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Interview with American Nazi Party

1.First of all, tell us about the ANP history.

#1 - The American Nazi Party was first formed by Commander George Lincoln Rockwell in 1959. He divided the Party’s activities into three "phases" - Phase One was utilizing the enemy controlled news-media to broadcast the fact that the ANP existed to the masses. Phase Two was the phase where we are now - organizing ourselves into a realistic organization that will and can contest low-level elections, Phase Three was the final phase of actually winning public offices, until we finally became the government.

2.What are your activities?

#2 - The main activities of the ANP are in outreach literature efforts that are geared to REACH, EDUCATE and ORGANIZE our people to take part in REAL electoral efforts. For far too long the "racial movement" of all types have simply been "protest societies", which is useless because those in power could care less about the attitudes of White-Aryans - so, if the people whom you are protesting to, couldn't care less - why do it? WE NEED POWER, and we need to START at the BOTTOM - local elections - NOT these phony "star" campaigns, that we have neither the resources nor the people to win.

3.Do you believe in victory by political way?

#3 It’s obvious that the only other alternative is illegality, so we need to TRY the political route. In Europe the Racialists do this quite effectively - here in the U.S. its all "playing at make-believe" of some imaginary "revolution" that will never come - IF the participants are too cowardly or lazy to even get involved in open political effort. A person who refuses to "hand out a leaflet", will never "pick up a gun", no matter how much he pretends otherwise.

4.Have you problems with AFA or with other leftist organizations?

#4 We do not really have any "problems" with these young punks, simply because we do not go out of our way to make targets of ourselves, like these costumed, fantasy clubs do. These young people who get involved in these confrontations, are more like two "GANGS" going after each other, than sincere political activists. It’s like they feed off of one another. When you are facing the ZOG, with all its repressive resources, a few punks are a small concern.

5.Tell us about the members, branches of ANP

#5 The ANP is made up of carefully selected Full Members who are very dedicated Comrades, and Official Supporters who may apply for Full Membership after a year of being in Good Standing. We also have a uniformed Security Arm ( SA) which is made up of physically fit men, who monitor our events as stewards. We also publish a 20 page monthly magazine - The White Worker - that subscribers may receive for a $20 donation, along with a wide variety of booklets, leaflets, stickers and other outreach materials.

6.Tell us a quote that describes our Commander ,G. L. Rockwell

#6 "I knew that I would not live to see the victory which I would make possible, but I would not die before I had made that victory certain ".

7.What do you think about the present and how do you see the future of The ANP?

#7 After having been involved since I first joined Rockwell's ANP, back in 1967 at the age of 16 - I longed for the day when economic conditions would tear the blinders from our peoples eyes. That day has arrived, and is worsening daily! White people FINALLY no longer have the MATERIALISM to DIVERT them from this degenerate, Judeo-Capitalist sewer that we all exist in. And with the average, NORMAL population being aroused - we are finally receiving people beyond the "fringes", which brings in higher, more capable adherents. I am grateful that finally I can hope to see realistic success in MY lifetime. As we progress into becoming and acting as a real political Party, instead of a bunch of costumed, fantasy-based re-enacters of the long-gone 3rd Reich era - embracing issues that concern 21st century White Americans in an intelligent manner - I have real hopes of contesting and winning local elections, where we can build a solid base to eventually move on to bigger things. In this case, - worse IS better, for now - and I believe it IS going to get worse, world-wide. Whether WE get SERIOUS and DEDICATED enough to take advantage of it - of course, is up to us. I hope that we will , but the "racial movements" past record of insisting on playing-games, rather than acting like mature adults out to win the prize of the 14WORDS and Social Justice for the White Working Class, worries me a bit. White people now a days, are so undisciplined, materialistic, and selfish - even within this "movement" - that I wonder if they have that same spirit of SACRIFICE and DEDICATION that our ancestors had. Perhaps these hard-times will bring it out in them, I truly hope so - because IF they LOSE - they will only have THEMSELVES to blame.

8.Why is there no Unity in the USA? I know you have a lot of organizations, groups etc

#8 I can only speak for myself and the ANP, but the answer is many faceted -
(A) We are National Socialists, we want an NS America - NOT just a "racialist" one. We have an IDEOLOGY, few of these "others" do, beyond "white power" and "hating" others simply because they are not White. Hell, MOST of the ENEMY in control in this toilet-bowl of a society - HAVE PALE-FACES - the problem is the wrong kind of "white power" on the throne of power!
(B) Another issue, is that far too many "leaders", and/or "prominent movement personalities" are LIARS, CROOKS, and CON-MEN. So many have actual LONG, CRIMINAL RECORDS, or are PERVERTS, and/or outright NUTS. These along with the inarticulate, foul-mouthed "bigots" are both an EMBARRASSMENT as well as a LIABILITY to connect positively with the White masses who we must have, if we are to succeed.
(C) Thirdly, the ANP is the only organization that I am aware of in my 40+ year career, that has finally instituted QUALITY CONTROL in its membership. These other groups basically take in ANYTHING - to have more warm bodies, which is not only dangerous, but stupid - as the quality people leave, the more you allow in dysfunctionals. That is the "WHY" that the ANP will not associate with these "other" factions of the "racial movement" It would be idiotic of us to keep a "clean house", yet expose our adherents to the human garbage that proliferates amongst these various carnival-like clublets.

9.What kind of propaganda you think is the best?

#9 I believe sincerely, after much experience - that POSITIVE propaganda works better than constantly harping on the "problems" of the non-Whites. As well, one must utilize ISSUES that the average Aryan is concerned about - something again that most of the "movement" avoids". ACTING like PROFESSIONALS in your use of words, and LACK of acting like a system inspired "posterboy of hate", ie. "slurs" and the like. As well, STRESS what you’re going to DO FOR THEM if you gain their support - rather than "what your going to do to the others" if you ever got the chance, like so many "racists" like to dream about. Lets face it - we have played the "race card" for decades - gotten basically no-where - now, its time to hit on OTHER ISSUES that Whites ARE concerned about, after all - it’s a GIVEN that National Socialists ARE "racially minded" without being a "one-plank" Party.

10.Is there a problem with religion in our society?

#10 As based upon Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf - the ANP feels that "religion"or lack of, is a matter of personal choice. Another reason why the ANP refuses to aline itself with these "other" groups out there who stress their own little particular brands of "religious beliefs". NS is a POLITICALLY based ideology, concerned with issues of the "here and now". We leave "spiritual matters" to those theologically based individuals who find that need in whatever faith they choose.

11.United we stand, divided we fall.

#11 I disagree, "united" with weaklings, fools or idiots would only bring disaster to the unwary or naive. The "strong man stands mightiest alone". Read Hitler’s passage in Mein Kampf, about the "Eight cripples arm in arm, do not create one gladiator...".

12.Your opinion about:
1.David Lane
2.Bob Mathews
3.Tom Metzger

#12 - ALL of these men gave their ALL for the 14WORDS. I can only respect the Good Fight that they gave, and wish that their sacrifice had been more rewarded with the success that such efforts deserved.

13. Final words comrades...

#13 - I will end by simply stating that as the Old Fighter that I am, I wish I could have more dedicated people standing alongside me and the brave men and women who are alongside me now, than we currently do. For decades I have been "crying out the message", and so FEW have cared - to where we as a Folk, now find ourselves to where the jews-media can boast that MORE NON-WHITE BABIES ARE BEING BORN THIS YEAR IN AMERICA, THAN WHITE ONES! To where the White Worker is LOSING all the gains made over decades, and that the Judeo-Capitalists are heading him towards South American type "peon" status - yet WHERE is his OUTRAGE? The bottom-line IS - will the White Folk SUBMIT or RESIST? Generations were BOUGHT OFF with "plastic pleasures" and the "good life" - HOPEFULLY - with this ending for so many, they will ARISE and RESIST. IF we could get ONLY 1% of the Aryan polulation REACHED, EDUCATED, and ORGANIZED into a SERIOUS, SINCERE, INTELLIGENT political effort - I truly believe that at the 11th hour - we could change the direction of where we are headed. But, it will take DEDICATION, it will take SACRIFICE, it will take HARD WORK - in other words "GETTING INVOLVED". And THAT has to be the final decision of the man or woman in the MIRROR.

Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88!


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