Sunday, 29 January 2012

Newly discovered color photos from inside Hitler’s private home

Newly released pictures show Adolf Hitler in his private apartment
This we see in the picture top
And had put the painting in 1913 the young Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), at a public auction in Slovakia, according to House «Dartah» Auction.
Malik said Aldar Jaroslav Kraanak told AFP that «the beginning of the estimated price was 10 thousand euros. 4 people participate in this auction »which takes place on the Internet.
And nautical painting depicting a scene at night, under the Badr incomplete.
The record price Thursdays is better so far with 10,200 euros.
The Kraanak that «the family of Slovak painter painting offered in the auction,
It may be personally met Hitler when he was trying to prove himself as an artist in Vienna ».
He points out that the family preferred not to reveal her identity.
And explain the auction house «For me, Hitler in 1913, the date of this painting, not just an artist.
Did not know then how will shift after decades ».
The Daily Mirror reports that the photographer Hugo Jaeger was one of the few photographers that work with color photography at that time
"For more details on Adolf Hitler, check out ‎"


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