Thursday, 26 January 2012

French woman acquitted of ‘racial injury’ in case about anti-white racism

TOULOUSE, France — A court has acquitted a spokeswoman for a movement that fights racial inequality in France who was accused of insulting white French.
The trial centered on a word that Houria Bouteldja invented and used during a TV interview to refer to native white French, who are sometimes called “de souche,” or “from stock.”
But her neologism — “souchiens” — also sounds like French for “lower than dogs” and drew a legal complaint from the far-right group, the General Alliance Against Racism and For the Respect of French and Christian Identity. The group said Wednesday that it would appeal.
Bouteldja has maintained she never meant to insult white French but wanted to highlight the way in which the expression “de souche” excludes French whose origins are in France’s former colonies.


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