Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Souls Immortal

Boldly! We must ever go! Facing all the winds, Of woe! To enemies,
We shall not yield! Valiant are we! On the battlefield! River deep, Or
mountain high, Soar our spirits, To the sky! Every challenge, Every
strife, Breaking all the chains, Of life!

Hammering out, The dark and evil! Weathering, Every world
upheaval! Nature's earth, And wind and sea, Gods of Asgard,
Calling me! Mighty Heimdall, Step aside! Let Valhalla, Open wide!
Free the dragons, From down under! Fill our minds, With awe,
And wonder!

Onward! In this twilight dream, Captive, In lifes swirling stream, Myth
and magic, mystery, Following our destiny! Let's chart our course,
Beyond the sun, And when, Our battles here are won, Our souls
never die, And forever shall be.... Immortal..... Through eternity!


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