "folk" it is taken to mean a people united as
family and kinsmen. The folk are also primarily the culture-producing
culture-bearing, social unit of a race. A vibrant and unified folk will
always direct its foremost concern toward preserving all the best
qualities elements of its essence as a people and a culture.
A great misconception about survival is that the higher
mentally developed forms or strongest physical specimens will
triumph. Nature has demonstrated many times that this is not true.
Of the mighty dinosaurs that once roamed the earth, not one
exists today. The saber-toothed tiger, with all its power and strength,
passed into oblivion, but the lowly cockroach survived. The ancient
White Egyptians, Sumerians, Persians, Trojans, Minoans, Greeks,
Spartans Romans and Vikings among scores of lesser era's of
power, are now extinct as a people, along with all of their civilizations
of former greatness and strength.
Physical power alone is no gaurantee, nor is the intellectual
prowess of a species. The key ingredient which ensures the survival
of a race is its unified will to self-preservation and the persistent and
unshakable folk consciousness that stems from a mutual indigenous
belief. A cohesive ideal or direction MUST be established before an
iron will and life preserving collective consciousness of a people can
begin to develop.

"Anyone can make loud demands upon people, and
government, and society. If you want to be just anyone,
ponder these ideas. The world desperately needs bold
individuals, who connect their understanding with their
powers. By boldness I don't mean public arrogance and
loud talk, springing from cunning egotism. We need men
and women who are not afraid to be themselves, who
bravely battle for inner conquest, those with a glimpse of
the New Life which impels them to turn their backs on
shadows and their faces to substance."
..................Vernon Howard

Any form of religion or belief system that does not spring
naturally from the soul of its people, that is not born of the blood, will
ultimately corrupt and ultimately destroy the vital threads which link
species with Nature and kinsman to kinsman. A race without an
ethnic mythos and cohesive spiritual belief, drifts aimlessly
throughout history. The mightiest Aryan civilizations of the world
remained strong only so long as they were united and proud as a
people and culture. The moment they ignored this logic of Nature,
all that greatness and glory, the very ingredients that lifts man
towards the divine, crumbles haplessly into dust and nothingness.
Today we still see the lingering remains of those faded empires and
we sigh in wonderment at the very thought of the splendor, richness
and potential that those distant cultures once held in their golden
The Aryans for thousands of years, far into pre-history, have
always had their indigenous gods. These gods were an integral part
of the people and greatly inspired them with the will to reach their
highest human capacities. The origin of WOTAN in the Western
World is lost in pre-history, but its popularity throughout Northern
Europe started to most noteably develop around 300 B.C.E.,
replacing the former high patriarchal gods such as Mimir, Tyr,
Poseidon, Atlas, and the like. Wotan is the Teutonic name for the
high god whom the Norse called Odin and the Anglo-Saxon called
Woden. Wotanism, (often called Odinism or Asatru), spread the
teaching of a Nature based religion and conducted a mode of living
which set for itself a final goal of bringing into being a unique and
noble race and drove back the universalist Roman intruders once
and for all at the Rhine river in Germany under the legendary
Teutonic leader Hermann, (Arminius).
Wotanism has always placed a high value on human
freedom and individuality. Wotanism was never a missionary
religion; it was rather a religion that gradually evolved among
countless generations. Indo-European religiousity is not slavery!
Wotanism contains none of the implorings of a downtrodden slave
to his vengefull and all-powerful lord on bended knee's, but is
rather the fulfillment of a community comprised of a balance
between Nature, gods and men respectfully living in harmony.
Wotanism has always taught the importance of courage and
fearlessness in battle. The gods of Asgard are always close at
hand and serve as mentors that are capable of leading our men
and women on to higher levels of being. Wotanism continued to
flourish for many centuries in Northern Europe and became
evermore popular throughout the Viking Age from 800-1100 C.E.
The Viking Age was a highly significant era, as it was the last major
thrust of the Aryan people to be both politically and religiously
As the Viking Age reached its twilight, Wotanism found it
necessary to fade for a time, from the stage of world history. As the
intolerant Judeo-Christian conversion asserted its aithoritarian
domination across Europe and other parts of the world. Wotanism
along with most all of the Pagan religions were further forced
underground by point of sword. Many of the ancient holy sancturaries
and Eddas were destroyed and completely erased from our
heritage. Fortunately, some of the history and arcane myths were
saved by circumspect scholars and further preserved within our
folklore. Carl Jung, illuminated by the writings of German author
Bruno Goetz, stated: "Wotan disappeared when his oaks fell,
and appeared again when the Christian god proved too weak to
save Christiandom from fratricidal slaughter." The important fact to
keep in mind is that while all the mighty gods of ancient times
eventually gave way to time, Wotan has continued to remain as
strong a force today as ever before!

"Thinking is the function. Living is the functionary. The
stream retreats to its source. A great soul will be strong
to live, as well as strong to think."
............................Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wotanism came back in force among the Germanic peoples
at the end of the 19th century and its powers further manifested
during the first and second World Wars. A new but ancient mythos
was developing, and it began reviving the light, order, spirit and
folkishness again within its people and culture. The honerable Swiss
psychologist and renowned founder of analytical psychology
Professor Carl Gustav Jung stated that, "The power of Wotan (the
principal deity of our pre-Christian forefathers) was possessing or
incarnating in the entire German folk." Professor Jung further stated
in a letter to his friend, Miguel Serrano, in 1960 that "Wotan in
reality never died, but has retained his original vitality and
autonomy. Our consciousness only imagines that it has lost its
gods; in reality, they are still there it only needs a certain general
condition in order to bring them back in full force."

"Now man is ashamed of himself; he skulks and sneaks
through the world, to be tolerated, to be pitied, and
scarcely in a thousand years does any man dare to be
wise and good, and so draw after him the tears and
blessings of his kind."
.............Ralph Waldo Emerson

A mind which only comprehends at face value, thinks of the
gods as biological entities existing in their own right, or else regards
them as playful or superstitious inventions. This however, is not to
say that these gods of our folk do not possess a formidable
character, presence, form, reality or power that our ancestors had
rightfully attributed to them. Wotan produces effects in the collective
thought and life of his people and thereby reveals his own nature.
Because the behavior of a race takes on a specific character
from its understanding of its gods, images and symbols, we can
speak of the archetype Wotan as an autonomous psychic factor
which drives and guides the will of his people as does the Divine
Logos or great God Of Creation that reigns over all humankind. In
essense, the gods are man writ large!
Even if our people become a part of another alien
culture, they are still called deep down inside by their own gods of
the blood. The alien Judeo-Christian religion could only survive in
the Western world as long as it retained the indigenous pagan
customs, ceremony, celebrations, ethnicity and ethics. A people
are lost as a people if, in surveying their history and in testing their
will-to-the-future, they cannot experience a folkish unity. One's true
ethnic spirituality cannot be wholly isolated, for it works not only on
the body of a race, but on it's spirit and will, which is the expression
of the soul of that people. Wotan, as the eternal mirrored image of
the primal spiritual powers, lives within us today as he did over 5000
years ago. The concept of Wotan would not exist if our soul and
blood did not exist. The gods are a living part of us, and they are
transmitted through our species from generation to generation.
The practicing Wotanist today can develop individually or
in a group, which is commonly referred to as a 'kindred'. The size
of a kindred can range from two members to a whole community.
Each kindred event or ceremony is conducted by a Godi or Gothi,
who serves as the dedicated priest of Wotan. A female priestess
(Gydja) has the same functions as a Gothi. Kindreds quite often
have the traditional cycle of seasonal celebrations. Once a year,
kindreds of a general region will conduct an 'Althing', a traditional
custom of our Northern Euro ancestors in which an assembly of
kindreds gather together to celebrate and also square up all legal
matters and differences that may have occured over the previous
Wotanists believe that a spiritual and folkish revolution
must take place to hault the destructive ideologies, apathy, moral
and spiritual decay that has become the cancer of our modern
Western materialist consumer world. Wotanism is not meant to be
a retreat from our current life into our ancestral past, its concepts
are timeless and apply as much today as they did to our forefathers
throughout history. An oak tree is only as strong as its roots!
Wotanism will ever remain the true spiritual Allfather of the
Euro tribes. The Wotan spirit, whether conscious or unconscious, is
a part of the physical and mental make-up of all the Euro Folk, and
as archetype, runs deep within our D.N.A. The Oxford Icelandic
dictionary defines Odin (Wotan) thusly: "Odin's name bears allusion
to mind or thought, and breathing; it is the quickening, creating
powers; it denotes the all-prevading spiritual Godhead." Gods such
as Wotan, Tyr, Thor, Baldur and the goddess Freyja, Nerthus
and others, all represent and personify various aspects of Nature
and serve as spiritual guides along the path to higher evolution. As
spiritual archetypes, they also represent the primal laws, natural
forces and the many diverse characteristics of man. The value
breathed into a god or hero is what is eternal and can greatly help
to direct man to his highest good, or, if improperly handled can lead
him to his destruction. That choice is left to all the races of mankind.
We serve the gods but without man, the gods would not exist! What
we invest into the gods the gods return in kind. When we honor our
gods, heroes and ancestors we are rooted as a people and our
potentials are unlimited!

Ron McVan


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