Monday, 16 January 2012

Africans Riot in Barcelona

An African was shot by a gypsy in the Barcelona district of Sant Marti and later died in hospital. His fellow Africans then went on the rampage, smashing cars and other objects and setting at least one fire. The Africans demanded justice, proclaiming that if there was no justice there would be revenge and riots "like in Italy".

It seems the shooting followed an argument in which a gypsy had tried to get other gypsies to stop playing football in the street. The African then intervened to try and calm the situation but got himself shot instead. However, the bullet may not have been intended for him at all. His fellow Senegalese insisted it was a racist attack, though, and took to the streets, besieging the home of the gypsy assumed to be responsible. Riot police intervened and took the gypsy family away.

I'm not sure if these gypsies were born in Spain or come from elsewhere.

Source: Alerta Digital


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