Saturday, 7 January 2012


l have been active in NS politics for over 20 years & all too aware of "the nature of the beast". Throughout my political career l had, mindful of the consequences, taken precautions to guard my identity, indeed 20 years ago the media had published letters from me urging freedom for Rudolf Hess, the necessity of supporting our kinsfolk in S. Africa, the dangers of coloured immigration & even questioning the holocaust. Unthinkable now, but l still have copies of the printed correspondence.
Having joined & worked to build a (now defunct) racial nationalist party, in accordance with local peoples' wishes, a campaign against a proposed mosque by the ever growing Asian population was initiated by our group. The cowards in the old-gang parties shied away from this unwanted carbuncle on our land, silenced by political correctness & the fear of being labelled racist. We engaged in intensive leafleting & stickering to highlight local concerns & the proverbial really hit the fan! The newspapers gave us front pages, TV news used the leaflets as an anchor to programmes whilst my mobile was constantly ringing with radio & newspaper journalists, along with the public seeking information.
The biggest mistake of my life was to actually meet one such journalist & whilst l instantly disliked this individual, l was polite & re-iterated our opposition to coloured colonisation. l did note he was extremely nervous & after an hour, business concluded, l left. Unknown to me this scum had a photographer and an albeit grainy photograph of me thus obtained. Front page screaming headlines, half the lying rag given to his "exclusive" & even the editorial demanded my imprisonment. The rubbish printed by these maggots bore no relation to what I'd discussed with this scumbag. The lies & hatred levelled against me were truly shocking, even for a seasoned political activist. All that was lacking was my true identity & a better visual image. This audacious bastard even had the gall to ring me to see what l thought of his hatchet job! Mindful of the fact l had a good career, elderly parents, bank loans & a loving partner, l indicated l had problems & had resigned from politics to concentrate on my family - BIG MISTAKE! This in fact provided next weeks' entertainment! Another journalist who l knew to be leftist, but honest rang me with the question as to exactly why this scum was trying to ruin me, well he certainly wasn't coloured or a Jew, although l was unaware of his politics. Having considered everything that had by now become a PERSONAL vendetta, this journalist revealed his spiteful colleague as a queer! lt became transparent. By this time l had decided to adopt a somewhat lower profile, weathering his weekly column of spite & vendetta.
Two months later an SMS message from a comrade indicated that this scum had obtained my real name & within an hour l had the faggot on the phone demanding l meet him with the Party membership list, as a National Socialist who lives by the motto of the SS, l told this poof where to go. The grainy photo needless to say made the Sunday's paper, no story save to say l was no longer political & my name was Joe Bloggs in case any readers know him. l won't have to tell you what happened next, suffice to say l didn't have to get up for work, the girlfriend gone & elderly & infirm parents the recipients of 3am phone calls from our Marxist pals. 0ur campaign against Islamic expansion was a great victory, but came at a heavy personal cost & one l regard as an unavenged evil. lt has not been my intention to present my personal sacrifice as some form of heroism, simply to warn of the capabilities of exactly what your details in their hands will result in.
Have l given up? Well comrades, why would l be writing this? ln spite of all that has happened to me personally, their hate has actually increased my determination to pursue my beliefs to the bitter end!



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