Sunday, 29 January 2012

If you support EDL then you support Israel

EDL was born out of football hooligans ?
No it was the brain child of some Pro Israeli scum who decided to fund a small movement and base it in and around the football terraces.
I have been to events all over Britain for many years and apart from Loyalist gatherings I haven't often seen those numbers supporting anything Pro White on the streets in my years.
So when I spotted the EDL videos I like many others got a little exited. My exitement lasted all but 5 minutes. After the video I was sure that this was born out of the state and not born out of a growing passion of pride in Race or Nation.
I came to this forum and discussed these parasites with all of my comrades here and the feedback I got from those clued up was that this was indeed to good to be true and had to be the work of those who want to see this nation fall to its knees.
As the EDL marches continued I watched closely with much concern. Time after time the manifesto got more and more treachorous with Niggers standing in the EDL ranks claiming to be defending English culture from destruction. These were the same blacks that have peddled drugs, mugged, robbed and raped their way through London, Birmingham, Nottingham, and most major cities. These were the same blacks that have polluted this land with their hairstyles, their clothing, their culture, their music < (If you can call Chimps screaming in Sync Music)
Then of course the Youth Leader of the EDL was revealed as a half breed, not quite securing an identity is it ?
Still people here entertained these cunts and gave them a platform to promote their agenda. For weeks right here we saw many of them given room, and time to lure youth away from here and lead them toward racial suicide.
People gave them space and a chance to make their point, and far too many have attended events in the name of these cunts. Even after they stood flying the star of David comrades here made the effort to join the ranks. Maybe to feel powerful or strong on their own city streets for a change. None the less there are some here who have stood shoulder to shoulder with the enemy. The same enemy who last week took the decision to attack 10 of our comrades. Comrades from various White Patriot movements, not just 828, but comrades none the less. Brothers who share our desire to secure a future for white children, comrades who are few and far between were left in a pool of blood after being hit with a fire extinguisher over the fucking head.
Still I am reading EDL this and WDL that, now we have a SDL which while it is claimed that they are not about the EDL manifesto they are directly a result of the EDL, a brainchild of the EDL masters in disguise who are taking the cause we hold dear and destroying it in front of our faces.
I am a firm believer in national Socialism, the EDL is not National Socialist. I defend my right to racial segregation while the EDL promotes a Black and White unity which must mean they have no issues with race mixing. having a mixed race youth leader speaks volume on this subject.
How can you defend you identity and bastardize it?
How can you be pro Zionist and be Pro White?
These people are calling themselves the New Templars with most videos appearing from people by the name of "Soloman Knights" on youtube etc.
The EDL has also sent an open letter to the JDL (Jewish defence league) Calling for unity. The Jews responded by saying they would never go to war with their "Semite Brothers" < Arabs and telling the EDL to go fuck themselves.
The EDL can march with Balaclavas on, they somehow get a 2 page story in the Star newspaper and while some would say well they didn't get the Sun, I would say that the Star gave them the core white working class readers attention. A deal has to have been struck here with some Pro Zionists in my eyes. This would explain the chants of "We love you Israel we do"
The facts are there and it takes a Coward or a Traitor to ignore them.
They burnt our symbol, the symbol we have tried to hold dear since the death of Aryan Freedom after World War 2. The symbol Rudolf Hess, Robert Mathews, John Tyndall, Antonescu, Ian Stuart, David Lane and of course Adolf Hitler died to defend and free from the chains of Zionist rulers.
So the next time you sign out with the 14 Words, or the next time you listen to a song by Ian talking about the European defeat at the hands of the Tyrant, remember that this tyrant has the power to create inner fighting, remember this parasite played a part in killing many a good comrade, from Bob Mathews to Albert Marriner and it will not stop until it destroys our cause or we destroy its roots.
Those who still feel they need to be involved with this Defence League Shit need to ask themselves what we did that was so wrong, the answer is we spent far too long listening to one man tell us that his group was better than the next. Instead of having 1000 comrades side by side. We have been happy with 20 groups with 50 members each. Instead of being together to remember Kriss Donald we see 816 attend one year and the RVF the next. It should be Brothers remembering a Brother, it should be a race defending itself as one unpenetrable unit.
Now we are faced with a decision, we continue to do our own small pockets of resisting, while the EDL grows and takes the very youth we need to continue the flow, the flow of our people.
Or we come together, one at a time, two at a time slowly but surely.
Just realize the pace we can rebuild will depend on the results we can achieve. As the clock ticks we lose another white life at war for Israel, as the clock ticks another European comrade will lose his cool and take actions into his own hands only to be left to rot in jail and receive the occasional letter of appreciation.
The appreciation we owe countless fallen comrades and comrades who have given all and received nothing. those are the men and women we owe everything to. they are the ones who have stopped this struggle being swept away with the vermin. We owe them everything and anyone who ties themselves in with the EDL can remove me as a contact and regard me as a enemy.
I fight for the 14 words, i beleive in the teachings of Adolf Hitler and the doctrine of great men like David Eden Lane. I will defend my beliefs until my last breath and I feel it is time we draw a line in the sand and make a decision which side of the fence we are on. If its the side that claims to preserve identity by washing it away in a tide of race mixing then you must know that your actions will require a concequence. If it is the side that believes in the future of the white race, the purity of the white race and fight to secure a future for the white race then I welcome your feedback and hope you are ready to work with any Brother that fights for your ethics.
We must pull it together now, or lose as one race.
Falling down and giving up isn't the Aryan way and anyone who still considers themselves Aryan must know that the word translates into Nobility. If you don't have Nobility then you don't have anything left and the EDL is for you.
When the EDL stand in the street singing songs about their joys at the massecre of Dresden they stir something in me that cant be put into words. The wars we have fought and continue to fight we fight and have fought for ZIONIST JEWS.
The EDL ally themselves with Zionism and Israels right to exist and by doing so put the lives of all White Nations at risk from the back lash of Islamic Extremists.
My list of enemies and traitors of my race just got the initials EDL added to it, and if you support Pro Israeli, Pro Homosexual, Pro Race Mixing movements then your name can go on that list as well.
Death Before Dishonour!
Death To ZOG


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