Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Reality of Justice Today.

Much has been said of the viral explosion that occurred not so long ago, which has resulted in the trial of Emma West, for 'intent to cause fear or provocation of violence'. There is no need here to repeat the things which Ms. West said, for footage of the incident itself is easily found, with around 11 million people already having watched the video itself. While it's obvious that whatever remarks were made were worded in an offensive, even possibly threatening manner, the real issue is how she has been treated in light of what happened. Regardless of whether people agree with her sentiments, it's obvious that her comments were just that; comments. The amount of vicious threats made on her since the video 'went viral' are innumerable, and the speed with which the police 'cracked down' on her almost unheard of. It illustrates that we are living today in a country made up of people all too happy to spy on one another, record one another, and report one another. If this were a case of murder, rape, or assault, then maybe it's true that we should be more vigilant? Yet what happens when there genuinely is a case of this kind?

On the very same tram that Ms. West was filmed ranting at some of the people around her, a man was last year filmed assaulting a 96 year old man. This attack left the victim blind in one eye, and was witnessed by as many if not more passengers than were on board when Ms. West is accused to have caused 'fear' through her words. Surely if an outspoken woman can cause fear by simply speaking loudly, then a man who attacks a pensioner in full few of others, would be immediately arrested and charged? Surely this man is now in prison? No; that isn't the case. Stephen Gordon, who punched a veteran after pushing past him on the tram in December last year, is now under a three year supervision order. The man he attacked is now residing in a care home; in three years he'll still be blind in one eye; his attacker will still be free.

In Gravesend, a man and a woman were released on police bail recently, after a child in their care was taken into hospital with horrific injuries; 'a broken arm, a broken collarbone, punctured lungs and severe bruising' as well as having every rib fractured. Reports at the time suggested that the internal injuries were a result of sexual abuse, and the child only survived due to the quick action of those at King's College Hospital in Kent, where they had to be put on life support after his heart stopped. The boy was then transferred to a London hospital, while those accused of this evil abuse are allowed to go free 'pending further enquiries.' The child was only one month old.

So, Emma West is remanded in custody for criticising immigration on a tram in Croydon, while a couple in Kent thought to have raped a baby boy in their care, are free to walk? How can the British people not feel a sense of gross injustice at this state of affairs? It is an atrocity to think that we now live in a country where free speech is so utterly crushed, that it's actually easier to get away with blinding someone in one eye, than it is to get away with speaking out against something you feel to be wrong.

Some of the cases ongoing today, could actually be said to support the views that Ms. West tried to put across, albeit in a crude, overly crass manner. An asylum-seeker from the Congo, aged 39, recently raped and assaulted a four year old girl, after being released from a decade long prison sentence he acquired for sexually assaulting a sixteen year old girl. It has been said:
Officials were ordered to deport Danga at the end of his sentence but he frustrated their efforts after losing his passport. He was then freed on immigration bail while he challenged the move on the grounds that he had a right to a 'family life' because he had children with a young girlfriend. The case is the latest in a string of outrages in which dangerous foreign criminals have used European [Human Rights] laws to continue living here.” This gives people even more reason to speak out against the nonsensical laws we have in relation to immigrants and asylum-seekers, and yet still, people who raise their voices are forever persecuted and invariably prosecuted.

It would seem that our country is in a state whereby outrages such as rape and assult, even of the young or elderly, are second in importance to dealing with 'criminals' such as Emma West, a mother from Croydon who's only crime was to give her opinions of those living in her country. Those in control have pushed white British people to the sidelines; the blood lines that built this country and made it great, are being systematically abused and ignored. The only way in which British people can make a difference, is to stand together, and make it known that this is not the kind of country we want to live in. The United Kingdom is our home, and as such, we should come first. You don't need to agree with the things that Ms. West was saying on that tram last year; all you need to realise is that for her to be sitting in prison while people like Stephen Gordon walk free, in an intolerable injustice, which we as a people needn't stand for any longer.



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