Thursday, 26 January 2012

On this day Jan 26th: General Gordon killed

On this day January 26th:
1500-Vicente Yáñez Pinzón from Spain became the first European to set foot on Brazil.
1788-The British First Fleet led by Arthur Phillip, sailed into Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) to establish Sydney, the first permanent European settlement on the continent. 26th January is now commemorated as Australia Day.
1861-The state of Louisiana seceded from the Union.
1880-Douglas MacArthur, American general and anti communist was born in Little Rock, Arkansas.
1885-Aged 51, the British commander of Khartoum, General Charles Gordon was killed during the attack on Khartoum, Sudan by Islamic troops of the Mahdi. His head was cut off and unwrapped at the Mahdi's feet.
1891-Nikolaus August Otto, German inventor (internal combustion engine) died in Cologne, aged 58
1924-The Russian city of Saint. Petersburg was renamed Leningrad by the Bolsheviks.
1934-Germany and Poland signed a ten-year Declaration of Non-Aggression
1939-Spanish Civil War: Troops loyal to nationalist General Francisco Franco took Barcelona.
1950-Jörg Haider, Austrian patriot and politician was born in Bad Goisern.
1982-Conservative Prime Minister Mrs. Thatcher was elected in 1979 on the slogan 'Labour isn't working', yet the number of people out of work in Britain rose above three million for the first time since the 1930s.


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