Tuesday, 17 January 2012

On this day January 17th

On this day January 17th:
1773-Captain James Cook and his crew became the first known Europeans to sail below the Antarctic Circle.
1885-A small British force of 1,400 men defeated a huge Dervish army of over 13,000 at the Battle of Abu Klea in the Sudan.
1912-English explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott reached the South Pole only to find that Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten him there by one month.
1945-The Nazis began the evacuation of the Auschwitz concentration camp as Soviet forces close in and the vast majority of camp inmates voluntarily left with the Germans.
1947-After being handed over by the British, White Russian Pyotr Krasnov was executed by the Bolsheviks. Upon surrender in 1945 he and others had been promised by Major Davis that White Russian emigres would not be repatriated to the Soviets.
1991-Operation Desert Storm began as Gulf War Allies sent hundreds of planes on bombing raids into Iraq at the behest of their zionist masters.


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