Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Show your support for Daniel Carlsen leader of the largest white nationalist party in Denmark

Daniel Carlsen is charged with being in breach of Danish hate speech laws and the claim has been filed by a radical marxist group calling themselves the danish lions. Because he dared write about the consequences of non white immigration and their intelligence. This is an small bit of what he wrote.

'As is shown, A Negro from Equatorial Guinea, where the average IQ is 59, will not get an IQ of 100 by moving to Europe. Therefore, this migration will be directly injurious to our country(Denmark). But there are of course individuals among them who might have a higher IQ than average. Perhaps it is possible to find a Negro who has an equally high IQ as an average European? Maybe. But the ways these persons can contribute to our society is still limited. Also it would be a kind of reverse foreign aid, which drains the most disadvantaged non white countries for the best individuals they can produce.
Paragraph § 266 b of the Danish criminal code of law regarding hate speech.

In English
"§ 266 b. One who publicly or with intention to spread in a wider area, promotes speech or with other means, by which a group of people are threatened, ridiculed or demeaned on basis of race, skin color, national or ethnic heritage, belief or sexual orientation, can be punished with fines or imprisonment of 2 years.
Point 2. At the dealing of the punishment, it has to be regarded as a special circumstance, that the aggravating circumstances, that the case has characteristics of propaganda activities

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+45 42 92 20 11 This is his party mobile phone number as written on their homepage.

Donate money for defense. Bank account for the Danes party.
Registration: number: 1551
Account-number: 10923867

ABOUT Daniel Carlsen. He is 21, married, with newborn child, studying economics at university and is the leader of a new and the largest white nationalist third position political party in Denmark. They are scheduled to be on the ballot in county and city elections this year.


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