Tuesday, 31 January 2012


We fought a revolution, To build a freedom land, We forged a
constitution, United we would stand! With bronze we did make,
A Liberty Bell, Told the parasite bankers, To go to hell! Stood
fast against threats, From all monarchy, And rejoiced, In our
independent sovereignty!

Came the Civil War, World War One, And Two, Korea, Viet Nam,
Shaming Red White and Blue! No-win wars we kept fighting, For
The Power Elite's gain! As America's dream, Slid right down the

A nation corrupted, Looted clear to it's spleen, From the Federal
Reserve, Back in 1914! Our independence, Once honored, Once
cherished so well, Simply stolen, By greed merchants, Without
firing, A shell!

Do you wanna talk conspiracy? Wanna talk about evil? Do you
wanna talk of a ruthless American upheaval? Talking fleece of a
nation, Talking global police? Abandoned by a government who
desecrate peace!

America is a tyranny! To a beast it has grown! Profit war and mass
murder, Are the seeds it has sown! It lies to its people, And drives
them to ruin! Mindless! Chaotic! And it knows what it's doin! And
the zombies it created, Still follow like sheep, Addicted to the
media, That keeps them asleep!

How long will you bear, The chains, Of your blindness? While
talking Gods love, And human kindness! How long will you send
your children to die? Mass murdering good people, And not care
why? How long will you vote, For liar one, Or liar two, And never
comprehend, That the joke is on you! The more you do nothing,
The higher the cost! For Independence we once knew, Is now....
All but lost!!!


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