Saturday, 7 January 2012

Indo-European pantheon

1. In all a phenomenological variety of mythological images of pantheons of Barbarous Europe (and is wider - the Indo-European pantheon) it is possible to isolate the invariant base types, making initial structural nucleus, each of which has one of five functions selected by the author. So, legislative function the God of the Clear Sky as he patronises breeding collective and the military right (in Holan's concept he is not present, and on the boiler from Gundestrup to this character corresponded to Teutat). By military - power function it is characterised the God of the Thunder being the spokesman of ideology of aristocracy among which priority interests military activity was took the major place (to the God of the Thunder could correspond air image lords of the Underworld according to Holan and Celt Taranis). The god of Earthly Forces esteemed by priests and farmers, carries out agrarian - magic function (to him there is in agreement with the god of growth and in any measure the god of the earth Holan, and also Celt Cernunnos). The cultural Hero has got cultural-mediator function as he personifies sacred imperial authority, including role of the intermediary between gods and people (the god benefactor according to Holan, Smertrius in Hatt's concept). At last, the multifunctional syncretic female type of the Great Goddess connects a dual Sky-Earthly nature (the goddess of sky Holan).
2. The circuit of mutual relation between these types can be presented as a ring, which is, formed by the man's characters, located beside with each other depending on correlation their functions. So, the God of the Thunder and the God of Sky in a number of traditions tend to merge in a uniform image as both they are connected to heavenly elements. The same tendency is observed and with reference to Earthly gods - to the God of Earth Powers and the Cultural Hero (though last can be the son of the first). Thus, the Cultural Hero as closely connected with the world of people the character, has the related features and good luck the Clear Sky (and in some traditions it is considered his son, between them also frequently arises intermediate type of twins. Only the God of the Thunder and the God of Earth Powers are antagonists (the Cultural Hero suffers from their conflict also). The unique female deity mentally placed in the centre of a ring, plays binding role among man's images. More often she of the spouse of the God of Thunder and the God of Earth Powers, in a number of traditions the goddess consists in marriage relations good luck the Clear Sky. And more and more late female characters of mythologies of Barbarous Europe (and the Indo-European mythologies as a whole) are derivatives from an image of the Great Goddess.
This is a map of structure of basic Indo-European pantheons (in Europe) according to my conceptions. Circle means type the God of Sky. Square means the type of the Great Goddess. Upper triangle means the type of the God of Thunder. Under triangle means the type of the God of Earth Powers. Rhomb means the type of the Cultural Hero. Pointer with one tip is feature of birth one divinity from other; hand with two tips is feature of resemblance these divinities; double line is feature of marriage.


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