Sunday, 29 January 2012


Within the Temple of Wotan, Hewed from mighty stone, In Asgard
high, Where ravens fly, Our gods, Watch from their throne.

And that same temple, Lives within us, It's as real, As real can be,
Like a beacon, From the higher realms, It charts, Our destiny.

Life is short, And fragile, Just as Midgard, Can look bleak, Yet
we'll weather the storm, In heroic form, Never turning, The other

We're not lambs, To follow some shepherd, We're not ridden,
With fear, And guilt, The might of Thor, Lives in us, And we live
life, To the hilt!

The spirit of myth, And legend, Let it roar, Within our soul.... And
the wisdom, Of Nature, And the ages, Still guides, And makes
us whole!

Within the Temple of Wotan, I'll draw strength, And challenge the
odds, You can do what thou wilt, I'll live life to the hilt, Living valiant,
In honor, Of my gods!


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