Saturday, 7 January 2012

The South Africa Project

The South Africa Project is a coalition of concerned men and women from around the world who take issue over the total media blackout, as well as the lack of attention and intervention from the world super powers, concerning the MURDER, the TORTURE and the GENOCIDE of the White South African. We intend to do our best to see to it that these vicious, unjust, barbaric and criminal ATROCITIES come to a stop.
On Feb. 27th we will march across the nation in support of these victims of genocide. We need volunteers to help us launch a worldwide campaign as well as a coordinated effort to raise a shout to the heavens, to let our voices be heard and our faces seen. It is time to stop just saying the 14 words and start living them ! Here is the perfect opportunity to put action where the rubber meets the road.
Please get invloved now Contact the South Africa Project ! 


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