Sunday, 29 January 2012

South Africa famous 72 year old anti apartheid activist and ANC leader, a jewish communist, marries a muslim woman

By Mike Smith
29th of January 2012

I see that old communist scumbag and ANC terrorist/secret agent Ronnie Kasrils is getting married again. He is 72 and his new wife 59. I mean what is the purpose? She should rather have married a 27 year old instead of a 72 year old.

What is even more astounding is that he is (supposed to be) full blood “Jewish” (his mother was a Cohen) and his new wife, Amina Frense, a journalist and film producer from Cape Town is a Muslim.

It has to be said that Ronnie Kasrils is much disliked, hated in fact, by the South African Jewish Community and also by Israel in general. He is well known for his hatred of the state of Israel and his pro-Palestinian stance.

He is a member of an anti Israeli think-tank in Beirut, Lebanon, as well as a jurist on the Russell Tribunal on Palestine that will meet in New York, in the US in October.

In an article in the Mail and Guardian in 2006 titled "David and Goliath: “Who is Who in the Middle East" he called the Israelis Nazis for their invasion of Southern Beirut after Israel came under severe attack of rockets.

The SA Jewish community lodged a case of hate speech against him at the SA Human Rights Commission. It was overturned on the basis that they said he did not deny the holocaust and did not call for the destruction of the State of Israel.

It has to be remembered that Kasrils as a card carrying Communist is not Jewish. He is an atheist at best.

In fact he is what is called a Sabbatean. A satanic sect of the Jews also called the Frankists or Dönmeh. The Sabateans are named after Sabbatai Ẓevi (1626-1676) a Jewish Rabbi with a huge following who overnight changed his religion to Islam, taking a third of his followers with him.

That is why you see Ronnie Kasrils marying a Muslim without blinking an eye.

Sabbateans parasites have been heavily opposed by Jews throughout the ages. Sabbateans are not Jews. They pretend to be Jews some times, but infiltrate Jewish, Christian and even Muslim communities like parasites, but when discovered are normally ostracized very quickly.

Make no mistake, due to their mafia activities; Sabbateans are very rich and powerful. International banks and corporations belong to them. The biggest mistake anybody can make is to believe that they are Jewish. They certainly are not.

The Satanic Cult that Rules the world
What every Jew(and non-Jew) should know


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