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"In the oldest religion, everything was alive, not supernaturally, but naturally alive. There were only deeper and deeper streams of life, vibrations of life more and more vast.... the whole life effort (of mankind) was to get his life into contact with the eternal life of the cosmos......" ..............D. H. Lawrence

The expansion of consciousness is a main theme of history. Nothing has greater significance than the development and exercise of the combined mental powers of intellect and imagination, the two signature prizes of man's greatness. Through these gifts, which are further nourished by our indigenous God-archetypes, is created a means by which man is able to awaken to a divinity which flows within him.
Mind-power pervades all space, is imminent in all things and manifests in an infinite variety of forms, degrees and phases. Mind-power is an actual living force; it is a force which animates all living things to move and act. The universe itself is not half-dead, but all-alive. Matter, force and mind are three aspects of reality. This one reality is the existing cause of all manifestation through the universe. The microscopic cell, a minute speck of matter that is to become man, holds the promise and germ of mind. Mind-power is like any other natural force, it is beyond good and evil. It is neither good nor evil, but may be used for either. This is true of electricity, steam, explosives and every other natural force.
Man-the-thinker is clothed in the body composed of innumerable combinations of subtle matter of the mental plane, this body being more or less refined in its functions, according to the stage of the intellectual development at which man himself has arrived. A mental thought-form is a living entity of intense activity, animated by the one idea that generated it. If made of the finer kinds of matter, it will be of great power and energy, and may be used as a most potent agent when directed by a strong and steady will.
As we think, so we are. What we think we can do, we can do! Each man travels through space, enclosed within a case of his own building, surrounded by a mass of forms created by his habitual thoughts. Each thought has its own consequence in the unseen world. The wise man, knowing this, orders his life accordingly. This he does, not just around his own self, but around family, friends, his race and the extended world about him.
To a large degree we have become complacent in the conception that our minds are isolated in our brains and have no means of communication with other minds except through the senses. Such perception has become almost the dogma of the narrow minded materialist. It is an undisputed fact to anyone of occult knowledge that mind can indeed contact mind without the aid of any physical sense. Materialistic logic is of the opinion that man is primarily a body with mind as a by-product; yet it is this by-product which knows the body and all the theories about the body. And here we find ourselves abruptly confronted with a most peculiar paradox.
Mind in itself is not located anywhere, for it cannot be contained by space or limited by time. Yet, manifestation implies limitation. And it is within the bounds of organized forms that mind achieves definition and expression. Thoughts cannot rise higher than their source, anymore than water can rise to a level higher than the reservoir from which it flows. Thoughts and ideas are realities, for they affect individuals and the whole of humanity, yet no one has ever seen a thought. Understanding, sympathy, love, and hatred are all potent powers that cause men to act for weal or woe, yet they are invisible.

Three general principles underlie the production of all thought-forms:

(3) Quality of thought determines color. (aura)
(4) Nature of thought determines form.
(5) Definiteness of thought determines clearness of outline.

Wotan reigns supreme among all the European Gods, not because of his physical prowess, as Thor is known to be the stronger of the two. It is his strength of mind that defines him supreme among the Gods. A race is sustained not by the indomitable will of its heroes and leaders alone, but the supreme minds of its scientists, artists and spiritual teachers, whose task is to ever refine and define the powers of mind and thought. It is their task to mold thought forms into reality. It is the heroes' and leaders' task to put materialized thought into action.

"Today there is a wide measure of agreement which on the physical side of science approaches almost to unanimity, that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-technical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine."
..................Sir James Jeans

For the mind to function at its peak potential it is important that the body which houses and nourishes it stays strong and healthy, regardless of age. Apollonius of Tyana was one of the greatest sages of the Western World. In spite of his extremely ascetic life, he was a man of strong physique. It had been noted that even he had reached the ripe age of fourscore years; he was sound and healthy in every limb and organ, upright and perfectly formed.
As the wheel of life turns, the intermeshing gears of our physical existence can keep us chained to an alternating ebb and flow of its changing cycles and fortunes. With the speed and ease of today's knowledge access and the variety of knowledge available, the mind can easily become overwhelmed. For the most part all this existing knowledge adds up to a whole lot of nothing if it is not selectively conditioned and channeled intelligently. It is man's choice alone, as individual or race, whether he evolves or devolves mentally. Our present knowledge is based on sense perception, like children. If we wish to acquire the right kind of knowledge, we must change ourselves. With a development of our mind and being we can attain higher states of consciousness. Change of knowledge comes from change being. Knowledge in and of itself is nothing. We must first have self-knowledge, and with the help of self-knowledge we shall learn how to change and elevate our lives to exceedingly higher levels. To find ourselves we must think for ourselves as well as deep within ourselves. The unexamined life is not worth living. In reality very little is known about the mind, or even considered. It is all which man permanently is, his inward being, his divine energy, his immortal thought, his boundless capacity, his infinite aspiration--and nevertheless, very few value it for what it is worth.

"The evolution of the thinking capacity in man and his individual chance to control his destiny by it depends upon the ratio between his awareness and his preaware consciousness. Through this measure his intellect evolves, acting indirectly within its womb of consciousness in its true function as a spiritual seed." ………………....Bika Reed

The indigenous religions and mythologies help man to accept himself and his life condition, rather than falling prey to the infirmities of his own, short life experience. All this is of an extremely elevating advantage to our own personal spiritual development. Religion serves to stimulate that mental state which enables man to apprehend the infinite under different names, and the science of religion is the attempt to retrace the development of the names given to the Gods. It would be wise not to let oneself become trapped in the stagnation of religious dogma. The mystic path has the simplest morality possible. Whatever helps us to awaken to the upward path of higher being is right; whatever keeps us hypnotized and blind to truth is wrong. Religion must always serve as a tool---not as a jailer. Likewise, our minds are no different. All the universe is thought, and it is man's great challenge to select his own thoughts wisely and follow an intelligent discipline that will best benefit himself, his race and culture and the world in which we live.

"Many times man lives and dies, Between his two eternities, That of race and that of soul, And ancient Ireland knew it all, Whether man dies in his bed, Or the rifle knocks him dead, A brief parting from those dear, Is the worst man has to fear. Though grave-diggers' toil is long, Sharp their spades, their muscles strong, They but thrust their buried men, Back in the human mind again."
……...................William B. Yeats


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