Sunday, 8 January 2012

The National Socialist effect

Before reading this article, you should bear in mind that it was written by a National Socialist for National Socialists. I am not going to spend time trying to argue in favour of our ideology with "non-believers," as I feel this to be a dreadful waste of time. I would rather take for granted the notion that you are already aware of the truth of our creed, and that you sincerely wish for it to gain control over our society once again. In accordance with the editorial policy of ROUTE 88, I shall be discussing HOW to achieve our goals, instead of for the umpteenth time waste space describing the essence of a political belief you already subscribe to.
Unfortunately, remnants of a totally failed attitude towards our struggle still hold some power and influence over our movement. The view of these individuals and grouplets are certainly, for most concerned, sincere enough. But the bitter truth is that their struggle along this specific path of action (or should i say reaction) has led nowhere, if not actually to disastrous fiascos.
The naive belief that the truth and rightousness of our arguments shall eventually lead us into power through an awakening of the masses is nothing but a sweet dream lacking all traces of reality. Dreaming usually means that you are asleep, and sleepwalking is not the sort of activity recommended for anyone seeking to accomplish their goals. It is a state of nervous activity enforced by dreams and wishes. In fact, you'd be better off staying in bed, leaving the walk of political life to those awake and alert.
The standard argument for staying within the so-called "democratic" system and its' power game is that it worked for Adolf Hitler. Although it is certainly true that the NSDAP gained its power position to a certain extent on the strength of its ideas, propaganda and through the ballot box, it took a hell of a lot of revolutionary and at times, violent foreplay. And more importantly: this was the only time and place this method of trickery has ever worked. Nowhere else in history did National Socialists or Fascists come to power through democratic means. In Italy, the Fascists marched on Rome and the old and corrupt system collapsed in fear and inactivity. In Spain, it took a bloody civil war to oust the Red "democrats" and put Franco and the Falangists in power. In other countries, Fascists either came into government through coups (often military ones) or were simply placed in power by the German occupational forces. And in no way did they hold on to any remnants of the democratic system once they held power. (Actually, many argue that the 3rd Reich would have benefited from an even more anti-democratic attitude, ruthlessly wiping out the old power structure within civil and military society.)
I want to remind those who are blinded by the truth of their mission and numbed by the strength of their belief, that National Socialism by definition and character is an anti-democratic ideology. Embracing and seeking acceptance from a system we despise and oppose is not only hypocrisy, but also sickening. It infects our own political soldiers with false hopes and makes them soft in order to fit into the democratic straight-jacket. The end result is always disillusion among the shrinking number of followers and a permanent state of whining and moaning over lack of "rights" among the dwindling leadership.
The strength of National Socialism lies not solely in its ideology. It is also its' character as a revolutionary movement. National Socialism is the only force hated and feared by all factions of democracy - be them red, pink, green or blue. The shock effect of National Socialism was successfully exploited by the late and great Commander of the American Nazi Party, George Lincoln Rockwell. He deliberately played on it in all his propaganda, and he built a movement of the most radical and uncompromizing cadres of American patriotism. Back in the sixties you could still act relatively freely as a "Nazi", and Rockwell masterly used (and abused!) the democratic system in order to gain propaganda victories. Still, he worked within the system, careful to - at least in theory - respect and, to a certain extent, support law and order. The "democratic" system answered by having an expelled member assasinate George Lincoln Rockwell in 1967. Since then, no vital NS organization in the USA believes in playing by ZOG's crooked rules. (One exception may be the NSDAP-AO, which is a fully legal organization, working on a purely argumental basis. However, the whole purpose of the NSDAP-AO is to supply the more oppressed nations with NS propaganda. To keep their US base, it is necessary to maintain a non-confrontational strategy.) But the effects of National Socialism go far beyond the shocks and the scares. National Socialism is a total world view, struggling for total power. And it is totally and absolutely opposed to the reign of ZOG. The totalitarian character of both our beliefs and our struggle give us a unique inner strength and a fighting force similar to that of the ancient berserkers or det medieval knights and crusaders. The threats of media exposure, forced unemployment, social stigmatization, jail terms, violence or even death, have little or no effect on a true NS gladiator.
However, the moment he or she changes the political uniform from the black shirt of the street soldier and the camouflage gear of the rebel in favour of the white shirt and tie of the party politician... hesitation and moderation creep in, growing like a cancer tumor into fear, cowardice and opportunism which finally kill the NS warrior soul. Left is an empty shell of populist pseudo-democratic party politician, feared by none and getting nowhere except, at "best," into the pub of the parliament where he or she can hob-nob with the so-called enemy.
Or, when insisting on staying true to your beliefs, you´ll - again at "best" - get absolutely nowhere. But at any sign of the tiniest success, you will get yourself banned, beaten, jailed or killed, without any means of resistance and powers to fight back - all in the name of democracy! Again and again I must stress the fact that we are NOT into this for our own satisfaction or amusement. National Socialism is not a hobby! It is a political ideology which is vital for the survival of our nations, our cultures, our civilization and our Aryan race. It MUST be victorious, or we are doomed! That is the brutal reality. Just like the fact that we have wasted more than half a century trying to be nice, proper, tolerant and obedient towards the very forces which are not only working full-time for the extermination of our people, but which also use every dirty trick in the Talmudic book of Democracy to wipe out its opponents. Playing according to the rules of this masonic tribe of messianic power-brokers can never be accepted. Those who still insist on giving it yet another try, are either too stupid to lead any movement, or they are simply cowards who are more interested in their own safety, comfort and private interests - be it hobbyism or money-making. There are tragic and at times appalling examples of this within our political movement. And in the White Power CD industry, it is flourishing.
The disc division certainly needs a thorough cleansing of profiteers, parasites, pop stars and disco warriors. As for the political battle field, we can only urge both NS leaders and NS followers to heed the pure spirit of their brave hearts and open their eyes to the failures of the past and the potentials of the future. 

WHITE REVOLUTION - the ONLY solution! 



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