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by Ron McVan
June 23, 2008
It is an important task of every Aryan to arrive at a clear knowledge of his or her own level of ethics and how we must apply those ethics in practice among family, friends and folk of whom we owe the highest levels of our trust. The ancestral legacies of our forbears that trail behind and make up our history are largely dependant upon us as living exponents of our race to carry on the progress of self perfection as man and species and suffer unduly from our mistakes, as does the planet upon which we depend for our survival. The highest caliber of our ancestors invested their genius, their toil and in war their very lives in the most grusome of battles so that future generations could carry on 'The Great Work' to improve themselves and their own state of being on this planet as well. When a race is in its natural vibrant state all things prosper; when it is not, and its people act with less than the best of their genetic potential and abandon their culture and ethnic customs and defy natures laws, all things go to ruin. A well administered state of trust and integrity among our folk is perhaps the greatest survival safeguard that we can possess and equal in importance to our unity as a race.

Family and folk are the twin pillars which make up the essential foundation of any race nation and that strength will remain strong only as long as we are trustful and honorable among each other. By tradition, our own people were known to be highly devoted to their ethnic clans, yet today, the Aryan race finds itself rapidly declining in number (less than 8% of the world population) it should be more important to us now more than ever that these worthy ethnic qualities we find deteriorating so swiftly at every level in the modern world do not expire all together, as such a result would certainly insure the total extinction of our species. It is therefore incumbant upon our race to incorporate itself into a single body, a Pan Aryan World Federation of Euro-ethnic tribes, in which our national cultures both past and present shall be preserved and cultivated for the greater good of our survival.

In olden days most Aryan tribes shared a common code of ethics, justice and trust. A man was only as good as his word. If his word was known to be worthless, he likewise was viewed as worthless to himself and to his tribe. Such people who's word was not to be trusted were duely labeled as "Skraelings" scorned and driven away from the tribe. It did not matter if you were rich or poor, if you were known not to be trusted it was considered one of the lowest of shames that a man or woman could endure. A man with no self respect will certainly have even less respect from others. Today most people think nothing of breaking their word or betraying their trust to just about anyone. This is largely a result of the breakdown of our own indigenous tribal values of years gone by. The prevailing mode of our time in today's cut-throat Capitalistic socities is primarily 'Every Man For Himself', or 'Screw Over Others Before They Screw You'. Such twisted seeds of thought are lethal to the foundations of any race or nation. No longer can we assume that because someone is of our own kind that they are worthy of our trust which is a key factor to the sorry state of our people in this darkening modern era of decline.

"Know, if thou hast a friend whom thou fully trustest, and from whom
thou would'st good derive, thou should'st blend thy mind with his, and
gifts exchange, and often go to see him." ....................#44 Havamal

"But of him yet further, whom thou little trustest, and thou suspectest
his affection; before him thou shouldest laugh, and contrary to thy
thoughts speak; requital should the gift resemble." ......#46 Havamal

By the late 60's Americans were quickly waking up to the rampant corruption in the U.S. government. Organizations such as the John Birch Society would tease inquiring minds with just enough expos'e of the root of the problem but like any typical conservative operation they would be scared spitless if it came to making a real stand on any vital issue. The conservatives as the name implies are never for radical change but merely want to 'conserve what is' and stay comfortable. Most Aryan Americans of the 60's were not yet quite ready for the shock factor Hollywood Nazi's commanded by the highly capable leader George Lincoln Rockwell nor the hooded Klu Klux Klan image that had developed out of the old South. In the 60's the boiler was still in the process of heating up to fever pitch. People were in the dark on many critical issues and at times it all seemed too overwhelming to assimilate. After the Kennedy assassination the U.S. Government had clearly exposed its dark side. The bogus Viet Nam war was tearing the very fiber of America apart at the seams. From the ruthless power crazed Lyndon B. Johnson to the basket case Tricky Dick Nixon, the bubble of the American dream ideal was bursting into smithereenes.

The Hippies made a futal attempt to put a bandaid on the insanity with the peace and love anti-war flower power approach which died almost as quickly as it got started. The Manson Family butcheries brought reality back like a dash of cold water in the face of everyone. American youth came to realize in short order that peace and love in America in 1969 didn't cut it, and Woodstock would not be the harbinger of a new beginning but of a sorry and pityful end. The Aryan Americans who had built this nation were being sold out in Viet Nam, sold out of their country and future and sold out as a race. By the early 1970's with our humiliating defeat in Viet Nam and the disgrace of Watergate, anyone with eyes to see, knew that the U.S. Government had its own agenda and no longer represented the interest of the people ..........Aryan America had become, A NATION BETRAYED! We had fast become unconscious pawns of The Power Elite.

It was in the early 70's that more and more Aryans began to take race survival seriously as the grim S.O.S. of our sinking ship was in the air. For myself, I knew at that time my previous interest in world politics was not so profound a concern as that of the survival and overall welfare of my race and heritage. I felt a comforting sense of comraderie in those days within what we referred to as the White Power Movement. Being very idealistic it took me longer than it should have to realize that many of the movement people that I referred to as kinsmen were not always so much more honorable than those outside the movement and just as much a cancer to our cause as our race enemies. It was not only at the fellow kinsman level, many of the movement leaders could be every bit as phoney and untrustful. Always ready to assume the best in people I learned my lesson in human nature the hard way. Julius Caesar, if he were alive today, would be the first to tell you that those closest to you are very likely at times to be the first to stab you in the back at the most unexpecting moment. Caesar trusted Brutus more than anyone else and even willed all of his earthly belongings to him as if he were his own son. Brutus as we know, helped form a plot to assassinate Caesar. What many may not know is that when they stabbed Caesar on thwe steps of the Senate, the worst stab of all was from Brutus, his most trusted friend, who stabbed him in the groin.

There is a basic human compunction in all of us to let our guard down at times and to open up to someone whom we feel we can trust. Trust, after all is the foundation upon which friendships, familys, communities, corporations and surely civilizations are built upon and one of the higher virtues. When trust is gone the entire structure crumbles.

In the days of the Vikings a deal was sealed between two men by the slapping of hands and was as good as any written contract. To violate such a deal would be to carry a millstone of shame around your neck for the rest of your life.

A very obvious earmark of the typical con-artist is that they usually pop up out of nowhere with lots of high talk about themselves, not unlike the salesman who will say anything to gain your instant confidence. A con-artist most often has no long time friends to speak of and usually not well liked among his extended family. When a person is fooled by a con-artist the first reaction is anger at yourself for letting yourself be fooled and taken in. However, a short glance through the pages of history will reveal that the best of the best can be fooled. Many of the greatest men and women to ever walk this earth have been greatly deceived at one time or another. That very moment that you think you can never be fooled again you are wide open for the master con-artist, because deceit is their way of life and the harder the target the greater the challenge for them to pursue.

David Lane, well known for his activism in the Aryan cause had been a fellow friend and kinsman of mine for over a span of three decades. We had long shared an avid commitment to our race and heritage as well as an equal interest in the ancient mysteries and had become Wotanist's at the same time which became another equally shared passion. David had met a woman in the mid 90's named Katja who came out of the Christian Identity circles and virtually unknown to the national White Power Movement. Living in a rural home with her five kids in the mountains of Idaho after she and her only husband had divorced, she convinced David that she was head over heels about him and had grand ideas to help David in his work. To gain instant credibility in the Aryan movement she concocted the false tale that she was legally married to David. Such was never the case but her ruse worked as she knew it would. David, with a 190 year sentence in prison wanted nothing more than to have a family even if only idealisticly, so he let her run with the lie at her bull headed insistance that she was his real and true loving wife. Katja possessed a high I.Q. and fluent in six languages and David was extremely excited about the potential that they could share working together for our Aryan cause.

David called me one day and asked if I would meet with Katja in Idaho at a gathering there which I did. Later on a return trip to Idaho he asked if I could stop off at her place and visit with her kids and look over the situation. I made the trip over there with a fellow kinsman and just two hours before we arrived, Katja had been arrested for flashing a gun in a neighbors face over a boundry dispute. I ended up staying there several days until she was released from jail, otherwise her children would have had to be taken under police custody as well. David of course was frantic and pleaded with me to move in with her and the family there and not only provide protection but the three of us could establish the 14 Word Press in a big way and I could merge my Wotansvolk work into the business as well.

It all seemed like an ideal situation and I made arrangements to move there a couple weeks later. Everything with the 14 Word Press operation did work out as we had hoped it would and it was an instant success and vital addition to the Aryan movement. There still was the legal problems concerning Katja's various court cases which required five different lawyers. The lawyers were draining our profits as fast as we could earn them and when it finally ended it all totaled up in excess of 100,000 dollars.

I had my own court case going at that time concerning a construction accident that badly injured my leg back in 1993 and eventually won that law suit and was granted 60,000 of which 30,000 of that I was able to invest towards having my two books printed, "Creed of Iron" and "Temple of Wotan" along with David's book, "Deceived Damed And Defiant" as well as the book, "Might Is Right". That order brought a total of 13 tons of books with a net value of 500,000 dollars. The books and my handmade Euro-ethnic merchandise were greatly needed and highly sought after in the Wotanist circles and soon I was able to pay off Katja's lawyers and save her house and property and start to produce and distribute the many items that were sorely needed for practicing Wotanist's. I finished the construction on Katja's house inside and out and developed her property, built a Viking Hof and Blacksmith shop and made highly efficiant offices for both of us to do our work.

Just when everything was going full steam, Katja came to me one day and said she was dumping David over ongoing differences that they had. Little did I know that she had the same plan for me the following week. She came down to my office one morning and said,"I think it is time for you to leave now." I could not fathom how she could surgicly extract both of us so suddenly from her life after what all three of us had worked so diligently to build. Later I was to find out that she had a secret business partner and lover, an astrologist who lived in Germany whom she had met on the internet.

I made arrangements to move out and leave behind that six year chapter of my life and chalk it up to a very costly bad mistake but the biggest shock was still in store. Just as I had cleared out all of my belongings and had the U-Haul loaded up I asked her how she intended to handle the profits between us for my books. She then told me that she would sell the books to me at wholesale. I said, wait a minute! I already paid for those books out of my own pocket! Your telling me you expect me to pay for them again?! Her responce was, "I think it is time for you to leave now" and shut the door. I could not believe what I was hearing from this woman whom I had given total trust, that I had given so much and done so much to make a comfortable life for her and her kids. Katja was virtually pennyless when I first went there even though she still owned 60 acres and a shell of a house that she had managed to obtain from the husband of her children. Now she had all her lawyers paid off, her house completed and thousands of dollars in the bank and better yet, books that she could live off of financially for years to come! Just one year before I left there she had aggrivated her husband to the brink of depression to where he finally blew his brains out with a 357 Magnum. Now I was learning first hand what people ment when they referred to certain woman as 'Black Widows'. It was easier for David to pick up and move on by that point in their relationship but for myself, I had lost an entire inventory of very valuable merchandise and having just passed the age 50 mark at that time it would not be an easy matter to build such an operation over again without the necessary seed money I had at my disposal earlier to build the 14 Word Press. Betrayal is a real bitch as they say, and so true that is!

There was no possible way Katja could run the press herself so she was ready to sell it all for whatever she could get, to any taker available. Knowing what I know now from 20/20 hindsight it was all about money and noteriety to her from the very start. After making quite a mess of things with a few movement oppurtunists she settled on a guy who just happened to be a con artist equal to herself if not better. His name was John Post, a slickster extraordinaire, who had been released from prison not long before, for armed bank robbery, serving over ten years. He gave her his pitch that if he could load up his 23 foot U-haul truck with my books and merchandise he would give her a thousand dollars up front and pay her the remainder later. She bit, and he made off with the lions share of my books and never paid her or anybody, least of all myself a red cent.

John Post and his wife and partner in crime Monika, formed a bogus 14 Word Press and started selling off the stolen merch and raking in the cash. This same pseudo operation was to later become known as the NPKA (National Prisoner Kindred Alliance) or Wyrd's Way/ Himmingborg Press. After a couple years his deceitful ways of doing business and trying to portray himself as an Aryan activist, it all started to catch up with him. In that he was calling his bogus operation 14 Word Press and selling my books, products, artwork, articles and poetry most just assumed that he was connected with me and everything was cool. It was his deeds that got most people curious as to what was this guy all about. When the news media did an interview with the Post's he revealed that he really detested the Aryan movement an declaired that Wotanism was open to all races creeds and homosexuals as well. At the same time he had been ripping off scores of prisoners by taking their money while not sending them their merchandise orders. When he ripped off the Odinic Rite they filled charges against him and he was soon returned to Soledad Prison but released again after only a few months behind bars. He is currently back in operation again and in his new periodical titled "Whispers" he still expouses that Wotanism is open to all races creeds and homosexuals. His current catalog still lists my articles and he also is selling some of my remaining merchandise. This article has been circulating for several years now so that the majority of the people in our cause are aware of the situation. For those who are not yet informed be forwarned that neither Katja or John and Monika Post of Wyrd's Way in Napa Califoria are of our cause. They are Skraeling thieves and self seeking scamsters and should be avoided at all costs! To steal from and betray your own kinsmen is simply unforgivable, it is equal to a rat who would sell out his own kinsmen to save his worthless cowardly hide! Without a standard of trust within our cause we will never stand a chance in our battle for Aryan survival.

Another major con artist who came up from out of Christian Identity circles is Chris Temple. He was able to filtch over a million dollars from the savings of unsuspecting Kinsmen in our cause with his very slick get rich quick investment scam. He was eventually exposed, fined and sent to prison for his crime. The list of scamsters within our movement is certainly not limited to these few examples described. The point to be made here is that there are few people today that one can really and truely trust in any capacity or level of society. Many 'just men' sit in prisons while the worst of the worst thrive throughout our everyday world holding respectable positions. There are just souls and unjust souls and there really is no inbetween. You are either a just person or an unjust person. The unjust far exceed the just in all societies of the world. If you can find real trust in people in this life you have something worth more than gold. Trust can only begin within your own self through an instinctive self intuition process of right action and a man who is goverened by the higher ethics and not by his animal impulses, his selfish desires, his appetites, is free. The unjust view all of the just people as chumps and losers whom they can plunder at random with the advantage of impersonating a "just person" to achieve their purpose. Surely the scamsters can betray the the trust of the unsuspecting at times and even plunder their lives and possessions but they still cannot escape the reality of themselves and remain miserable wretches with no honor or respect for themselves or from anyone, least of all the gods of our folk. Justice is always the interest of the strong, whereas injustice exhibits a man's utter weakness for selfish, easy advantage and profit. Everything is eventually destroyed by its peculiar or connatural evil; the worst vices, injustice, intemperance and ignorance are the peculiar evils of the soul. Justice will always remain the supreme virtue, and any soul in which it truely dwells can always be trusted from any wrongdoing.

The lies I've heard, From friendly lips, Have been, My greatest teacher. They pour like honey, In the ear, From every, Two faced creature. There is no honor, For the man, When truth, His words betray, But liars think, They're clever chaps, In a self deceiving way. Some think it just, To breach ones trust, Forbearing, Rhyme or reason. And like, The lowest scallywag, View all, As open season. They con their family, Folk and friends, All dupes, They can control. Yes, a liar is, A worthless wretch, He's a man, Without a soul!


Great post. A very sad story, I am relatively new to the 14 words and 88 precepts; but the con artists and race traitors have earned my ire. I despair of a way I can help, mostly i try to make things. Thank you for posting this so that we kindred may know to be wary of skrælings. I like the poem at the end. 14/88

I once owned quite a bit of the items you produced back then. Like you I trusted and was betrayed, and almost everything is gone now. And like you I fight on, for that is the Nature of our race.

Mr. McVan I had no idea that these scum had betrayed you and our people like that. I do want to thank you though for the great works you have published for the betterment of our people. Someday soon you, Mr. Lane, and Mr. Robert Mathews will be given the respect and Honor worldwide that you deserve. To all my Aryan brothers and sisters, WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE! 1488

Brother Ron, Greetings, salutations and my utmost and unyielding respect honor and loyalty to you and all you hold dear. I pray to All Father Wotan that this finds you walking tall as the trees, living strong as the mountains, happy, healthy and free as the air. Last time you heard from me, I was still in Pelican Bay's notorious control unit, S.H.U. (Security Housing Unit) I was there for years, deemed a threat to all mainline prisons due to ideology. Many times I wanted to ask you the details of Katja but I refrained due to where I was and my mail being scrutinized. I also used to write Java and was told by her, that she has total rights to all of David's works including Deceived Dammed and Defiant. She struck me as legit but after reading this for the first time, I see no mention of her? After years in our country's worst gulag, I am home and looking for an answer to a question? I had copies of Deceived Dammed and Defiant signed by Katja in the late 90's and early 2000's but when I went to Pelican Bay in 06 all of those books including your's were kindly removed from my person. Might is Right, Creed of Iron, White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell , Spirit of 69, My Struggle, 48 Laws of Power, The Prince, as well as The Art of War were all deemed inappropriate by my captures. As well as Rights of Odan. I came across Java and when I asked her about Katja she referred me to you. My question is, Java is selling reprinted copies of David's work and your work, is this legitimate and have your support? I of course do not know her but your books, your writings and your unbelievable artwork gives me a great sense of who you are. So if you could be so kind to answer this question, I would greatly appreciate it. Deceived Dammed and Defiant is selling at $100. I try very much to have the young Volk read the books I mentioned but asking a young man in his early 20's to spend $100 on a book is tough. I will watch for your comment here or you can reach me through Facebook under the name of Magnus Hess. For blood, honor, soil, family, Volk and future, Sincerely I remain, Matt Hall

Hail David lane...hail 14/88...hail to you Ron Mcvan for all you've done to carry the banner of or fore fathers and inspire the coming Aryan generations.

Private Lie Detector’ helped me to stay safe from betrayal by my business partner, and find out the legal way of separating myself from the company before losing the reputation, and getting trapped in a financial lurch.

Being betrayed really hurts so much, especially when you had done everything to please them but didn't get any good in return. In short they're fake people, no better than

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